Best Laptops with IPS Display for 2021

Nowadays, many people are looking for a laptop than can do everything. With television decreasing in popularity, more and more of us are using our laptops to consume entertainment like YouTube videos and even movies.

And if you’re going to watch Netflix on your laptop, then an IPS display can help you to get a better image. Generally IPS displays are going to produce better colours, and they’re better when viewed at different angles too.

But if you’re looking for a good IPS display laptop, which one should you choose? Well, here are some of the top options out there.

Best Laptops with IPS Display

ProductImageScreen SizeSpecsGet More Info
ASUS Touchscreen ZenBook UX434ASUS ZenBook UX434FQ 14 Inch Full HD Touchscreen Laptop (Intel Core i7, Nvidia MX350 Graphics, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, Windows 10) Includes Secondary Trackpad Screen, Royal Blue14 inch16GB RAMCheck Price at Amazon
Macbook Air 2020 Apple MacBook Air with Apple M1 Chip (13-inch, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD) - Gold13.3 inch8GB RAMCheck Price at Amazon
Acer Aspire 5 A515-54GAcer Aspire 5 A515-54G 15.6 inch Laptop - (Intel Core i5-10210U, 8GB RAM, 1TB SSD, NVIDIA MX350, Full HD Display, Windows 10, Silver)15.6 inch8GB RAMCheck Price at Amazon
Dell XPS 15 7000Dell XPS 15 7000 15.6 Inch UHD Laptop, Intel Core i9-9980HK (9th Gen), 32 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 4 GB GDDR5, Fingerprint Reader, Win 10 Home15.6 inch32GB RAMCheck Price at Amazon
HP 15s-fq1013naHP 15s-fq1013na 15.6 Inch Full HD Laptop - (Silver) (Intel Core i7-1065G7, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, Windows 10 Home)15.6 Inch16GB RAMCheck Price at Amazon

ASUS Touchscreen ZenBook UX434

ASUS ZenBook UX434FQ 14 Inch Full HD Touchscreen Laptop (Intel Core i7, Nvidia MX350 Graphics, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, Windows 10) Includes Secondary Trackpad Screen, Royal Blue

Operating System: Windows | Screen size: 14 inch | RAM: 16GB | Storage: 512GB SSD | Processor: Intel i7 | Average Battery Life: 10 hours

For those looking for a good performing laptop with a great display, then the Zenbook UX434 is a pretty great choice. This laptop has pretty much everything that you could need from a laptop, and it’s definitely good value for money.

The design of the laptop is great, as it weighs just over 1.2kg and is very portable. The 15.6 inch IPS display will produce some greta visuals, and although it’s only 14 inches in size, the NanoEdge display is pretty impressive.

You can also combine this with ASUS’s “screenpad”, which is essentially a screen within the touchpad of the device. Although it takes a little getting used to, it’s actually very handy and makes the laptop very easy to navigate.

It’s a well designed laptop, and the keyboard is responsive, as well as being supported by the laptops ergonomic design. This lifts the keyboard of the device, making it more ergonomically friendly and better for those who expect to spend long hours of the day working. It also comes with impressive audio and a great cooling system so the laptop never overheats.

It’s often said that you can get better value for opting to go with a brand like ASUS, and in this instance, I’d tend to agree. The ZenBook UX434 is the perfect example of what you can get from a laptop the same price as a Macbook, with much better overall specs and performance.


The immersive screenpad is something quite unique and innovative.
Very good design for typists and those who write a lot.
Slim and attractive design stands out from the crowd.


The webcam in this laptop isn’t very good quality.
It doesn’t come with a pen to use with the touchscreen.

Verdict: Overall, this is one of my favourite laptops that has IPS panels installed in the display. It has an IPS touchscreen, and an excellent Nvidia MX350 Graphics card.

