Can You Add Backlit Keyboard To Laptop?

Can you add backlit keyboard to laptop? Backlit keyboards have been around for a long while now, and have become all the rage. In fact, most of the major laptop manufacturers usually offer backlit keyboards on almost all of their premium lines, so if you buy an expensive laptop, you are probably going to get a backlit keyboard anyway.

However, you should know that there is a way by which you can add a backlit keyboard to your laptop as well, even if it doesn’t have one.

Backlit keyboards have become incredibly common for video gamers, as a number of companies have introduced specially designed keyboards that come with an array of different LED lights. Not only do they offer an aesthetically pleasing view, but they are also usable in the dark lighting.

For instance, if you are going to watch something or write on your laptop in the night, and you can’t turn on the light, using a backlit keyboard is a fantastic idea.

However, instead of attaching a separate one to your laptop externally, isn’t there a way by which you can add a compatible keyboard directly on your laptop?

You should know that there is a considerable aftermarket for keyboards. You can find a bunch of different keyboards designed for different models if you are willing to do a bit of scouring.

You will have to visit local computer stores that deal in different kinds of parts, and talk to a few people. They will be able to hook you up with a compatible keyboard for your laptop.

There are primarily two options available to you: buy a compatible keyboard and then add LED lights to it, or you can buy a backlit keyboard that was designed as an after-market part for your laptop. The latter is going to be slightly more difficult for you, especially if you own an obscure laptop model.

However, finding a reliable keyboard isn’t difficult; you can talk to a few people and get in touch with a seller who will provide you with a brand new, or even a used keyboard that has been properly reconditioned and refurbished.

Websites such as Amazon and sellers on eBay also stock compatible parts for different laptops, so if you can’t find something at your local store, you can always search online.

How To Add Backlit Keyboard To Laptop

Adding a keyboard to a desktop computer is incredibly easy, and doesn’t require any sort of effort at all. You just have to disconnect the wire and fix the new keyboard in place. Keyboards are now USB powered so it’s easy to find a suitable one.

However, the same cannot be said for laptops, especially if you want to replace the custom one. Here are the 10 steps that you need to follow.

Check the Compatibility

The first step is to check the compatibility of the keyboard that you are buying. If you take a close look at the keyboard layout of your laptop, you will realize that it varies from other models. Some models have the numeric pad, while some don’t. The keys are larger on one model, and smaller on others.

To make sure that you buy the right keyboard, you have to check the compatibility of the device carefully. You can talk to a salesperson at the store and show them your laptop or tell them the model to figure out whether your laptop is compatible with a particular keyboard or not.

Gather the Right Tools

Removing a keyboard from your laptop isn’t going to be easy; it requires a set of specific tools. You will need several screw drivers for unscrewing the top and the bottom of your laptop, and you will want to use a small set of pliers to pry things open in case something is firmly set in place.

Turn Off the Laptop

Once you have everything in place and your workbench is ready for the replacement, you should turn off the laptop. Never work with an open laptop because there is a risk that you will end up damaging the circuitry completely. Instead, you should turn it off and remove the power cables before proceeding further.

Remove the Keyboard

Start off by unscrewing the panels on your keyboard. When you remove the battery, you will notice the screws running all around. Start off by unscrewing them one by one.

Remember to take pictures of each and every thing and place all the screws neatly in a container. This way, you will never lose anything essential that came with your laptop.

Once you remove the screws, you will need to remove the paneling around the keyboard, and as soon as you do that, the keyboard will become loose. It’s very delicate, and there is a ribbon cable that connects the keyboard to the laptop, so you need to be quite gentle.

Make sure you remove it very gently, and you need to unplug the ribbon cable with ease as well. Once done, the keyboard will become separated from the laptop, allowing you to easily remove it and put the new one in.

Installing the New One

Now that you have gotten rid of the old keyboard, it’s time to put the fresh, new one in its place. You need to perform the same things that you did previously, except in reverse order. First, place the keyboard gently on the key buttons, and then plug in the ribbon cable.

Make sure to place the cable back into its original position, otherwise the paneling won’t close properly. Laptops are designed and engineered to very specific measurements, so even if there is a small difference, it’s going to cause problems and may prevent you from fixing everything back up properly.

Once you have placed the cable back to its original position, you can then proceed further. The next step is to place the covers in place. You will want to make sure that all the brackets are filled properly and everything is hooked in the right place.

Now, you can just put the panels back in their right positions and then start screwing your laptop back up. As long as you keep everything in the right place, you will have no worries in putting everything back together.

Now that you are done, it’s time to fire up the laptop and see how the USB LED lights look. You can also take this step before you screw everything together, since it will give you the freedom to move things around and fix the lighting according to your preferences.

However, in most cases, this is not really possible, because the LED lights are usually built into each key, and that’s about it.

Or, some keyboards have a larger lighting system that illuminates everything under the keyboard, and since the writing is the only thing that’s translucent, you see it light up every time you turn on the laptop.

These are just a few things that you should know about replacing the keyboard on your laptop and getting one with LED lights on it. It’s a great way to improve the aesthetic appeal of your keyboard and make it look all the more beautiful!

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