Best 32 inch smart TV under £300 UK [2023]

When you’re looking for a TV, then there are some things that you’ll want to consider. Nowadays, most of us are looking for a smart TV that can easily be used with your favourite apps like Netflix, as well as having decent sound and audio.

Most people looking for a 32 inch TV aren’t looking for something for their lounge. You’ll typically find this size of TV in kids bedrooms, the kitchen and any kind of secondary room around your house. For this, you might want to check that they’re easily mountable, as well as being simple to set up. And for the lounge, a 40 inch TV or larger is usually recommended.

So, if you’re looking for the best 32 inch smart TV, where exactly should you start? Well, we’re going to look at some of the better models currently available that you’ll want to check out.

Best 32 inch smart TV under £300 UK

ProductImageSpecsGet More Info
Sharp 1T-C32BC2KE1FBSHARP 1T-C32BC2KE1FB 32' Smart HD Ready LED TV…720p @ 50HzCheck Price at Amazon
TCL 32ES568TCL 32ES568 TV720p @ 50HzCheck Price at Amazon
LG 32LM6300TV LED 32'' LG 32LM6300 Full HD HDR Smart TV1080p @ 50HzCheck Price at Amazon
Sony Bravia KDL32WE613BUSony Bravia KDL32WE613 (32-Inch) 1080p HD Ready HDR Smart TV (X-Reality PRO, Slim and streamlined design) - Black, 2017720p @ 50HzCheck Price at Amazon
HISENSE 32A5600FTUKHISENSE 32A5600FTUK 32-inch Full HD 1080P Smart TV with dbx-tv Sound, WiFi, USB Playback, Netflix, Freeview play (2020 series), Black720p @ 60HzCheck Price at Amazon

Sharp 1T-C32BC2KE1FB

SHARP 1T-C32BC2KE1FB 32' Smart HD Ready LED TV…

Resolution: 720p | Refresh Rate: 50 Hz | Screen Size: 32 inch | Display: LED | Connectivity: 3 x HDMI, Scart, USB

For those looking for the best 32 inch smart TV, then you’ll struggle to find anything better than this Sharp 1T-C32BC2KE1FB. It’s the perfect option to go for if you’re looking to keep the costs down whilst not compromising on quality.

What most people are looking for in a smart TV is a device that can easily access all of their favourite apps, like Netflix, Amazon and the UK specific streaming services like BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub. This TV easily allows you to do this, as it comes with all of these applications pre-installed.

You can easily add passwords to any of these apps if you have younger people in the house too. As well as this, it’s a well designed TV as well, and it’s one of the more attractive models out there.

The TV comes on a small stand if you want to use it directly on a TV, but it’s easily mountable too. The TV is fully HD and ready to go as soon as you receive it.

This is one of the best quality smart TVs that you can find for a fairly budget price. So, as with pretty much all of the Sharp smart TVs they’ve released, it’s easy for me to recommend it as a good option.


Can be found for a really good price.
There are a ton of smart TV features for you to use.
Very easy to set up with built in freeview.


Software isn’t the best on the market.
Sometimes the HD tuner can be a little slow.

Verdict: Undoubtedly one of the best 32 inch TVs that you can currently buy, this Sharp TV manages to produce a great picture.


Samsung GQ32Q50RGUXZG TV 81.3 cm (32') 4K Ultra HD Smart TV Wi-Fi Silver GQ32Q50RGUXZG, 81.3 cm (32'), 3840 x 2160 pixels, QLED, Smart TV, Wi-Fi, Silver

Resolution: 720p | Refresh Rate: 50 Hz | Screen Size: 32 inch | Display: LED | Connectivity: 2 x HDMI, USB, Ethernet, Wireless

TCL are probably the first name to look for if you’re trying to get a decent TV within a tight budget. Their 32 inch model is actually pretty good all-round if you’re not looking for a ton of features.

This television is an ideal choice if you’re looking for a cheap option to put in the kitchen. It’s very lightweight and slim, meaning you can easily set it up on your wall without taking up much space. It also has good Dolby Audio sound too, which is a little better than standard.

It uses the Android OS, which is straightforward and simple to use. This means that it works very well with your Google Assistant and YouTube, and you can download all the apps you need via the Play Store.

