Can I Use Fire Stick Without WiFi? (Find Out!)

Can I use Fire Stick without WiFi? If you don’t have access to internet connection and are planning to buy an Amazon Fire Stick TV, then read on to find out how you can use your Fire Stick without WiFi!

The Amazon Fire Stick was introduced by Amazon in order to take over the streaming market and the device has fared pretty well across the globe. If you are a regular user of Amazon’s many services and are interested in improving your streaming experience, you will definitely do well to purchase the Amazon Fire Stick.

Out of the box, the Fire Stick contains a small USB and a remote to use it with. You can use the Fire Stick to convert any standard TV into a smart TV, allowing you to gain access to a bunch of different mobile apps and making it easy for you to share your screen, mirror your mobile phone, play video games, and also stream your favorite movies or play your music.

However, if you have used the Fire TV before, you probably know that most of these features will not work unless you have access to the Internet. Without the Internet, the Fire Stick is simply an interface that does very little. Without access to the Internet, you won’t be able to do much with your device.

Only those apps that you have installed that do not require an Internet connection will work. All other apps such as Amazon Prime, Amazon Music, and many others will not work at all.

But there are a few ways by which you can improve the functionality of your Fire Stick and do a few things on it. Here are a few ways to use the Fire Stick without having a dedicated Internet connection.

How To Use Fire Stick Without WiFi


Kodi is one of the most popular streaming software programs available in the market right now. If you are looking for an excellent platform on which you can view all your TV shows and your movies without having to worry about accessibility or any other problem, Kodi is by far the best choice.

More importantly, Kodi has a major benefit over the Amazon iterations as it allows you to download programs to your device and then watch them later at your convenience. So if you are interested in watching something but won’t be available, you can simply download it on your Kodi app and then watch it later.

You don’t even need access to watch content that you have already downloaded on your device. Your online library will still be off limits but all of your saved and downloaded movies and shows will be accessible to you.

So the best thing to do is to put your favorite TV shows on download one night and you will find that they are all completed by the morning. Now, you can just watch them any time that you want.

Android Games

The Android platform has thousands of games that you can download and install on your Fire Stick. You can visit the Amazon Store in order to check all of the games that are compatible with your Fire Stick device and then download those when your Internet is working.

If a particular game doesn’t require a dedicated connection to the Internet, you can play it without any trouble whatsoever.

There’s a subtle benefit that you get for playing Android games on your Fire Stick or your device while you are not connected to the Internet: you can play the video games without being bothered by any kind of ads on the screen.

This is a serious issue for most gamers who do not want to pay for the full version of a particular video game and just want to play on their own.

Accessing Other Apps

When you turn on the Fire Stick while your Internet is down, you should know that the Home Screen won’t show up. Instead, you will be able to navigate through the device using the provided interface. If you have any installed application that you want to access on your Fire Stick, you can do so through the settings.

Here is what you must do: first, turn on your TV and then open the settings of your Fire Stick. Then go to applications and select the “Manage Installed Applications” option. You will be able to launch applications directly this way without any problems.

Setting a HotSpot

If you have a lot of data on your mobile phone, you can always create a hotspot on your device and then connect to your Fire Stick. All you need to do is to go to your mobile phone’s settings and then activate the HotSpot. Once you are done, the mobile phone WiFi will automatically be switched off and it will start consuming mobile data.

You can then go to the network settings on your Fire Stick and then change the network. Go to the Alexa app on your Fire Stick and then navigate to the Devices. From here, select the Amazon Tap option and then press Change. You can then “use this device as a hotspot” and connect directly.

While this is an incredibly intuitive feature, you should know that Amazon Tap consumes quite a bit of data so you will find your package running out very quickly, especially if you start watching a big film. The quality of video will vary depending upon the quality of your Internet connection.

These are just some of the simplest ways to use your Fire Stick without being connected to WiFi and an alternative that you can use in order to establish a stable connection between your Fire Stick and the Web.

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