Best Domain Registrar UK [2023 Guide]

If you’re just getting started with your online adventures, then the first thing you probably want to do is set up your own website. There are several different parts to this that you’ll want to consider, but one of the main aspects of setting up your own website is of course, registering your own domain name.

But there are some many different domain registrars out there to choose from, it can be really difficult to know which one to opt for. The offer of a free domain name can sometimes be too tempting to turn down.

What benefits do they offer, and why should you choose one over another brand? Well, we’re going to look now at some of the best domain registrars you can use if you’re based in the UK.

Best Domain Registrar UK PriceGet More Info
NamecheapBest Overall Domain RegistrarFrom £5.99Learn More
NamesiloBest Cheap RegistrarFrom £6.99Learn More
DynadotAnother Good Cheap OptionFrom £6.99Learn More
Domain.comBest For TLD RangeFrom £7.99Learn More
GoDaddyRenewals Too Expensive!From £7.99Learn More



If you’re looking for a cheap place to get started with domains, but you’d feel more comfortable sticking with a big brand, then I’d advise you to check out Namecheap. I have several different domains of all different TLDs (.com, etc) registered with them and I have to say they’ve been pretty great.

You can register a domain with Namecheap for a pretty cheap price initially. However, the good part is that unlike other registrars, the price for renewing your domain stays pretty much the same throughout, and it’s always a reasonable price. This means that over time, you’re getting a good deal.

Another good thing about Namecheap is that their customer service is on of the best around. If you have any problems with your domain or the SSL certificate for it, their support can help you out pretty quickly and I’ve never had a problem with them. So overall, I’d have to recommend Namecheap as the first place to look when registering a new domain.


The best thing about Namecheap is undoubtedly the cheap price.
Namecheap are an independent company, and they aren’t one of the many corporate brands that are all owned by the same people.
They have one of the best websites out of all the big registrars, and it’s very easy to navigate.


If you’re also looking for web hosting, then you can use Namecheap for this too. But not the best out there, and you’re probably better off looking elsewhere for this.
The customer support from Namecheap is pretty good, but it’s not as in-depth and detailed as smaller companies.



Another good option for those looking for a fair priced domain registrar is definitely Namesilo. They offer some of the lowest renewals costs of any domain registrar currently out there, so they’re definitely worth taking into consideration.

NameSilo’s whole focus is trying to provide domain registry at the most affordable price. I mean, let’s face it – all of these companies are offering exactly the same product as each other, and there’s not much to differentiate them from each other.

But what can you do? Make sure you’re cheaper than the competition. And in terms of renewal prices, NameSilo are always there as one of the cheapest.

Another are where NameSilo excel is in their customer support. If you’re new to online marketing and registering a domain, then you might not be 100% sure what you’re doing.

But you can always get in touch with their staff who will help you along the way, as I’ve always found them to be super helpful. So overall, NameSilo is another domain registrar you will want to consider.


If you’re buying your first domain and need support, then NameSilo have some of the best customer support within the industry.
Like any good domain company, they have a wide variety of different TLDs to choose from.
Unlike other brands who will offer you a ton of upselling with your domain name, NameSilo have very little of this.


I’m not a fan of the layout of Namesilo’s website, and their search tool function isn’t great either.
If you do want the full domain and hosting package, then Namesilo don’t really have the ability to offer you everything you might need.



Another cheap domain registrar that I’ve used a lot of the years is Dynadot. They have a really clean user interface, which makes it really easy to find the domain that you want.

They have a good variety of different TLDs to pick from, and one of the best things about them is that there isn’t a ton of up-selling on every screen. This means that you can simply buy what you need – a domain name – and then leave, without being hounded into buying a ton of extras with it.

The pricing across the site is very fair, and their renewals costs are much lower than most of the competitors, too.

However, although Dynadot are generally very cheap, across the board they’re not quite as cheap as either Namecheap or NameSilo. So whilst they offer good value amongst other things, they’re not going the very cheapest option out there.


If you’re looking for a simplified domain name purchasing option, then using Dynadot is very easy and straightforward.
Dynadot generally have very responsive customer service that will get back to you quickly.
They’re very similar to Namecheap, which is one of the best registrars out there.


Dynadot don’t have the best checkout process, and things may take a little longer than with other registrars.
There’s no option for shared hosting with Dynadot, so for beginners you can’t buy both of them together.

domain com registrar 1

Another domain registrar that has a good reputation is Although they have actually been around since the year 2000, they have actually stepped up their marketing in recent years and they’ve become more and more well known in this industry.

They offer pretty good prices (not the very cheapest, but still cheap) and they have a great selection of different TLDs for you to choose from. They also offer a ton of other stuff related to domains too, like shared hosting and a website builder. However, I do recommend that you actually go elsewhere for these, as you can usually find a better deal online.

