Best Cordless Phones UK Based – 2020

A cordless phone can make things a lot easier. Want to walk around the office whilst you’re taking a call? Need to make a cup of tea whilst you’re nattering about the weekend? A cordless phone can allow you to do this, whereas a corded phone is just a restriction.

Whether you’re going to need a big set of cordless phones for use at the office, or you’re just looking for a new set of cordless phones for your home, I’ll run through some of the best options that are available right now.

Best Cordless Phones for UK Based

ProductImageCapacityGet More Info
Gigaset S850A Gigaset S850A Hybrid VoiP Home Office Cordless PhoneVOIP integrationFind Best Price
BT Advanced Cordless PhonesBT Advanced Cordless Home Phone with 100% Nuisance Call Blocking and Answering Machine, Quad Handset PackRecord 30 Min MessagesFind Best Price
Gigaset E370AGigaset E370A Big Button Cordless Phone (One Handset, E370A Single)Large ButtonsFind Best Price
PANASONIC KX-TGJ422EB panasonic-kx250 entry phonebookFind Best Price

Gigaset S850A

Gigaset S850A Hybrid VoiP Home Office Cordless Phone

If you are going to set up your own home office, then you should definitely look at getting the Gigaset S850A.

You can use this phone for both landline calls and for VOIP calls too, which you cannot do on regular phones. For anyone who thinks their business might grow in the next few years, you should probably invest in a cordless phone that can take VOIP calls too. Plus, you can actually integrate this with other Gigaset handsets as well. So, you could purchase a twin set of regular cordless phones and link them up with the S850A in your home office.

Another good thing about this phone is that it can store data from up to 500 contacts, with 3 different numbers per contact too. So if you need a big database, then it would be wise to opt for a model like this one. You’ll get 12 hours of talk time with this model, which is good for long conversations on the phone. It has all the features that pretty much anyone would need from a cordless phone, with a 5m indoor range and 55 minutes of answering machine time too.

Overall, this is probably the best cordless phone currently on the market. It’s perfect for a home office or someone looking to take work calls at home.

BT Advanced Cordless Phones

BT Advanced Cordless Home Phone with 100% Nuisance Call Blocking and Answering Machine, Quad Handset Pack

If you don’t need VOIP calls, then maybe you’ll want to take a look at this quad pack from BT. It is available in a twin and single set too, but for the best value you’re better off getting the quadpack.

The BT Advanced has an inbuilt virtual assistant, which allows you to easily block nuisance calls. In fact, it will announce whether the call is from someone in your contacts or not when they call, so you’ll easily be able to filter out any spam calls. You can block up to 1000 numbers with this BT Advanced model, which should be more than enough to block out any unwanted return calls. You’ll easily be able to tell if you have another caller on the line, and you can return up to 30 calls prior.

One area where the BT Advanced excels is the sound quality, which is parallel to that of any corded phone out there. Out of a full charge, you should be able to get at least 20 hours of call time, which is quite impressive for a relatively cheap phone. Due to the large 1.8inch display, it’s also really easy to see who’s calling too. So, as an all-round set of cordless phones, this set providers great value for money.

Gigaset E370A

Gigaset E370A Big Button Cordless Phone (One Handset, E370A Single)

The Gigaset E370A is specifically designed for those who want larger buttons, so if you have some seniors members in your family or team, then you’ll want to opt for this model.

As I mentioned, the keys are large and bright so they’re very clear to see. You can also adjust the volume on each phone to a high level, so they’re a perfect set if you want to use them with someone who is hard of hearing. It also has a room monitoring function, which can easily be used as a baby monitor or to hear other areas of your house/workspace.

With 30 minutes of recording time, this should be more than enough to deal with all of your calls. If you’re looking for something reliable in the long term, then you can be pretty safe opting with Gigaset too, as they have a great track record as a phone company. So, this provides another great option!

Panasonic KX-TGJ422EB


Another good quality set of cordless phones that you might want to consider is this Panasonic set. You can purchase them solo, but you’ll find them cheaper if you buy them as a twin set.

If you want large phonebook capability, then this set would definitely suit you. This can store up to 250 different numbers, which be enough for personal use or use within an office. It also has a nuisance call feature, which will allow you to block any calls from users you don’t want calling you. If you receive a spam call, you can quickly add their number to your list of blocked numbers, so they can’t get through to you again.

You can also categorise your phone numbers together if you need to split your calls via personal and business, or friends and family. You can set a different ringtone for each different category, so you know what type of call it’s going to be. You can also set up call alerts to your mobile phone, so you can know whenever someone has left you a message. All in all, this twin set of cordless phones is a good choice if you’re looking for something reliable.

Cordless Phone FAQs

How do cordless phones work?

Cordless phones work very similarly to corded phones in the way that they’re both connected to the main electric point, and they both connect to the landline in your property. The only difference is that with a cordless phone, the phone connects to the base via a radio frequency, which gives you the ability to be a certain distance away from your phone base.

So what’s the difference between a cordless phone and a mobile phone?

Whilst a cordless phone still connects to your landline via radio frequency, a mobile phone will connect to a data tower to transmit information from one phone to another.

How do I choose a cordless phone?

The first thing that you need to decide on when purchasing a cordless phone is the features you want the phone to have. Do you need a certain number of extensions? Or an especially high quality for your calls? These will all be factors to consider before making a purchase.

Do I even need a landline?

Nowadays, a lot of people are opting to just have a mobile phone and not even bother setting up a landline. This is fine, but there are benefits to having a landline, like superior quality & if you’re thinking about professionalism, clients will feel more comfortable calling a landline.

How long do cordless phones last?

If you purchase a decent quality cordless phone, then they should last you many years. If you do opt for a cheap set that isn’t built to last, then it may not last longer than a year or two.


Overall, a cordless phone can be a great idea if you’re looking for the freedom to roam about on your call, whether you’re at the office or at home. A cordless phone gives you the ability to multitask whilst you’re on the phone, whereas on a corded phone, you’re attached to the base for the length of the call. This might be okay for a minute call, but if you have a call that lasts an hour, you’ll want to invest in a cordless phone.

Nowadays, cordless phone quality is on par with that of a corded phone, as long as you don’t venture too far away from the landline base. If you have any recommendations for the best cordless phone, then please reach out and leave a comment below!

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