Is VIZIO a Good TV?

In the past few years, Vizio has become one of the best-selling TV brands for the budget segment. Vizio TVs are known for their affordable pricing with high-end features. 

Are VIZIO TVs good? Yes, they offer terrific value for the money and feature excellent image quality. However, their operating system can get a bit sluggish at times, and their outlook might feel less premium than flagship TV brands like Samsung and Sony. Vizio TVs make for a better TV choice for those who want the best under a tight budget. 

However, affordability might also correlate with uncertain dependability. Considering Vizio’s competitive pricing, are Vizio TVs good? We will find out in this article. 

Are VIZIO TVs Good?

If you’re wondering if Vizio is a good brand to buy, our experts have put up a handy guide on Vizio’s reliability to help you find the most accurate answer. 


As a general guideline, any electronic device can last longer if used properly and is not prone to external and internal damage. Similarly, a Vizio TV can last for up to 10 years if used responsibly. 

Several factors determine the lifespan of a Vizio TV. If the TV is thrown or exposed to harsh conditions, it will not survive as long as it has been adequately cared for and maintained. 

A few factors might shorten the life of your Vizio TV even if you handled it with extreme care. For example, if you decide to increase the backlight on the TV or use it at maximum limit continually, you may push the device to wear out faster than intended. 


Are Vizio TVs reliable? In 2019, a survey by Consumer Reports put Vizio in lower ranks. The survey summed up Vizio TV reliability as unsatisfactory. However, Vizio strongly disagreed with the results and called the survey “grossly inaccurate.” Vizio, in a press release, stated

“We at VIZIO strongly disagree with Consumer Reports’ results, which are inconsistent with actual VIZIO data, and it is disappointing that Consumer Reports has chosen to allow the results of a deeply flawed survey to impact the overall assessment of our products.” 

The brand claims to have over 80% of the recommendation rate by 80% of Vizio TV owners. It also claims over 90% of customer satisfaction ratings and an A rating by Better Business Bureau (BBB). 

Our research found that Vizio reliability rides more on the budget buyers, who are happy with the performance of their Vizio TV. Although they have to compromise on some features, the value for money aspect seems to work better. 

Cost Effective

Vizio TVs are reasonably priced, yet they deliver a lot of value for the money thanks to the numerous features they have to offer. 

You could be pleasantly surprised by the high quality of Vizio’s TVs, given their low price. 

The quality of a Vizio TV is very product-specific. TVs with a greater number of high-quality features will outperform their more basic counterparts. 

Vizio also just launched a range of OLED TVs that are less expensive than comparable models from other brands.

Picture Quality

Although Vizio TVs don’t have as many features as some of their competitors, like Sony, they deliver a decent viewing experience when you’re viewing Blu-rays or using a dedicated streaming device like Fire TV Stick or Google Chromecast. The full-array backlight on Vizio TVs may dim down to nothing. So your television is comfier to view since the blacks are deepened, and the glare is reduced. 

The P-series from Vizio provides image quality akin to premium televisions without the hefty price tag. Its smart apps are subpar, and its motion smoothing isn’t as good as Sony’s, but if you’re not going to use such features, then why pay for them? The Quantum Dot technology on the display panel in Vizio P-series offers improved colors, and the TVs come preloaded with Chromecast functionality. 

Similarly, the updated V-series lineup from the Vizio caters to display sizes starting at 43-inches and up to 75-inches. Thus, it covers VIZIO’s most aggressive 4K price points on the market. On similar grounds, the new D-series by Vizio is available in a variety of high-definition screen sizes starting at 24-inches. Powered by an IQ processor, Vizio D-series delivers FHD and HD picture quality paired with smart TV features. 

Vizio D Series 4K
Vizio D Series 4K

Low Input Lag

When it comes to televisions, the input lag is the time it takes when a source generates a picture to when it appears on the screen. This time elapses between the moment you register input and see a reaction unfold on-screen when gaming. Only gamers should care about this, and even then, various players’ latency sensitivity will vary.

How much input lag do Vizio TVs have?

Vizio offers a decent range of TVs for gamers with the Game Mode feature; this makes for a compelling buy when you’re on a budget. Vizio’s P Series TVs have the shortest input lag. In 4K, it has an input latency of 14.5 milliseconds. 

On the other hand, the Vizio OLED has an input latency of 21.6 milliseconds in standard mode and 21.1 milliseconds in gaming mode. It delivers a 60Hz refresh rate in 4k resolution.


The value for money aspect is not the only factor to decide Vizio TV reliability. There are some cons to look at before you make your buying decision. 


