Best Rose Gold & Pink Laptops [2021]

If you’re going to spend money on a new laptop, then you need to make sure that it has the qualities that you want. Whilst the specs of the laptop are the most important part of how your laptop performs, you probably also want a laptop that’s attractive to look at as well. And for many people, a rose gold laptop would be the perfect choice and colour.

But there aren’t too many rose gold laptops that you can find on the current market. So, if you’re looking for a rose gold laptop, what options do you have? Well, here are some of the best of them that are currently available.

Best Rose Gold & Pink Laptops

ProductImageScreen SizeSpecsGet More Info
Apple MacBook AirApple MacBook Air (13-inch, 1.1GHz dual-core 10th-generation Intel Core i3 processor, 8GB RAM, 256GB) - Gold (Previous Model)13 inch8GB RAMFind Best Price
Acer Swift 1 SF114-32Acer Swift 1 SF114-32 14-inch Laptop - (Intel Pentium N5000, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Full HD Display, Windows 10 in S Mode, Sakura Pink)14 inch4GB RAMFind Best Price
MSI Prestige 14MSI Prestige 14-081ES i7-10710U 16 1TB MX330 W1014 inch16GB RAMFind Best Price
Franktech F145SFranktech F145S Laptop, 14.1' FHD(1920x1080) NanoEdge Display, Ultrabook Intel Celeron Dual Core, 1.8GHZ, 8GB RAM DDR4, 256GB NVMe SSD, Type C, Win 10, Fingerprint Reader, Metal Body, Pink14.1 Inch8GB RAMFind Best Price

Apple MacBook Air

Apple MacBook Air (13-inch, 1.1GHz dual-core 10th-generation Intel Core i3 processor, 8GB RAM, 256GB) - Gold (Previous Model)

Operating System: Mac OS | Screen size: 13 inch | RAM: 8GB | Storage: 256GB SSD | Processor: Intel i3 | Average Battery Life: 8.5 hours

Probably the most iconic laptop that most people think of when imagining a Rose Gold laptop is the Macbook. The new Macbook Air series that’s been released does have a rose gold version too, and the device itself is pretty impressive as well.

Macbooks are well known for their usability, and even if you’ve never used the Mac operating system before, it shouldn’t take you too long to get to grips with it. Even avid Windows fans can admit that the Mac has a good navigation system, perfect for both beginners and those looking for a more advanced laptop.

The base model Apple Macbook Air rose gold is designed to be enough for most casual users. This means that if you’re looking for something for work or school, then this is going to be able to cope with demand.

It has enough RAM and storage space to keep most people happy, and of course, the design of the laptop itself is great. There’s no doubting that Apple laptops look pretty impressive in comparison to the rest of the market.

It comes with a long battery life, which is important for pretty much any laptop. As well as this, it has a good screen to body ratio, which means that it makes the most of the screen space it uses.

The only criticism some folk have of Macbooks is their price. Yes, they’re a little expensive for the specs, but that is pretty much the same for all premium laptops.

So, if you want a great rose gold laptop that’s well designed and powerful enough to get all of your work done, then check out the new Macbook Air. It has a great retina display, and its rose colour is one of the most attractive out there.

Acer Swift 1 SF114-322

Acer Swift 1 SF114-32 14-inch Laptop - (Intel Pentium N5000, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Full HD Display, Windows 10 in S Mode, Sakura Pink)

Operating System: Windows | Screen size: 14 inch | RAM: 4GB | Storage: 128GB SSD | Processor: Pentium N5000 | Average Battery Life: 6.5 hours

Not everyone has the funds to purchase a new Macbook. And in fact, some people won’t even need to buy a laptop as powerful as a Mac to get everything they need to done.

If you’re looking for something more reasonably priced, then you could consider this ASUS laptop, which is less than half the price of the Air. It doesn’t have the same retina display, but you can’t really argue with the price.

This laptop is a good example of the money you can save by opting for a less popular brand like ASUS. Although they don’t have the prestige of your Apples and your Dells, that doesn’t mean to say that you should discount them completely. They can still provide a good laptop experience.

This laptop has 4GB of RAM, which is a little low. However the rest of the specs are fine, with an Intel processor and 128GB of storage space. This should be enough, and if you need more than this, then you might need to take advantage of cloud storage space instead.

Of course, the design of this laptop is another reason to like it. It is finished with a Sakura pink finish that’s similar to that of rose gold colouring. Although the bold pink colour won’t suit everyone, as it will definitely stand out from the crowd.

So if you’re desperate for a cheaper rose gold laptop, then this ASUS laptop might not be the best fit. But if you want the best pink laptop available, then check out this Acer Swift.

