Acer e5-573 Review – Is it still good in 2023?

An Acer laptop can be one of the best investments that you make. But, you have to take some time to look for the right model of laptop. They’re not all great options. and depending on what it is you need, one will likely be a much better fit than another.

One model that’s sold well over the years is the Acer e5-573, taken from the Acer Aspire range of laptops. This is a moderately priced laptop, and when compared to the expensive laptops out there, it’s easy to see why it’s pretty popular.

But is the Acer e5-573 actually a good laptop, or can you find better options out there? Well, we’re going to take a closer look at this laptop to find out.

Acer e5-573 Review

Nowadays, you’ll probably see various different versions of this model available, especially when you’re looking in the secondhand market. Released back in 2015, it became quite popular initially as a budget laptop.

In fact, if you look secondhand then you’ll come across this model with 8GB of RAM, where it’s been upgraded by the person themselves. But typically, this laptop will come with 4GB of RAM from new.

So, let’s take a closer look at this laptop to find out what’s good about it, but also where this laptop lacks in comparison to the competition.

Pros & Cons

With an Intel Core i3 processor and larger 15.6 inch display, it’s definitely on the lower end of the price scale. These specs should be fine for someone that’s just looking for a standard laptop to use on a daily basis.

It probably won’t be up to task if you’re looking for something powerful and capable of running a lot of different programs simultaneously. Though, the Windows operating system does work well.

If you don’t have time to run through everything about the Acer Aspire e5 573, then here’s a brief rundown of the good points and bad points about this laptop.


One of the best things about this laptop is its strong battery life, which is on par with some of the best budget range laptops out there.
The e5-573 has a pretty good display, and it’s actually designed specifically to try and reduce blue light emissions from the screen.
This laptop comes with a decent graphics card, which is one of the reasons why it’s able to produce such a good, bright visual.


The main critique of this laptop is that compared to what else is out there nowadays, it’s severely underpowered. An i3 processor combined with 4GB of RAM just isn’t enough in the modern day.
The laptop has limited storage as it is, but it still comes filled with useless software. No-one wants this taking up space on their hard drive, so it’s just a hassle to delete.
The touchpad isn’t at the centre of the laptop, which is a bit odd when using it. You do get used to it, but preferably you’d have the touchpad at the centre of your laptop.


Although you never expect the highest of quality from any Acer laptop, this model is still about average in its design and build. I’m really not a fan of the touchpad being off centre, and when you’ve used many different laptops over the years, this might be a bit annoying for you too.

From a positive perspective, the display of this laptop is actually pretty good, and it can produce some really great colours. So, as cheap laptops go, the display and visual aspects of this laptop are quite impressive.

It has two different USB 3.0 ports that you can use, as well as the ability for you to connect an SD card to the laptop as well. Having that card reader is something that the majority of newer laptops just don’t have.

Power & Performance

This laptop comes with 4GB of RAM, which isn’t what I recommend nowadays. Whilst it might be okay for some, nowadays 8GB has become the standard for a laptop, especially if you still want to be able to use it in a few years time.

This model also comes with an older i3 processor (the i3-5005U to be exact), which is only a dual core processor, although it does have 4 threads. Again, in an ideal world we’d opt for a better quality processor than this nowadays.

One area where I was pleasantly surprised with this laptop was with its long battery life. A full charge should be able to see you through the best part of a day, so if you’re looking for something to see you throughout an extended period of time, then this would be a wise option.


This is another part of the laptop that is upgradeable, but the standard version of this laptop comes with 500GB of storage. This would be amazing if it were SSD storage, but it’s actually HDD storage.

This is very outdated nowadays, because it takes your RAM longer to access a HDD than it does an SSD. We only really want to use HDD storage with an external drive if we want to storage a large amount of data (1TB or so).

So, although there’s plenty of storage, it’s going to be a bit slow compared to laptops that use SSD storage.


Whilst originally when it was released the price would have been pretty fair, it still would’ve been a bit expensive for what you were actually getting.

In comparison to premium brands you can get this laptop for a low price, but ASUS and especially Lenovo are offers some very budget friendly deals nowadays.

So, it’s not the most expensive laptop out there, it’s not very good in terms of cost to value.


All in all, I’m usually happy to recommend Acer laptops, but I don’t think that this would be a good investment (check Spacehop‘s list of the top Acer laptops if you want to find better options). This is a pretty old model now, and even when it was first released, it was fairly underpowered in terms of performance.

This laptop was destined to become outdated pretty soon after its release, and nowadays you can get a far better laptop than this model for the same price. So, it’s probably not one that you’re going to want to add to your list of potential new laptops any time soon.

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