Best Budget Printer UK – From under £50 to £150

A good printer doesn’t have to cost you a ton of money. You can find a decent option for less than £50, and if you have a little more than this to spend, even better – there are tons of good printers between the £70 and £100 mark.

You might have to compromise on some of the luxuries that more expensive printers offer (like all-in-ones, wifi printing or A3 printers). However, you can still definitely pick up a printer without having it cost you a fortune.

Do bear in mind that cheap printers will likely have high printing costs, so they’re not the best choice if you’re going to be printing at a high capacity. So, let’s look at some of the best budget printer models that you can find today.

Best Budget Printer UK – Between £50 and £150

ProductImageDPIGet More Info
Epson Expression Home XP-2100Epson Expression Home XP-2100 Print/Scan/Copy Wi-Fi Printer, Black5760x1440dpi Check Price at Amazon
Canon Pixma TS515Canon Pixma TS5150 Colour Ink Jet All-in-One (Print, Scan, Copy, 2 Fine Print Heads with) WLAN Print App, Automatic Duplex Printing, Black4800x1200dpiCheck Price at Amazon
HP Deskjet 2632HP Deskjet 2632 All-in-One Printer, Instant Ink with 2 Months Trial4800x1200dpiCheck Price at Amazon
Canon Pixma TS 3350Canon TS33504800x1200dpiCheck Price at Amazon
HP Envy 5010HP Envy 5010 All-in-One Printer, 2 Months of Instant Ink Trial Included1200x1200dpiCheck Price at Amazon
Brother HL-1212WBrother HL-1212W Mono Laser Printer | PC Connected & Wireless | Print | A4 | UK Plug2400x600dpiCheck Price at Amazon
Epson WorkForce WF-2850DWFEpson WorkForce WF-2850DWF Print/Scan/Copy/Fax Wi-Fi Printer with ADF, Black5760x1440dpiCheck Price at Amazon

Epson Expression Home XP-2100

Epson Expression Home XP-2100 Print/Scan/Copy Wi-Fi Printer, Black

Ink Costs: Average | Sheet capacity: 100 sheets | Wifi Printing: Yes | Scanner: Yes | DPI: 5760×1440 | Ppm: 8

The Epson Expression Home XP-2100 is an excellent choice if you’re searching for a cheap printer for light to medium use. If you print less than a few hundred pages per month, then it’s a good fit for your needs.

Though the menu on the Expression series can be a little overwhelming at first, you should get used to it pretty quickly. You can set this printer up in no time at all too. This means that it won’t take you long before you can get printing. Although it is an office printer in layout, it is lightweight and actually quite small.

What makes this a pretty good choice is that you can connect to it very easily via your wi-fi. This means that whatever method you want to use to print – phone, tablet or laptop – it is very easy to do so. Add pretty average printing costs to this, and you’ve got yourself a reasonably good deal.

It works very well for black and white documents, but it can also be used for colour prints too. The ability to copy, scan and obviously print make it good for most people, and it’s an ideal choice if you’re stuck working from home.

The only thing to mention is that like many of the best cheap printers, the speed of printing is very slow. If this doesn’t both you, then the Epson Expression XP-2100 would be a really solid choice for a home or office printer.

Canon Pixma TS5150

Canon Pixma TS5150 Colour Ink Jet All-in-One (Print, Scan, Copy, 2 Fine Print Heads with) WLAN Print App, Automatic Duplex Printing, Black

Ink Costs: Average | Sheet capacity: 100 sheets | Wifi Printing: Yes | Scanner: Yes | DPI: 4800×1200 | Ppm: 13

When it comes to pretty standard all-in-one printers, you may want to look at the Canon Pixma TS5150. It’s quite basic for a Pixma, but it’s a decent price and has all the functionality you need for photo printing as well as documents.

For a printer that uses ink cartridges, the overall costs are around average meaning that it’s fairly cheap to run if you only print every now and then. Though it doesn’t have super ow running costs, this won’t matter too much unless you’re printing on a regular basis.

