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If you’re trying to get two televisions in different rooms to run off of the same top box, then the best way to do this is by opting for a good HDMI splitter. Sure, you could upgrade to a multiroom package with your TV provider, but typically this has monthly subscription fees attached to it.

With a HDMI splitter, all you need to do is plug it in and you’re done. Plus, they’re available for a pretty decent price as well, so you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy the football in two rooms at once.

But what are the best HDMI splitters out there, and how can you even tell if one is any good? Well, we’re going to look at some of the different options available out there today.

Best HDMI Splitter

ProductImageOutputsGet More Info
Techole Aluminum SplitterNo products found.2Check Price at Amazon
Uzanpie HDMI SplitterNo products found.4Check Price at Amazon
GANA Gold Plated SplitterHDMI Switch, GANA Gold Plated 3-Port HDMI Switcher/HDMI Splitter/Supports Full HD1080p/3D with High Speed Cable3Check Price at Amazon
Linkfor 4K HDMI SplitterLiNKFOR 4K HDMI Splitter 1 IN 8 OUT with Certified Power Adapter 3D 8 Ports HDMI Splitter Box Metal 8 Way HDMI Splitter for PC STB PS3 Blu-Ray Player HDTV Etc8Check Price at Amazon
Neoteck HDMI SplitterNeoteck 2 Way HDMI Splitter Aluminum 4K@60Hz HD Hub Smart Splitter Box HDMI Splitters 1 in 2 out 3D Active Amplifier Switcher for HDTV PC SKY Box Projector PS2 PS3 PS4 XBox360 Blu-ray DVD2Check Price at Amazon

No products found.

No products found.

For the most part, finding the best HDMI splitter isn’t rocket science. Although there are a lot of options out there to choose from, this Techole splitter can do everything that most people will need it to.

It has the ability to support two outputs, which means you can connect two HDMI cables to it and connect them to your two TVs. This is about standard for one of these devices, and it’s pretty much what most people need an HDMI splitter to do.

It is actually a 4k HDMI splitter that will work well with all of the popular different devices out there (set top box, Fire sticks, gaming consoles etc). Make sure that if you’re using it for gaming, you’re using HDMI cables that are capable of transmitting faster refresh rates.

It will enable you to maintain the best quality possible when you’re sending a signal from one device only. For those looking to maintain a good resolution on your second device, you won’t lose any picture quality with this model.

Whilst splitters are designed to give you the ability to send audio and video to multiple displays, you can also use this model as a HDMI switcher too.

This means that you can send two devices to just one output, and toggle between them when you need to. It’s an extra thing that this splitter supports should you ever need it.

So whilst there’s nothing too exceptional about this HDMI splitter, it certainly ticks all of the right boxes. It’s very easy to set up (plug and play), it’ll allow you to maintain a faultless signal connection between the two devices, and it’s pretty cheap too. It is probably the best overall HDMI splitter in terms of value.

No products found.

No products found.

Sometimes, the ability to have two outputs may not be enough. If you need more than this, then you’ll need to look for a HDMI splitter that has the ability of 4 HDMI outputs.

This model is a good example of a 4 port splitter, and is a good choice for anyone who has the need to output to multiple screens at the same time without any loss on terms of quality.

You can easily use this splitter with any of the devices around your home, from your Playstation and your laptop to your Virgin box or your Blu-ray player. It will work with a 4k (ultra HD) resolution at 30Hz, and a 1080p resolution with a 60Hz refresh rate. You won’t need to worry about experiencing lag and lower picture quality with this splitter.

It has a very simple setup that pretty much anyone can use, and it doesn’t use a lot of power either. Whilst it can be used to output video and audio to four different devices, it can also be used as a HDMI switcher too. However, it can only have input from 2 devices simultaneously.

It’s a little bit more expensive than a basic splitter, but this is to be expected if you need four HDMI outputs instead of only two. But it’s still pretty well priced, and if you need a splitter that will enable you to maintain a good picture quality, then this might be the right option for you.

Gana HDMI Splitter/Switcher

HDMI Switch, GANA Gold Plated 3-Port HDMI Switcher/HDMI Splitter/Supports Full HD1080p/3D with High Speed Cable

Nowadays, many splitters are designed to work as switchers too, mainly because the technology in them is so similar that it’s easy to make them bi-directional. This Gana splitter is no different, and it’s one of the cheapest HDMI splitters out there too.

This model supports output to three different televisions at the same time, and you won’t need any external power source, as the connection is enough to keep it operating functionally. It supports 3D video and Blu-ray, too.

It’s also worth mentioning that this is a gold plated HDMI cable connector. Gold plating is generally used to try and increase the lifespan of a splitter, as it can help to reduce any potential pollution that might occur. It will work with both HDMI 1.4 and HDMI 2.0 cables.

Overall, if you’re looking for a well priced option, then this is one of the best HDMI splitters for your money. It supports all of the major devices around your home, and will enable you to maintain a good image quality too.