Overall, this HD TV provides a pretty good viewing experience, all wrapped up in a really low cost well below £300. Unfortunately, most people won’t be able to see a significant difference in resolution, and not enough to make the cost worthwhile in my opinion.


The interface is very easy to use.
Not very expensive.
Plenty of HDMI ports for you to use.


QLED or a higher resolution would be better.
Confusing setup may take 10 minutes.

Verdict: You don’t need to spend a lot of money to find a good LED TV, and you can find some solid deals – especially with cheaper TV brands like TCL.

LG 32LM6300

TV LED 32'' LG 32LM6300 Full HD HDR Smart TV

Resolution: 1080p | Refresh Rate: 60 Hz | Screen Size: 32 inch | Display: LED | Connectivity: 2 x HDMI, Scart, Wireless

Like the majority of other 32 inch TVs out there, this LG 32LM630BPLA manages to combine a good quality picture with a well designed build. It has the standard two-pole TV stand that you’ll find with most other similar cheap 32 inch models.

So, what makes this model a good choice? Well, it comes with Freeview Play installed on it already, which you’ll find in any modern smart TV. This is essentially going to be all of your standard channels like the BBC, ITV and channel 4.

This is a fairly new release, and the HD ready display is supported by a good quality of audio, which makes it stand out from the rest.

Another thing to mentioned is that this TV is great in terms of connectivity. Whether you want to connect to it via HDMI, USB, Wifi (both bands) or Bluetooth, you have the ability to link up to the TV with any of these methods. Pairing any of your Bluetooth devices to the TV is fairly easy and straightforward too.

It’s also worth mentioning that this model works really well with the Amazon Alexa, so if you’re trying to make your whole house smart, this is one of its better features. It also comes with Now TV installed, as well as a whole host of other apps.

The only area I’d like to improve this model is its sound quality, which isn’t really bad but it can’t be said that it’s any better than average. So, it could be a good idea to pair this model up with a good soundbar. But aside from this, it has everything you could need from a 32 inch TV.


Comes with all the UK apps ready to go.
Image quality is of a very high standard.
Good remote control makes navigation simple.


The audio definitely has room for improvement.
Doesn’t come with any instruction manual.

Verdict: Another good choice if you’re in the market for a new 32 inch TV, with an amazing picture and easy usage.

Sony Bravia KDL32WE613BU

Sony Bravia KDL32WE613 (32-Inch) 1080p HD Ready HDR Smart TV (X-Reality PRO, Slim and streamlined design) - Black, 2017

Resolution: 720p | Refresh Rate: 50 Hz | Screen Size: 32 inch | Display: LCD | Connectivity: 2 x HDMI, Scart, USB

Another one of the better TV models out there on the market is this Sony Bravia TV. Whilst some people like to stick with big name brands like Samsung, it’s always worth shopping around amongst alternatives that you might not have considered beforehand.

This smart TV uses the Opera browser instead of using an app store like Google Play, which can take a little getting used to. However, it’s not a bad thing and the TV will still come with most of the apps you’ll need pre-installed anyway (BBC etc).

What I do like about the TV more than anything else is the picture quality, which is amongst the best out there for its price. It manages to produce some great vibrant images, which is partially due to the X-Reality Pro technology that it uses. This helps to give crisp and clearly defined images, perfect if you’re planning to watch a lot of films.

The only issue with this television is that it’s not possible for you to add more apps to it. It’s missing some of the big ones like Now TV, which is a must have for anyone who wants Sky Sports or Sky Cinema. This is a little bit frustrating, but if you have no interest in getting Now TV, then it’s not a bad TV and it’s definitely one of the better quality displays out there.


TV guide is simple enough to flick through.
Very slim design makes this TV look great.
Glossy display allows for a high brightness.


Doesn’t have all of the UK apps pre-installed.
Uses Opera browser which isn’t the best for TVs.

Verdict: This Sony Bravia television offers good value for money, and it manages to deliver a vibrant picture.