MSI Prestige 14

MSI Prestige 14-081ES i7-10710U 16 1TB MX330 W10

Operating System: Windows | Screen size: 14 inch | RAM: 16GB | Storage: 1TB SSD | Processor: Intel i7 | Average Battery Life: 7.5 hours

Despite there being a ton of new releases on laptop in the last few years, there still isn’t that many rose gold and pink laptops out there for us to choose from.

One of the rarer models out there is the MSI Prestige 14, which comes in a pink finish (this won’t suit those looking for rose gold, but it’s perfect for pink lovers). It is one of the best gaming laptops out there.

It’s quite a striking design, and unlike the others listed which have a subtle finish over only parts of the laptop, this is anything but subtle. It would prove to be the perfect gift for the pink lover, as the entire device is doused in pink. Without this colouring, this laptop might actually prove to be a little bit boring in its design, so the pink-ness is quite welcome.

Aside from looking good, there is much more to this laptop than just it’s colouring. As with any good MSI laptop, it comes with 16GB of RAM, which is more than maple for both casual user but for gamers too.

This laptop uses a good Intel core i7 processor, which will be more than enough for most purposes. The Nvidia Geforce GTX graphics card manages to produce some excellent and vibrant visuals too.

It also comes with 1TB of storage, making it the perfect pink gaming laptop. It comes with a standard 14 inch display, which is designed to a high quality. It also has a fast refresh rate too, which is essential for any serious gamer.

All in all, there aren’t that many gaming laptops available in this colour (in fact, you’ll probably struggle to find any). So if you want a reliable option, the opting for the MSI Prestige 14 is a safe bet.

Franktech F145S

Franktech F145S Laptop, 14.1' FHD(1920x1080) NanoEdge Display, Ultrabook Intel Celeron Dual Core, 1.8GHZ, 8GB RAM DDR4, 256GB NVMe SSD, Type C, Win 10, Fingerprint Reader, Metal Body, Pink

Operating System: Windows | Screen size: 14.1 inch | RAM: 8GB | Storage: 256GB SSD | Processor: Intel Celeron | Average Battery Life: 6 hours

Though usually I don’t like to stray too far away from the big brands, this Franktech F145S makes the list purely through its design. It’s a nice looking laptop, and it would make a perfect option for a young person desperate for a pink laptop.

Just because it isn’t one of the big name brands, that doesn’t mean to say that you should discount this laptop completely. It still has all the specs you could need of a laptop – in fact, it has the same RAM and storage as the Macbook Air, yet it’s just a fraction of the price. This is a good example of what you can get outside of the top brands.

This laptop also has all the quirks and gimmicks that a youngster might want, including a fingerprint reader that allows you to log into the device. The metal finish with the high quality display make this one of the better laptops currently out there outside of the big names.

Overall, I wouldn’t opt for this laptop over the ones that I’ve previously mentioned. However, it is an option that you might want to take if you’re trying to save some cash.

Questions about Rose Gold Laptops

Which colour is best for your laptop?

If you’re undecided which colour laptop you want to opt for, then staying with the standard grey or black colouring is always a fine option. But for those who want something a little different, then a rose gold or pink laptop might be the perfect choice for you. Remember, you can always get a laptop case or stickers if you want to change things up a little bit.

Which laptops come in pink/rose gold?

After looking at the market over the last couple of years, it seems like there’s a real lack of these colours being sold in the market. Generally, there’s only a few Acer laptops, HP laptops and MSI models being sold in this colour. And of course, the Macbook Air, which is probably everyones first choice when looking for a rose gold laptop.

How much is a pink laptop?

Generally, pink laptops are the same price as their base coloured equivalent, and you shouldn’t expect to pay much more for a laptop just because it’s pink. This is true for the most part, the only exception may be special editions, which can cost a little extra.

Will a pink laptop fade?

Another common question about pink laptops is whether they’re eventually fade away over time and use. The correct answer is that no, they shouldn’t because the coatings used for laptops will have a very long shelf life. So unless you scratch your laptop, this should be a problem.

Is the new MacBook Air gold or rose gold?

There’s a lot of talk online about whether the new Macbook Air is gold, or Rose Gold. Whilst you might see it listed as just gold, it’s actually more of a rose gold colour. So for those looking for something pink, it’s a great option, as it’s a nice colour as well as being one of the best laptops out right now.


All in all, there are a limited amount of different options out there for you to choose from. Whilst there are tons of options if you’re happy with other colours, the pool of pink and rose gold laptops is relatively small.

Fortunately, there are still a few good top quality options you can choose from, as you can see by the laptops listed here. It’s hard to look past the Macbook Air if you’re looking for a rose gold colour, and there are a few choices if you want a bright pink colour too.

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