Another thing that I do like about the Canon Pixma TS5150 is that you can print on both sides of your paper automatically. This makes things a little easier. As well as this, the large paper tray should be more than sufficient for most people, with the option for two tray printing too.

From a negative perspective, it can take a little while to set this Canon Pixma printer up. It’s not that intuitive, though with a little time, you should be able to get it fully installed. And if you’re happy to put in the effort, then you’re going to get a pretty competent printer for your troubles.

HP Deskjet 2632

HP Deskjet 2632 All-in-One Printer, Instant Ink with 2 Months Trial

Ink Costs: Average | Sheet capacity: 60 sheets | Wifi Printing: Yes | Scanner: Yes | DPI: 4800×1200 | Ppm: 7.5

For those looking for a printer that can do pretty much anything you need it to, then you’ll struggle to find anything cheaper than the HP Deskjet 2632. You can’t find many wireless printers out there within this same price range.

This printer has the ability to copy and scan too, as well as being easy to set up to print via Wifi or USB. What’s most impressive about this cheap printer in my opinion is the dpi – when printing in colour, it can print at a 4800×1200 measure. This means that it can give you some really good, clear prints of colours and photos.

So, the 2632 has wifi capabilities, it’s an all-in-one printer and it prints to a pretty high quality too. What’s the catch? Well, the only thing I will say that with the majority of cheaper printers like this, HP intend to make their money back with ink costs.

It’s a perfect choice for those who only print occasionally, but if you’re printing in regular high volumes, then you should up your initial budget a little – it will save you money in the long term.

Canon Pixma TS 3350

Canon TS3350

Ink Costs: Average | Sheet capacity: 125 sheets | Wifi Printing: Yes | Scanner: Yes | DPI: 4800×1200 | Ppm: 8

The Pixma series has been one of Canon’s most fruitful series in the printing industry. Although the majority of models they’ve released have been relatively expensive, they do still have some printers for a more reasonable price. One of them to consider is the Canon Pixma TS3350.

This model works better via Wifi than it does by USB connection, which can be a little slow. You can link it up to your computer, or you can easily use the Canon app to print whatever you need too. Having different connectivity options to print all of your documents and photos is definitely something most people will want.

It’s also quite a small and lightweight printer, so if you’re looking for something that won’t take up a lot of space, this could be it. One of the key features the TS3350 has to offer is its print quality, especially when it comes to printing photos.

The downsides about this printer? Well, it is very slow. If you’re printing in black ink, then it’ll print at a rate of around 8 pages per minute. However if you want to print in colour, it’s as slow as 4 pages per minute.

If you’re looking for a photo printer, then this might be the best printer for the job. It does have fairly high running costs, so this model is only really suited to the person who only wants to print occasionally.

HP Envy 5010

HP Envy 5010 All-in-One Printer, 2 Months of Instant Ink Trial Included

Ink Costs: Average | Sheet capacity: 80 sheets | Wifi Printing: Yes | Scanner: Yes | DPI: 1200×1200 | Ppm: 20

The HP Envy 5010 has been one of the most popular budget printers for a few years now, and it’s still thought of as a good option. For those looking for an all-in-one printer at a cheap cost, it’s certainly one worth checking out. Though the initial price is fairly cheap, it’s the ink costs that are where this printer excels.

It has pretty much all of the basic stuff that you’d ask from a printer. It can scan and copy too, and it’s also quite easy to set up via wifi as well. Although, you don’t need to use wifi if you don’t want to, as you can just use a USB lead and print directly from your computer, laptop and even your phone.

Aside from being able to copy and scan too, what stands out about it is that it is capable of double sided printing. Most cheaper printers can’t handle duplex printing, and typically you’d have to do it manually. So having this functionality is a definite bonus.

Sure, it doesn’t print to the highest quality (it’s primarily suited for printing word documents etc) and it prints at a pretty slow 9 pages per minute. However for those looking for a good priced printer scanner that’s reliable, then the Envy 5010 is definitely an option.