The only thing that lets down this domain registrar is that the support isn’t great. When we compare it to other companies like Dynadot and Namecheap, then there’s quite a big different between them in terms of the response times and quality of the support too.

So although this is a fairly cheap option with a wide variety of TLDs, it’s not as good as some of the others out there in my opinion.

Pros are one of the biggest companies, so they have a really good selection of different names and TLDs to choose from.
They have a 24/7 live chat function where they can help you out with any problems that you might have with your domain.
The website is very user friendly and simple enough for anyone to use.


In terms of pricing, they’re almost on GoDaddy levels of renewal costs. That means they’re pretty expensive.
Although it’s generally straightforward to sign up and use a domain, there’s not really any information there for those brand new to domains.



I don’t want to come across too critical of GoDaddy, as they’re probably not the worst out there and they provide everything you need them too. Their website is probably one of the easiest to navigate, and they wouldn’t be at the top of the domain registrar industry if they didn’t do a lot right.

But, I just can’t look past their extortionate renewal rates and the annoying up-selling, which if you’re a beginner, you’re sure to fall foul to.

Whilst you might get a great discounted deal on registering a new domain with GoDaddy, they make their money in other ways. After a year, your initial price will look tiny in comparison to the renewal, which can cost £20 or more with all the added bells and whistles that GoDaddy add on.

Things like a basic SSL certificate costing £50 or £60 a year, which those new to domains will think is a must have – you can register a free one at Let’s Encrypt, you don’t need to bu it from GoDaddy! And other addons that are supposed to help with your “SEO” which don’t help at all. Either way, I’m not impressed with GoDaddy and if you’re new to domains, I’d avoid them and go for a cheaper option.


If you opt for a GoDaddy hosting account, then sometimes you can get a free domain with this.
GoDaddy have one of the biggest domain auctions, where you can pick up old domains and some great names for your website.
As the biggest company in the industry, they have the biggest selection of TLDs and .com domains.


The first year with GoDaddy is always cheap, but it often increases quite substantially from there.
Aside from the expensive prices for the domains themselves, they also charge a high price for security & privacy etc.

Common Questions about Domain Registrars

Who is the cheapest domain registrar?

It’s really impossible to say who the very cheapest domain registrar is out there. Why? Because all different companies will have different prices based on each TLD (TLD means top level domain, which is the .com, .org or at the end of your domain name). However if you’re looking for a .com or domain, then I’d suggest that you start with Namecheap or Namesilo.

How can I buy a domain permanently?

Unfortunately, you can’t buy a domain permanently from anywhere – this isn’t how domain names work. You can rent whichever domain name that you prefer, but there are limitations to this – the longest period of time you can register a domain name for is 10 years. However, as long as you renew your domain in time, there’s no chance of you losing it.

What is the cheapest way to buy a domain name?

If you’re looking to get the cheapest domain name possible, then you might want to look at register a domain name with an alternative TLD. A .com domain name is typically going to be more expensive than other extension, but they do have their benefits (generally if a user sees a .com, they find it more trustworthy). But, you can look to other extensions to try and get a cheaper domain name if needs be.

What is a reasonable price for a domain name?

How much you pay for a domain name will vary greatly, but most .com’s and’s will be between £5 and £10. However, some other domain extensions aren’t a bad idea either if you want o register them – for example, you could consider a .digital domain name if you’re offering digital services, or a .io name if you’re in the tech space.

Can you buy a domain name without the hosting?

Yes, and I’d advise you do just that! The majority of domain registrars actually aren’t the best hosting providers too. So, it’s worth looking for these things separately to get the best of each thing separately instead of just buying a package deal.

What to consider when buying a new domain name

The right combination and TLD extension – With domain names, you’ll need to pick the right domain extensions. If you’re in the UK, then any .com or is going to be favourable. You’ll also want to avoid numbers and hyphens in general too.
Short and sweet – The best domain names are always going to be short and sweet. Find something that people can remember fairly easily, and can be said in just a few syllables.
Keywords – In the past, it may have been a massive benefit to include the keyword in your domain e.g. having a website called would be beneficial if you were selling tables. Nowadays, it is all about building your brand, so you should purchase a domain name that’s catchy and can be easily branded to your product or service.
Price – The cost of your domain name is going to be a major factor too. Generally most TLDs are a similar price, and you only need to pay for them once a year, not once per month. But some TLDs can be more expensive, and you may even need to pay more if someone else already owns your perfect domain.


These are just a few of the top domain registrars that you can get your domain name if you’re located in the UK (or anywhere else, for that matter). There isn’t a great deal between all of these brands, as they all are really providing us with the same thing. So, the best thing to do is often look at the cheapest out there – not just for the initial purchase, but also for renewal costs too.

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