HISENSE 32A5600FTUK 32-inch Full HD 1080P Smart TV with dbx-tv Sound, WiFi, USB Playback, Netflix, Freeview play (2020 series), Black

Resolution: 720p | Refresh Rate: 60 Hz | Response Time: 5 milliseconds | Screen Size: 32 inch | Display: LED | Connectivity: 2 x HDMI, 2xUSB Optical, Ethernet, Wireless

If you are looking for a 32 inch TV that has good quality audio speakers in the device itself, then I’d recommend this Hisense TV. This brand are known for producing some great budget TVs, and this is one of their better models.

The 32A5600FTUK manages to produce some excellent audio due to its various different sound modes that you can use. You can easily flick it into theatre when you’re watching films, or music mode when you want to increase the bass a little. It manages to deliver the full range of frequencies clearly and effectively.

The TV also has an in-built colour enhancer, which helps it to match the good quality audio with some great images too. You can easily use all of your favourite apps, as well as less known ones like Rakuten, as well as an integrated web browser you can use to surf the web. It also has pretty good connectivity options as well, including Wifi connection or directly via ethernet if you prefer.

This is a budget 32 inch TV that will suit those looking for something that offers massive value for money, and it’s a wise choice if you’re trying to find a fairly cheap option that still produces a good picture.


This is a lightweight TV ideal for wall mounting.
The full HD display is above average.
Cheap when compared to other 32 inch TVs.


Isn’t compatible with Freesat despite instructions.
Connectivity could definitely be improved.

Verdict: This Hisense model might be the perfect addition if you’re looking for a cheap TV for your living room.

Common Questions about 32 inch TVs

How far should you sit from a 32 inch TV?

If you’re not sure exactly how far you should be sitting from your 32 inch TV, then there’s going to be different distances that different folk will prefer. However, it’s recommended that you sit at least a metre away from a 32 inch TV, so anywhere between 1-3 metres seems like a sensible distance.

Is 720p (HD Ready) enough for 32 inch TV?

You’ll probably see some information online about a new TV needing to have a higher resolution, and with the amount of 4K models being released recently, it’s no surprise that people are questions whether 720p is enough. The truth is that unless you’re going to be 5 inches away from your television, 720p (also referred to as HD ready) is going to be more than enough for your 32 inch TV.

Does a 32 inch TV need 1080p?

The truth is that a 32 inch TV doesn’t need to have 1080p resolution in the vast majority of cases. Most people will barely be able to see the difference between 720p and 1080p on a 32 inch TV if they’re watching from a reasonable distance (in your lounge or in your bedroom). When you start looking at bigger TVs, then the resolution becomes more important, as it’s easier to see the pixels on the screen.

Is a 32 inch TV good for a bedroom?

Not sure what size would be the best for your bedroom? Well, a 32 inch TV is the most commonly used size for those looking for a secondary TV, not a primary one. That means that 32 inch TVs are primarily used in areas like kitchens and bedrooms, as this is the best place for them and their size.

Can a 32 inch TV be 4K?

If you’re asking this question, then you probably saw that a while ago Samsung actually released a 4K 32 inch TV as part of their Q50 series. This model was released in the US, but is not readily available in the UK. Honestly, a 4K monitor is going to be major overkill for 99% of people out there anyway – if you want 4K, then maybe look at a larger TV to take advantage of the high resolution.

Should I get a 4K television of this size?

If you’re curious about getting a 4K television, then you may be considering getting a small TV with a higher resolution. For the most part, I actually recommend against doing this.

This is primarily because they’re not big enough for you to really see the increased amount of pixels properly. When you’re sitting a fair distance away from the television, you can’t really see the difference in smaller TVs.

This means that they’re actually fairly rare, and there’s not too many on the market. They usually retail at double or even treble the price of a 720p or 1080p TV, which makes them poor value. You can often pick up a 40 inch or even a 50 inch for the same price.

Though if money is no object, then this is definitely a high quality choice. Unlike many other European or American TVs, it works with all of the British apps that you’re going to need. With the easy Freeview setup too, this is crucial if you’re living in the UK.


In conclusion, there are many possible options out there for those looking for a good 32 inch smart TV. Make sure that you read through a review of any TV before you buy it, as there are some models which have more smart capabilities than other.

However, if you stick to any of the models on this list, then you should be pretty safe. Just check that the TV is capable of hosting all of the streaming apps you want to use.

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