Brother HL-1212W

Brother HL-1212W Mono Laser Printer | PC Connected & Wireless | Print | A4 | UK Plug

Ink Costs: Laser | Sheet capacity: 150 sheets | Wifi Printing: Yes | Scanner: No | DPI: 2400×600 | Ppm: 20

If you’re only looking to print documents in black ink, then I’d advise that you take a look at a laser printer. Typically, these printers have been more suited to office settings. However, nowadays you can find them at pretty reasonable prices, and this HL-1212W is more suited to the home than it is to the office.

Brother are well known for making well built printers, and this model is certainly no different. This is a very reliable printer that is quite compact, and easy to fit into your home office space. Laser printers like this should last you for a long time.

Some printers are very difficult to set up and might take a while, but you should be able to set the HL-1212W up in just a few minutes. This printer is quite simply designed with one thing in mind – low cost printing. All you’ll need to do is replace the toner cartridges when they’re empty, and this will be significantly cheaper than using ink.

Overall, though you’ll pay a bit more initially for a laser printer, you end up saving money on printing costs in the long term. So although it might cost a bit more at first, you’ll make that money back soon enough.

Epson WorkForce WF-2850DWF

Epson WorkForce WF-2850DWF Print/Scan/Copy/Fax Wi-Fi Printer with ADF, Black

Ink Costs: Average | Sheet capacity: 100 sheets | Wifi Printing: Yes | Scanner: Yes | DPI: 5760×1440 | Ppm: 33

Another model that is worth considering for those looking for a cheaper printer is the Epson WorkForce WF-2850. It’s a more corporate printer than the rest here, but it’s still available at a pretty low price.

What makes this printer stand out from the others mentioned here are its fast print speeds. It sprints at a rate of up to 33 pages per minute. This is much faster than some of the other top cheap printers on the market. In colour, it still prints at an impressive 18 pages per minute.

The LCD screen is very simple to use, and it’ll allow you to run through all the different functions that this printer has. It is also actually a 4-in-1 printer. As well as the ability to print, scan and copy, you also have the ability to fax too. This makes it a more suitable choice for the office environment.

Overall, this Epson printer is another fairly priced option. When it comes to inkjet printers, this is one of the best.

Common Questions about Buying a Budget Printer

Are cheap printers worth it?

For some people, a cheap printer will definitely be the right purchase. If you print infrequently and in small bursts, then a cheap printer is definitely the right fit for you. But if you print on a daily basis, then you’d be better off looking at a more expensive printer with lower running costs over the long term.

Can I print from my phone with a printer?

You should always check the description beforehand, but the majority of the time, yes you can print from your phone with your printer. You can either connect to it via Wifi, or use a USB cable to connect the two. Most of the big brands like Canon or Epson have an app that you can use, too.

Is an inkjet printer right for me?

If you’re looking to get the cheapest printer possible, then an inkjet printer is definitely the right option for you. They offer the lowest initial cost, and you can pick them up from only £30-£50. You can look at more expensive models and laser printers if you don’t need to print in colour.

Does printer ink dry up if not used?

Yes, your printer ink can dry up if not used, but this is unlikely to happen for months, if not years. To keep your printing working fine, it’s advised to print with it on a monthly basis to keep things operating as normal. Or, you could look at an inktank printer, like the Epson Ecotank range.

Why is it cheaper to buy a new printer than ink?

A common question about printers is why many of them are relatively cheap, whilst the printer’s ink can be very expensive. The simple answer is that this is the printer business model – cheap initial cost, followed by a subscription to a higher price for the printers ink. The ink is where printer companies really make their money. So even if you have the best cheap printer, it’s worth looking at the printing costs too.


In conclusion, budget printers definitely have their place in the market. Whilst they won’t be the best choice for everyone, not all of us need an expensive printer that costs an arm and a leg. In some cases, investing in a cheap printer is a wise idea.

Whilst no one brand is best for finding a low cost printer, you should probably start with HP and Canon. These two typically offer the cheaper printers on the market, although Epson do have some models that are reasonable too.

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