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Getting a standing desk can be one of the best investments you can make. Throughout the day, if you spend 8 hours or more sitting, you’ll find yourself paying for it later down the line. So by using a standing desk, you can lower your risk of obesity – this is just one of the benefits of a standing desk, but there are plenty.

You can either choose between a permanently standing desk, or you can get an adjustable desk that really gives you the best of both worlds. I’ll include a few of each type of table in this list so you can make your own mind up. So, let’s take a look at some options you’ll want to consider if you’re looking for a standing desk.

Best Standing Desk

Pneumatic Stand Up Desk

Stand Up Desk Store Pneumatic Adjustable-Height Lectern (White)

If you want a low of flexibility, then you’ll want to consider a smaller standing desk like this one from the Stand Up Desk Store. Although the desktop itself is small, it’s perfect for those who want the most flexibility.

With this desk, you have the ability to change the height of the desk via a small lever – it’s very easy & self explanatory to do. You can also change the tilt of the desk too, so if you want to tilt it towards you & use your iPad or tablet you can.

It’s a really good choice if you’re looking for something that won’t take up much space. Due to the single leg design, it tucks away pretty easily into the corner of the room. Plus, not to mention it’s pretty cheap for what you’re actually getting, too.

The only negative of this desk is that the surface area is relatively small, and you can’t really make yourself at home at the desk if you’re going to be adjusting it & utilizing the tilting features.

You might need to look at getting a bigger, but more expensive adjustable desk if you want this. Or, you could get a desk like this one and use it as a secondary option intermittently throughout the day.

Mobile Standing Desk

Mobile Standing Desk Computer Workstation

If you prefer a more traditional design with a keyboard shelf, then this could be a better choice for you. It’s basically a miniature version of the typical office desk, with the option to adjust the height of the desk as you wish.

Having the keyboard shelf and the main desktop is good for those that use a monitor, as you always want the top of the monitor to be at eye level. However, obviously this won’t be good for people that only use a laptop alone, as you’ll have limited surface area. This desk uses typical furniture casters as well, so if you want it to be portable and used in different rooms, it’s easy to move it around.

Again, the only drawback of this desk is that there isn’t a great deal of surface area for you to work with. However, you can actually order this desk in a 60cm if you want less desktop space, or a 100cm width if you need more than the 80cm standard.

Respond Desk

Adjustable standing desks are an awesome idea if you can afford them. Though they are quite expensive, they provide a lot in convenience. For example, this respond desk uses a pretty much silent 35db motor and can adjust your tables height at a 30mm per second speed. This means that in just a few seconds, you can change your desk from sitting to standing, or vice versa. This saves having the need for two desks, and in turn saves a ton of space.

This desk has a really wide variety of different heights you can adjust the table to – it ranges anywhere from 69cm to 117cm. This should be more than enough to suit the majority of people, even if you’re a little shorter or taller than the average person. If you need a desk that can support a lot of weight, then this model might suit – it supports up to 80kg of pressure.

Trinity Rectangular Desk

if you’re looking for a cheaper option, then Furniture@Work also offer this Trinity desk. It strips things back to basics with the plain look, but it works well as a functional standing desk.

Whilst the legs of this standing desk are made from steel, the desktop itself is made from high quality melamine. Melamine is typically one of the safest materials to use for a desktop because it’s very easy to clean and it stays in a decent condition even with wear and tear. It also has cable access ports so you don’t have wires running all over your desk. You can also get this desk made to different dimensions, so if you like this model but need it to be wider, you can order a wider version.

Of course, this desk doesn’t have the height range of more expensive desks, but it should be just about enough for most people to stand and sit comfortably. So as a cheaper option, it’s definitely worth considering if you are just looking for a basic standing desk.

Ergotron Workfit

The Ergotron workfit is going to suit you if you want the best possible adjustable desk mechanism. If you don’t want a twisting lever you have to pump 50 times, and you don’t want to have to plug your desk in to use it’s motor, then this Workfit will be for you. You can easily just push the desk up and down, as the Workfit uses a fancy mechanism to adjust itself. It’s pretty impressive, and it also has a handbrake system too, which means you can easily move the desk if needs be.

Like most standing desks, the Ergotron is pretty expensive. However, it does come with a 5 year warranty, which shows a lot of confidence in the product. So if you want a small, space conscious desk that isn’t going to take up much space, then the Ergotron might be worth considering.

Standing Desk Buying Guide – FAQs

How long should you stand at your desk?

A good rule of thumb is that for every 2 hours you spent sat down at your desk, you should try to do an hour standing. This works well for most people, and can allow you to break your day up without sitting for too long. You probably shouldn’t spend 8 hours a day every day at your standing desk.

Are standing desks good for improving your posture?

Standing desks can be a great choice if you’re looking to improve your posture. By standing up for an extra few hours a day, you can help relieve any back or neck pain you might be experiencing. However, a standing desk is unlikely to help you with any long-existing serious health problems. Plus, you should also take into account your posture when you’re sitting – it might be worth investing in a good office chair to help with this.

Will a standing desk help me lose weight?

Science shows us that we burn more calories whilst standing as opposed to sitting – approximately an extra 50 calories per hour. So, if you spent just 2 hours a day standing instead of sitting, you would burn an extra 500 calories in a work week. Over 7 weeks, that would be 3500 calories, which is the equivalent to a pound. Over a year, this would equate to an extra 7.5 pounds you’d burn just for standing 2 hours a day at your desk. So yes, a standing desk can help with this!

What is a standing desk called?

There are many different names which you’ll probably hear referring to a standing desk. You’ll also hear sit/stand, which generally actually refers to a small workstation you can put on top your desk & adjust the height of. You’ll also hear adjustable desk, which is obviously a desk that can be both a sitting and standing desk. There aren’t many desks out there which are used solely for standing.

Can a standing desk help with back pain?

There are studies that report that standing desks can in fact help with back pain. Of course, there are numerous studies out there that have shown that sitting down for long periods can be bad for your health, too (even the NHS advise against it!).


A standing desk can be a great addition to your home setup, especially if you have issues with back pain or you find yourself hunched over your laptop when you’re sat at your desk. Whilst standing desks won’t be for everyone, most people could benefit from a standing desk, even if it is only using it occasionally.

A standing desk isn’t a magic fix for years of poor posture, so you might want to look at how you’ve been sitting, and how your standing posture is in general, too. If you have any posture tips or want to recommend a standing desk to us, pleas feel free to leave a comment below!

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