Macbook Air

2020 Apple MacBook Air with Apple M1 Chip (13-inch, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD) - Gold

Operating System: Mac OS | Screen size: 13.3 inch | RAM: 8GB | Storage: 256TB SSD | Processor: M1 chip | Average Battery Life: 11 hours

Though it’s not heavily advertised, the newest Macbook Air actually has an LED backlit display that uses IPS technology. It has one of the higher resolutions (1600p) for laptops below £1000, and it’s pretty impressive all-round.

The main thing to note about the Air is that it uses Apple’s newer M1 processor. This actually benefits the user quite a lot, as other laptops within a similar price range tend to come with a quad-core CPU. Instead, the M1 has an octa-core processor, so you should see a dramatic improvement in performance.

As well as an increased CPU, it also has increased graphics through the M1 chip too. This makes for a very vibrant and colourful display, and it’s probably one of the best on the market in this regard.

You have the option to go with the smaller 13 inch display, or you can upgrade to the more impressive 16 inch display if you wish to. The improved keyboard and touchpad of the Macbook Air make it a definite consideration.


Big Sur makes things a lot quicker.
Very powerful processor.
Extra long battery life.


Not possible to upgrade to more than 16GB RAM.
Pretty weak webcam.

Verdict: In terms of image quality, it’s very difficult to look past the Macbook Air if you’re okay with a non Windows laptop.

Acer Aspire 5 A515-54G

Acer Aspire 5 A515-54G 15.6 inch Laptop - (Intel Core i5-10210U, 8GB RAM, 1TB SSD, NVIDIA MX350, Full HD Display, Windows 10, Silver)

Operating System: Windows | Screen size: 15.6 inch | RAM: 8GB | Storage: 1TB SSD | Processor: Intel i5 | Average Battery Life: 8.5 hours

Another good laptop range that I’ll always recommend that readers check out is the Acer Aspire series, with the Aspire 5 A515-54G being one of the best value for money out there.

For a pretty reasonable price, you can get all of the functionality of a premium laptop – 8GB RAM, an i5 processor and maybe most impressive is the TB of SSD storage, which makes it a perfect choice for those looking for a laptop with a lot of storage.

In terms of specs, this laptop also uses a NVIDIA MX350 graphics. It has a full HD IPS display and the slim bezel design is good for those that are looking to make the most of their 15 inch screen. The device itself is quite slim too, and it makes for quite a portable and travel friendly laptop as well.

I’ve seen some websites recommend the Acer Aspire for gaming, and I’d have to say that this is probably not a good idea. This laptop is great as a casual, everyday laptop for browsing the internet and maybe typing up some documents. But, it’s not good for more intensive programs, like games.


The liquid crystal display is great.
It has plenty of storage space to use.
Affordable even for those on a tight budget.


Not very good as a gaming laptop.
The installed software can get frustrating.

Verdict: With a good display quality, this Acer Aspire provides excellent value for money.

Dell XPS 15 7000

Dell XPS 15 7000 15.6 Inch UHD Laptop, Intel Core i9-9980HK (9th Gen), 32 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 4 GB GDDR5, Fingerprint Reader, Win 10 Home

Operating System: Windows | Screen size: 15.6 inch | RAM: 32GB | Storage: 1TB SSD | Processor: Intel i9 | Average Battery Life: 9 hours

For those that have the extra money, then nowadays you can get a pretty impressive laptop for a few thousand. Whilst many people like to stick to models like Apple’s Macbook’s or the Lenovo Thinkpad series, another top range laptop range is the Dell XPS series, with the XPS 7000 being one of their best releases to date.

The display of this laptop is pretty great as well. It uses a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card, and of course, the screen uses IPS technology too. The aluminium chassis is of the highest quality, and this laptop has pretty exceptional battery life as well.

This laptop has 32GB of RAM, which may be overkill for some people who are looking for a standard laptop, but you will see the difference in performance. You can easily have as many programs as you want open with this device, so if you’re tired of your laptop dying because you’ve got too many programs open, then a lot of RAM can fix this.

