Best Home Office Storage Solutions

If you’re building your own home office, then you’ll want to make it as perfect as possible. The advantage of having your own office at home is that you can easily design it based around your needs, and add any special touches that you want to. As well as having the right office lighting, one thing that every home office needs is adequate space for storage. Otherwise, you’ll just end up with a pile of books and notes on your desk!

Fortunately, there are a ton of different home office storage solutions out there for us to consider. Depending on the style of your home office, some of them might be more appropriate for you than the rest. So, let’s look at some of the best home office storage ideas that you’ll want to consider for your own personal space.

Best Home Office Storage

Kallax Shelving Unit Bookcase


If you’e looking for a good amount of storage space in your home office, then it would pay to look at getting a shelving unit. This can easily put either behind your desk facing the wall, or the opposite site too. You can leave this as a freestanding shelving unit, or you can attach it to the wall to give it more stability.

For the person with a lot of books and larger office equipment, this would suit perfectly. It makes things easily accessible to you, without it getting in the way of your working day. Although it might be expensive for some, this is one of the best home office storage solutions you can get.

StorePAK Office Storage Cardboard Boxes

StorePAK Office Archive/Storage Cardboard Boxes & Lids Pack of 10. Good for Office, Home Storage & Moving House white & Grey

If you’re looking for traditional storage boxes for a lot of files and folders, then these boxes may be a great idea. They have the volume to hold a lot of stuff, so if you’re a hoarder (I’m the same, no judgement here!), then they’d give you a good way to organize all of your office items.

These storage boxes are easily stacked up on top of each other, as well as being easily recycled too. They’re very easy to assemble, and even though they’re made from cardboard, they can support a good amount of weight. They’re a good choice for someone with a ton of stuff they need to store.

VonHaus 10 Drawer Storage Trolley

VonHaus Storage Trolley, 10 Drawer Monochrome Wheeled Makeup Trolley, Durable Storage with Plastic Drawers, Chrome Frame, Storage Panel & 360° Wheels, Versatile Organiser for Bedroom, Bathroom, Office

If you have the need to segment your files and folders by their type, then it’s definitely worth looking at getting a storage trolley. This VonHaus trolley has 10 different trays where you can easily store all your different office equipment.

The good thing about this trolley is that it’s on castor wheels. This means that you can easily position it where you want to in your home office. It’s also relatively slim, so if you only have a little bit of space for it, then you should be okay. The drawers are large enough to fit A4 paper quite comfortably, so you should be able to fit any papers in there.

This chrome finished storage trolley is the perfect solution for anyone looking for somewhere to store their files, papers or even their stationery. If you need a simple way to store your things, then this is a good choice.

MaidMax Over Door Storage

MaidMAX Over Door Storage, Wall Hanging Storage Organiser for Wardrobe, Nursery, Bedroom, Office, 4 Pockets, Grey

For those who have even less space to spare in their home office, then you need to be really sensible about how you’re going to maximize your space. One way that you can do this is by looking for more unique ways to house your books and notes. A good way to do this could be by getting an over door storage organiser like this one.

It comes with four different compartments for you to put your office items, with plenty of room in each of them. if you have a stack of books on your desk that need a home or a lot of stationery, then it might be worth considering this. You can hook this easily over any door without having to drill any holes.

This can also be used in your wardrobe too if you’re trying to save even more space. This is definitely a cheap way to have the ability to declutter your desk when you’re trying to maximize the limited space you have.

AmazonBasics 6 Cube Wire Storage Shelves

Amazon Basics 6 Cube Interlocking Storage Unit With Metal Wire Mesh, 60 Pounds / 27kg Shelf Maximum Weight Capacity, Off White, 37 cm D x 77 cm W x 114 cm H

If you have enough more space in your home office and are looking for an affordable way to store your office equipment then it might be worth getting these wire storage shelves. I’m not usually a massive fan of the Amazon Basics range, but these are actually of a decent quality.

There are six different cubes, and they all measure at 14×14 inches. You can arrange the cubes in any way you want to, as they easily connect to each other. This means that if you want to, you can arrange them to fit around another piece of furniture in your office.

This set of cubes can be used to store office equipment, but also for a range of other stuff too. So, it’s a good way to ouse your equipment in your home office.

Okpow Stationery Desk (Mesh)

OKPOW Mesh Desk Organiser,Multi-Use Desk Tidy & Pen Holder with 6 storage and 1 Slide Drawer,Stationary Organiser for School,Home,Office desktop supplies (Silver)

Every good office needs somewhere to store your smaller objects, like stationery and your notepad. Best solution to this is to get a desk tidy, or a desk organizer.

Although this one is small, this means that it will comfortably fit on even some of the smaller desks out there. It has six different compartments in it that you can use, including a neat pull out draw. Unlike many other desk organizers, this one is sturdy and isn’t going to break easily.

Whilst this might not be what you traditionally think of as office storage, it is definitely part of a good home office setup.

HUANUO Monitor Stand with Drawers

HUANUO Monitor Stand with 2 Storage Drawers - Metal Mesh Desk Organisers, Support Laptop, Notebook, PC, Monitor, Printer, Scanner up to 15 KG

If you haven’t got a monitor stand for your desk, then you’re definitely missing a trick. Bad posture is unfortunately a side effect of long hours working on your computer or laptop. One of the best ways you can mitigate this is to raise the monitor to the same as your eye level. This helps you from getting a hunchback, and saves your neck a lot of hassle further down the road.

So, it only makes sense that you combine the need for a monitor stand with some sneaky additional storage space! This stand has two drawers underneath, where you can easily find a home for anything that lays stray on your desk.

Common Questions about Home Office Storage

Can I expense my home office?

Yes, you can claim expenses on your home office if you’re in the United Kingdom. The rate for 2020 is £312 for the year that you can claim back. The rules are different for freelancers as opposed to those that have their own company, so have a look at this in more detail with this working from home guide.

Can I write off Internet if I work from home?

The internet is another thing that you might be able to deduct from your taxes if you work from home. Obviously, you probably need the internet as a necessity to work. So, you can also include this in your expenses.

Can a good home office improve productivity?

The whole point of getting things organized with home office storage is that clutter can become burdensome. If you have a pile of notes on your desk, or books you need to read, this can distract you from your day to day work. So, organizing your home office with storage is the perfect way to help clear your workspace, and your mind.

What are the benefits of home office storage?

Aside from the aforementioned clearer mind, good home office storage helps to make things more practical for you too. After a while, you’ll get used to finding what you need in wherever it’s stored. So, if you’re someone that can spend 5 minutes trying to find a pen, then home office storage is essential for you.

Can I have my home office in my bedroom?

Ideally you would have a separate space for where you sleep, however you can definitely make a separate space for your office in your bedroom with some wise storage choices.


These are just a few of the best home office storage solutions that you can use to maximize the amount of free space that you have in your office room. You can combine some of them together to have even more space, and hopefully create the perfect office to get your work done.

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