Linkfor 4K HDMI Splitter

LiNKFOR 4K HDMI Splitter 1 IN 8 OUT with Certified Power Adapter 3D 8 Ports HDMI Splitter Box Metal 8 Way HDMI Splitter for PC STB PS3 Blu-Ray Player HDTV Etc

For some people, two, three or even four outputs may not actually be enough. If you need more than this, then this Linkfor HDMI splitter enables you to output to 8 different monitors or televisions at the same time.

This is pretty impressive, especially when you see that the connection between them is still pretty flawless. Most splitters don’t have this many HDMI ports for you to connect to, and especially not ones that support 4k. And despite having many HDMI ports, it is still straightforward and easy to use.

This is a 4K HDMI splitter, which is pretty impressive when you consider its outputs. It can manage this at a 30Hz refresh rate, which is fine for watching TV, however this kind of splitter is most likely to be used as part of a security system of some sort, or within a public premises.

Another good reason that you might need more output ports is if you’re setting up your own home theater. This splitter supports Dolby audio formats, so it can definitely carry a high quality audio signal to all of the speakers in your home setup.

So for those folks that are looking to connect a lot of devices together to one main source, then this HDMI splitter would be a perfect choice. It works well, with one input and more outputs than most folks could ever need.

Neoteck 2 Way HDMI Splitter

Neoteck 2 Way HDMI Splitter Aluminum 4K@60Hz HD Hub Smart Splitter Box HDMI Splitters 1 in 2 out 3D Active Amplifier Switcher for HDTV PC SKY Box Projector PS2 PS3 PS4 XBox360 Blu-ray DVD

Back now to a smaller amount of outputs, this splitter will allow you the ability to connect to 2 monitors or televisions simultaneously. You can use this splitter with all different options, from your Xbox to your Sky top box.

What’s good about this splitter is the aluminium design and casing, which makes it quite resilient and long lasting. Often, cheaper accessories like these can be liable to break easily, but that isn’t the case with this HDMI splitter.

This model also supports the ability to daisy-chain, or stack multiple splitters together. This means that if you have the requirement to output more video and audio, then you can very easily by picking up another splitter.

It’s another good choice if you need the ability to connect to multiple devices via a high quality connection. As one of the cheapest options on the market, it’s a good example that you don’t have to use an expensive device to get the job done and transfer video comfortably.

Common Questions about HDMI Splitters

How do HDMI splitters work?

Although they may sound complex, a HDMI splitter actually has quite a simple function. A basic HDMI splitter will allow you one input and two outputs, which means that you can connect two televisions to one source – e.g. you could connect Sky to the TV in your bedroom as well as in your living room. They’re a good solution if you want to connect more than one TV to your device. You can also find splitters with a larger output support, which can support 10 or even more connections at once.

HDMI Splitter vs Switch

One of the most common questions folks have about HDMI splitters is how they’re different from HDMI switches. And whilst they are quite similar, a HDMI switch is intended to be used for a completely different purpose than a splitter. We already know that a HDMI splitter is used to “split” your devices HDMI output so it can be mirrored on two different televisions at once. Well, a HDMI switch is used so you can “switch” between devices; you plug several different devices (Sky, Playstation etc) into it, and then you can choose between them – they’re designed to be linked to one television.

Do HDMI splitters lose quality, or cause lag?

Another common concern with them is that the connection with your splitter will reduce the quality somehow, and that by simply using a HDMI cable alone, you’d be able to maintain a better connection. The truth is that some cheap HDMI splitters aren’t good, and they can have short blackout times and potentially cause lagging. However, the majority of them work as smoothly as if the connection were direct, and give you the same image quality across multiple devices. Make sure that you check the refresh rate capabilities of the splitter as well, as many only work at 60Hz – this is a fine refresh rate for TV, but not as good for advanced gaming.

Does a HDMI splitter support 4k?

Not all HDMI splitters will support a 4k resolution, but the majority of them out there nowadays will. Some of them will only support 1080p resolution, but this may be all you need. It really depends on the home entertainment setup you’ve got at home. However, it could make sense to opt for a 4k compatible one, as the likelihood is that over the next few years, many of us will be looking to make the switch to a 4k TV.

Can I connect two HDMI splitters together (daisy chain)?

Most of the time, we start out by only needing to connect to two TVs/monitors. But further down the line, you might need the ability to connect to more monitors, and the need for more output ports means you likely need a HDMI splitter with a larger capacity. But can you link more than one HDMI splitter together? Well, the answer is that it depends on the splitter, and the signal you’re looking to send. Many splitters can be daisy chained, however some services – like Sky – won’t allow you to connect more than one splitter together.


All in all, for those looking for the best HDMI splitter, there are a few different options out there for you to choose from. Much of your decision will depend on the amount of outputs that you need – most people will only need one input and two outputs, but if you need more than this, then there are plenty of alternative options too.

Remember that if you want the ability to transmit a 4K 60Hz connection, then you’ll need a premium or ultra high speed HDMI cable to do this. Whilst older cables can transmit 4K, they won’t necessarily be able to cope with this increased fps, which is crucial for gamers.

So overall, whether you need a simple 1080p splitter or you’re looking for something that can support a 4k resolution, there’s definitely an option out there for you.

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