ASUS Zenbook vs Vivobook – Which Series is Better?

When we’re looking at ASUS laptops, there are many different series of laptops out there for us to consider. Two of their main models ar ethe ASUS Zenbook, and the ASUS Vivobook.

To the untrained eye, it can be difficult to tell the difference between these two and know which one of them would be the better choice for you. Of course, this will come down to the model of laptop as well.

But as a whole, which one of these would be the better choice; the Zenbook or the Vivobook? Well, let’s look at both ranges to get a closer look at them.

ASUS Zenbook vs Vivobook

Even though both of these are “books”, don’t get confused and think that they may run on the Chrome OS (a common mistake!). For the most part, both of these laptop ranges run on the Windows OS, and they’re very popular amongst those looking for a good deal on a new laptop.


If you’re after some of the best laptops that ASUS have to offer, then you’ll want to look at their Zenbook range. Although they’re not that expensive, their best models can undoubtedly go toe-to-toe with some of the biggest brands out there.

There’s a good selection of different styles of laptop within the Zenbook range, like the UX463, which is a 2-in-1 model. For the more premium tier ASUS laptops, you can look at the UX481, which is an expensive yet high quality laptop.


The Zenbook series is the higher quality of the two ASUS ranges, and they’re likely going to last longer than a Vivobook.
There are more options with the Zenbook line, and they’re not all expensive options. You can find some cheaper deals, too.
A Zenbook will be more suitable for designers, video editors and those looking to use large programs.


Of course, with higher quality comes a much higher price tag. These laptops can go up into the thousands very easily.
The display of the Zenbook series is fine, but it’s nothing exceptional.

Best Zenbook Laptop – ASUS ZenBook UX534

One of the best Zenbook’s that’s been released in the last few years is the UX534. It’s essentially ASUS’s answer to the Dell XPS and the Thinkpad, and it offers great value for money.

For a similar price to the aforementioned laptops, you can get a 16GB powerhouse with a Intel i7-10510U processor (4 cores, 8 threads). It has a n inbuilt screenpad that allows you to navigate your apps very easily. You can read more about it in my list of the best ASUS laptops.


For those looking for something cheaper, then the Vivobook range of ASUS laptops is likely to be more suitable. The majority of the models that they release are either 4 or sometimes 8GB of RAM, and they’re always very reasonably priced.

This range isn’t the one that you want to choose if you’re trying to get the best quality possible. Generally, the parts that are used to make Vivobooks are pretty cheap, and you can see the difference in quality between the two ranges. But for those looking for something cost effective, then often the Vivobook is a great choice.


You can definitely find some good bargains with the Vivobook line of laptops, with many of them being lower priced.
Although they’re cheaper laptops than the Zenbook’s, they still tend to have good screens and displays.
Across the board, the battery life of the Vivobook range isn’t much lower than the Zenbook range.


With lower prices comes lower parts, and in general the Vivobook line doesn’t have the same quality as the Zenbook line.
A Vivobook laptop is going to have a shorter lifespan than a Zenbook, so don’t expect it to last more than 5 years.
There isn’t as much range with the Vivobook line, and there’s only a few Vivobook’s which I’d actually buy (listed above!).

Best Vivobook laptop – ASUS VivoBook X413FA

As I mentioned, the Vivobook range is generally there for more budget friendly laptops. One good example of this is the ASUS VivoBook X413FA, which is one of the top low cost laptops on the market.

You can’t find many 8GB laptops within the 500-600 range like this one – it has the specs of a much more expensive laptop. Along with this is 512GB of storage, which is helped by the 32GB of Intel Optane memory, which allows the storage and RAM to connect to each other faster. All in all, it’s just a pretty great budget laptop.


All in all, there have been good laptops released under both of these different lines of ASUS laptop. In general, those looking for a lower priced laptop can start by checking out the range of Vivobooks that ASUS offer. If you’re looking for something of a better quality, then you might want to check out the Zenbook, which are some of the top laptops that the brand offer.

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