The only real drawback of this laptop is it’s high price, and it will likely be too expensive for many people looking for a good IPS display laptop. This laptop is also very portable too, as although it has a 15.6 inch screen, it weighs little more than 3.5 lbs and it’s less than 17mm in width.

So, if you’re looking for a high quality laptop that will last you for a long time, then the Dell XPS 15 7000 is going to be a great choice.


It has a long battery life which should see you through the day.
The backlit keyboard is ergonomic and good for typing.
The touchpad is very responsive and works well.


Considered to be pretty expensive.
This laptop can get a bit hot with heavy usage.

Verdict: For those looking for an anti glare display and a powerful laptop, this Dell XPS is a perfect fit.

HP 15s-fq1013na

HP 15s-fq1013na 15.6 Inch Full HD Laptop - (Silver) (Intel Core i7-1065G7, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, Windows 10 Home)

Operating System: Windows | Screen size: 15.6 inch | RAM: 16GB | Storage: 512GB SSD | Processor: Intel i7 | Average Battery Life: 8.5 hours

Another pretty solid choice for a laptop is this HP 15s-fq1013na. Although it’s not going to be one of the most popular laptops out there, it’s definitely a good solid reliable option that has what most people need.

With a good sized 15 inch HD screen that uses IPS technology, this laptop is visually pretty impressive. And despite its relatively large size, it’s actually not all that heavy, so you can carry it around with you quite easily.

The micro-edge bezel display and good screen to body ratio mean that you’re making to most out of this laptops size.

It has a good amount of RAM (16GB) and an i7 processor, as well as an ample 512GB of SSD storage space. The touchpad and keypad of the device and pretty solid too, and although its battery life isn’t amazing, it will be more than enough for most people.

It’s also a HP fast charge laptop, which means that you can easily power it for 50% battery in around 30 minutes.

Overall, this is another solid contender if you’re looking for a laptop with an IPS display. So, it’s definitely worth at least thinking about if you want something simple.


It is a lightweight and slim laptop, easy to take with you anywhere.
The 1920 x 1080p screen is a good resolution.
It has a quad core processor, which manages to cope with most things well.


The touchpad isn’t that responsive with this laptop.
The plastic build quality feels cheap.

Verdict: Another well priced laptop with an Intel core i7 processor, this is a good choice if colour accuracy is important to you.

Common Questions about IPS Displays

What is an IPS display?

Although many new laptops come with an IPS screen. not everyone knows exactly what an IPS display even is. IPS stands for In-Plane Switching, and these types of displays are generally regarded as the best option for people looking for vibrant colours and the ability to view the screen from different viewing angles.

Is IPS good for gaming?

The thing with IPS monitors is that generally, they’ve been considered as the worst types of screens for gaming. When compared to other panel types, like TN and VA, they actually have the slowest response times, which is a critical factor in a gaming laptop. However in more recent years, there are a lot more options out there that have responsive refresh rates combined with an IPS display.

Is IPS display better than LED?

Unless you’re a professional gamer looking for a screen with a really fast refresh rate, or you work full time as an image editor, then I’d opt for an IPS display over a LED display. IPS displays are better for producing colours and viewing angles, which makes them the better choice for watching films etc. LED screens generally have much better response times. For more information read our in depth comparison of IPS vs LED.

Is IPS worth the extra money?

In most cases, it’s probably worth opting for a laptop with an IPS display as opposed to just a standard LCD display. I’ve already stated the main advantages to this, as it will help to provide you with a better image.

Are IPS screens better for your eyes?

There are some who say that an IPS display may actually be better for your eyes than a standard LCD or an LED screen. However, none of this is proven and it’s likely to be no better or no worse for your eyes than the alternative.


In conclusion, there are many different options out there for you to choose from if you’re looking for an IPS display. Many laptops nowadays have these types of display, so they’re pretty easy to come by.

If you have more cash to spend, then it might make sense to look at a model like the Dell XPS 7000, as this is a high quality laptop that’s going to last you a long time. But if you don’t necessarily want to spend this much, then you can look at cheaper brands like Acer and ASUS as an alternative.

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