Compared to other brands like Sony and Samsung, Vizio TVs are not as tastefully designed and prone to firmware problems. The quality and firmware issues heavily plagued the initial few models of Vizio TVs. However, the brand substantially improved upon these factors. As a result, the current lineup of Vizio TVs shows more polished UI, build quality, and design. 

Upscaling Issues

Limited-quality video content in SD (standard definition) quality or DVDs fails to upscale as seamlessly on Vizio TVs as on premium brands like Sony and Samsung. The sharpness fails to match the same quality. 


What’s the Average Lifespan of a Vizio TV? At peak or almost maximum brightness, an LED has an expected 40,000 to 60,000 hours lifespan, equalling 5 to 7 years. This is an estimate based on less than 24 hours a day consumption.  

The average life expectancy of a Vizio television is seven years. Excessive usage and extreme settings can contribute to early component breakdown, so the exact longevity you get out of Vizio TV depends on your usage.

VIZIO Smart Features

Vizio TVs do include smart TV functionalities and features. You get all the top features at budget pricing. The current lineup of Vizio packs improved smart TV features. We detail the smart features of Vizio TVs below. 

SmartCast & Apps

There is no learning curve for the SmartCast platform on Vizio TVs. You can get to popular apps faster and switch between them easily, thanks to the HTML5-based user interface. With a 7-position App Launcher and a Full-Screen App Home, it’s simple to locate new apps. Vizio TVs are pretty simple to set up and use. 

Although the essential features back the platform for seamlessly running streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and more, the Vizio Smart TV platform lacks a standard feature like a built-in internet browser. 

VIZIO SmartCast

You will always have access to all Vizio Smart TVs’ most current features and enhancements since they include automatic app updates. Vizio TV models now come with Smart TV Apps that work with 4K Ultra HD technology. They also connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network in no time, thanks to 802.11ac Dual-Band Wi-Fi support. It is 3x quicker than standard Wi-Fi. 

All Vizio Smart TVs now come equipped with a feature called Smart Interactivity. This feature aids in the development of a more tailored browsing experience for the user. It works by gathering data on the material you most frequently watch and using that data to present you with additional features, viewer surveys, and advertising tailored to your preferences. 


We tested several Vizio TVs, and they have been mostly ad-free. However, a banner displaying suggested connect cannot be turned off on the Vizio TVs.

Vizio has already come under fire for secretly gathering viewing data from its consumers. Although many Vizio TVs used to do this, there’s now an option to suspend ad tracking and cease Vizio from collecting your viewing data.

Vizio Remote With Voice Controls

The latest Vizio TVs pack a remote control with press-to-talk voice control capabilities, allowing you to use voice commands to search for content, adjust TV settings, open applications, and more. Vizio’s upgraded SmartCast TV system includes the new functions, and the cheapest Vizio TV with voice control is a 43-inch V-series model for $340.

Vizio TV Remote
Vizio TV Remote

Except for the entry-level D-series, all-new Vizio TV models will come with the new voice remote, which operates through Bluetooth and doesn’t require users to point it at the TV. 

Note: Older Vizio TV models still include a standard remote; users will have to purchase the Smart TV remote to take advantage of all the fantastic features. The best part is that you can get a new remote for a low price from a wide range of electronic stores and online retailers.

Vizio also offers a Smart TV QWERTY Keyboard Remote with its slightly older model. Such a remote makes it easier to use apps and browse content on your TV. It also features dedicated buttons for streaming apps like Hulu, Netflix, and Prime Video. 

Vizio Remote Apps

The SmartCast app by Vizio also includes a built-in remote, like the Fire Stick app for mobile includes a remote. With this remote, users can control their TV, speakers, home theater, and more. 

Vizio users can also use Android connectivity to control the TV with other remote apps on their smartphone, not just SmartCast. Your phone needs to have an IR blaster to be compatible with the apps and Vizio TVs. 

You can download and install the VIZIO SmartCast Mobile app or any of the third-party apps mentioned below to control your Vizio TV from your phone:

  • SURE Universal Smart TV Remote
  • Peel Universal Smart TV Remote Control
  • TV Remote for Vizio
  • VizControl
  • VizRemote

Most Common Issues with VIZIO TVs

The most common issues with Vizio TV include a blank or black screen, a malfunctioning remote control, and trouble with the audio. We detail the three most common issues below. 

Blank Screen

Dubbed the “Black Screen of Death,” this problem occurs when your Vizio TV’s essential components like a T-Con board, backlight converter, or screen are defective. When a critical component responsible for display on your TV malfunctions, you are left with no other option than to get it replaced by an authorized technician.

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Remote Control Issues

Faulty IR sensors or slack wires frequently cause Vizio remote control problems.  If the problem can’t be traced, you may want to consider purchasing a universal remote control or get the one you have repaired. Buying a new Vizio remote control is a better option for those who aren’t tech-savvy.

