Acer vs HP – Comparing the Two Brands

There aren’t many brands out there that are held in such high esteem as HP. As the oldest company within the laptop industry, HP have some of the bestselling laptop ranges out there.

But HP aren’t the only brand that you should consider when you’re looking to buy a new laptop. For those looking for something more cost effective, then a laptop from Acer might actually prove to be the better choice. They have a good selection of budget range laptops which still pack a lot of power.

Deciding between these two brands isn’t easy, but that’s what we’re going to try and do. Let’s look at both Acer and HP and see which of these brands would be the better choice for you.

Acer vs HP

The difference between Acer and HP often comes down to your budget. If you want a cheap laptop, then opt for an Acer laptop. If you want a laptop made of better quality material, but more expensive, then a HP laptop is the better choice.

Of course, there’s a lot more to it than just the Acer being low cost and HP being a better quality brand. Really, we want to look at each laptop individually. But, we’d be here all day if we wanted to run through that.

So, let’s start by looking at both brands in a little closer detail, as well as some of their most popular series.



The Taiwanese brand has become one of the most popular laptop brands in the last few years, but it still trails the bigger sellers out there like Dell and fellow Asian company, Lenovo.

For the most part, Acer sell budget laptops and well priced alternatives to the premium laptops out there. It’s easy to see their customer base – those who want all the power of a Macbook, at the price of a.. well, an Acer Aspire.

Their laptops are often as powerful as the best laptops out there, but they’re just made with cheaper parts and sold for half the price. Whilst they’re not considered to be high end, they do offer some of the best value on the market.

Acer laptops are unlikely to be the first port of call when someone is looking for a new laptop. Whilst they do have some high quality models, most of the time they’re intended to be cheap and shorter term options, especially when compared to Apple laptops, which have a longer shelf life.

Best Models

Aspire – Introduced all the way back more than two decades ago now, the Aspire series has managed to stand the test of time. These laptops are intended as all-rounders, and make up some of the best cheap laptops on the market.
Swift – Another one of the cheaper ranges released by Acer is the Swift series. These are usually very budget friendly, and are a good laptop for casual users.
Predator – The Predator was the first line of Acer laptops released back in 2008, and they’ve released several different models since then. Though they’re pretty good, they’re not as good as the HP Omen range.


With an Acer laptop, you can get a whole lot more laptop for your money. If your main aim is to get the most powerful laptop you can afford, then an Acer might suit you.
They have a good variety of different laptops to choose from, with the Acer Aspire range being one of the most impressive out there.
If you take care of an Acer laptop, then you won’t have to worry about its lower build quality, as it should survive for a while, as long as you treat it well.


The main drawback of Acer when compared to more prestigious brands like HP and Dell is that its parts often aren’t made of the same higher quality materials.
Their products don’t have the longevity of more high quality brands like HP, which tend to last longer.
Acer laptops tend to have a poorer warranty, so if you do buy one, try and buy it with some sort of cover.



HP are the oldest brand in the game, and they have one of the widest range of products in the industry too. They have a laptop to suffice pretty much every need you could have.

One area where I do think that HP laptops are severely underrated is in the gaming industry. It’s dominated by the big brands like Dell’s Alienware, but not everyone wants to spend thousands and thousands on a laptop. So for keeping the costs down, check out the Omen series, as well as the Pavilion which also has some gaming laptops in its range.

As well as Windows laptops, HP also have a selection of Chromebooks that you can choose to. This can be a good idea for those who want the best performing laptop possible, and aren’t fussed with everything that Windows offers (certain programs etc).

The brand overall have a pretty high build quality, with their premium laptops on par with the top brands at the moment (Dell, Lenovo and Apple). So overall, if you can find a good deal on a HP laptop, then there’s no reason why you should opt to go for it (here are some of the best HP laptops).

Best Models

Pavilion – The Pavilion range of HP laptops dates all the way back to 1995, and it’s one of their best consumer range laptops. It’s not the highest quality of laptop they offer, but for a good balance of cost to quality, check this range out.
Omen – When you’re looking for a more cost effective gaming laptop than an Alienware or an MSI laptop, then the brand to look for is the HP Omen series. They’re some of the best budget gaming laptops out there, and they’re made to a good standard.
Chromebooks – I quite like the range of HP Chromebooks that are out there, with some great models available for those who want to avoid the Windows OS.


Out of these two brands, HP are the better quality of the two. Whilst HP have been lacking behind the front runners in recent years, they’re still a better overall brand than Acer.
HP laptops tend to have a lot of ports, so for those looking for a way to integrate their laptop with various devices, HP is a good choice.
HP have a great range of convertible 2-in-1 laptops that you can choose from, with different variations available depending on how much you can afford.


The critic of the HP laptop will say that their laptops are too expensive and overpriced, especially when compared to a budget brand like Acer.
Although Acer don’t have great customer service either, HP’s customer service is pretty well known for being amongst the worst in the business.
HP laptops can come with a lot of software already installed, much of which is pretty useless.


In conclusion, both of these brands have released some pretty impressive laptops over the years, and also some pretty bad ones too. Usually, you have to look a bit more in depth than just the brand when considering a laptop.

However as a whole, usually the HP laptop is going to be made to a better standard than an Acer laptop. This isn’t always the case, and for the most part, both HP and Acer have good models to choose from.

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  1. Hi,
    I am due to start university in September and have been reading your laptop brand vs brand blogs and wondered if you could advise me on which laptop brand would be best for studying: writing essays, accessing online lectures, accessing books online, having various webpages open etc etc.
    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Hannah, thanks for the question– so, I think for your purposes you could get back with a Chromebook (various brands make them) or basic laptop. It really just depends on how much you want to spend. We have several low priced laptops and chrome books in our Laptops under 400 buying guide here– . Personally, I like the Acer Chromebook or the Acer Aspire 3 for what I think you’ll need. Hope this helps and good luck at university! 🙂


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