Sound Issues

Select Vizio TVs reportedly had some audio issues, according to user reports. However, most of the time, these issues result from faulty wiring or connections and are readily remedied. 

If the problem is more serious, repair costs may rise. As a result, some customers opt for an extended warranty to cover the costs of these maintenance and repair services.

VIZIO TV Warranty

Vizio TVs offer a one-year warranty. The warranty period covers damages occurring due to the manufacturer’s fault, but any third-party damage is not covered. Here are some damages that Vizio does not cover under its one-year warranty:

  • Cosmetic damage
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Improper voltage supply or power surges
  • Signal issues
  • Customer misuse, modifications, or adjustments
  • Installation, set-up, or repairs attempted by the user or unauthorized technician
  • Damage during transit/shipping

If issues on your Vizio TV qualify under the 1-year warranty, you can claim it by email or contacting the Vizio support helpline on your phone. 

To provide customers a greater sense of security, several retailers offer extended warranties. You should evaluate the costs and benefits of warranty extensions ahead of your purchase. 

How to Care for Your VIZIO TV

Consider following the correct care methods if you intend to get more use out of your Vizio TV.   These care habits will save you money by extending the life of your TV because they are low-cost or even free! 

Turn Off TV When Not In Use

You should turn off the TV when it’s not in use. Your Vizio TV will wear out more quickly if you keep it on all the time. 

You may use the built-in clock on your television to help you remember to switch it off. The timer will help you to prolong the life of your Vizio TV. 

Voltage Regulator

Surges in electrical power can harm any electronic equipment, even televisions. 

It can take place even after the electricity is fixed after an obstruction. Depending on the circumstances, voltage surges can occur even while the electricity is on or during a lightning storm. 

Voltage surges may happen at any moment, so it’s important to have a backup plan in place. Using a voltage regulator can shield your TV and other electronic gadgets or appliances from voltage spikes and damages. 

Adjust Brightness

Increasing the brightness levels to the maximum might reduce the lifespan of your TV. The brightness can also cause harmful eye strain. The television backlight is often the first component to fail.  

As a result, depending on the ambient in the surroundings, you should maintain the brightness on your Vizio TV on medium or low levels.  

Give Ample Ventilation

You don’t want your Vizio TV to get too stuffy. A lack of cooling space can inflict significant harm to TVs, specifically in more humid or warm regions. So avoid placing your TV in a small space, and move anything large out of the way that might obstruct airflow.

Clean TV Often

In the long run, dust accumulates on your TV, reducing display quality and clogging ducts for airflow. Clean the Vizio TV screen using a microfibre cloth. You can use anti-static cleaning devices like a handy vacuum cleaner to clean the hard-to-reach places to avoid damaging your device.

Avoid Static Images For Long Periods Of Time

This is certainly relevant for OLED TVs, which can quickly burn-in due to prolonged use of static images. When leaving your house or room, make sure you switch off your Vizio TV instead of leaving it on. Static images can cause burn-in and damage the screen of your TV. 

Check TV Temperature

Intense temperatures are not suited for TVs. In the winter, moisture can form on your TV’s internal components, leading to component failure. When it’s below zero outside, don’t turn on the TV. Use it only when the room temperature is warmer than outdoors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us answer some burning questions concerning Vizio TV reliability.

Are Vizio TVs reliable?

In general, Vizio TVs are pretty reasonably priced and offer superior image quality. The operating system on Vizio TVs can be sluggish, and they can also run into plenty of problems, but they offer exceptional value for the cost. Vizio is overall a reliable and growing brand. 

What’s better Vizio or Samsung?

Is Vizio better than Samsung? In terms of picture quality, viewing angles, and size, Vizio fails to match Samsung. However, Vizio has a more affordable pricing and more HDMI ports.

Do Vizio TVs last long?

The average lifespan of a Vizio television is seven years. 

Is Vizio better than LG?

Vizio offers a good mix of contrast, picture quality, and brightness, while LG TVs go one step further with better refresh rates and viewing angles than other brands. The image quality and smoothness are also better on LG TVs. Vizio only outperforms on the price point. 


Vizio TVs offer plenty of bang for your buck; the brand comes up as a worthy contender on the market for budget buyers. So, are Vizio TVs reliable? The answer to that is open-ended. 

The reliability of Vizio as a brand is quite satisfactory, but every user’s experience can differ and also depend on the way the product is used. Vizio TV reliability is like any other brand, but you’ll pay less than premium TV brands like Samsung, Sony, LG, and others. 

We hope our guide about the question – are VIZIO TVs Good? – helps you in understanding the brand better and make an informed buying decision. Let us know in the comments.

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