Can You Use Two Different Brands Of RAM?

Can you use two different brands of RAM? The Random Access Memory (RAM) is one of the most important components of the modern computer. There are two primary memory units in the computer: the read only memory and the random access memory.

The latter is simply the short-term data storage of your computer. Whenever you run a program or execute a file, some of the information is stored on the Random Access Memory so that it can be booted up quicker in the future. As long as the computer is on, that information is stored on the RAM. It’s purged when you shut it off.

As you continue to launch more and more programs, your random access memory is going to fill up quickly. The random access memory is much faster to access as compared to your read only memory, which makes it ideal for storing information about programs that are already running.

If you want to get a better understanding of how RAM functions, think of a physical desktop, such as a working space where you write something. Now, the part where you work is right at the top of the desk, so everything that you want is available at an arm’s reach, and as a result, you never have to face a delay when you are looking for something.

But, if you kept everything in the drawers, it would be more difficult for you to find whatever you are looking for every time you needed it. You would have to reach under and then sift through the drawers to find what you were looking for. Simply put, the space on the top of the desk, where you can keep everything within arm’s reach, is your RAM. On the other hand, the space in the drawers is your read only memory.

Can You Use Two Different Brands Of RAM?

Now, you need to understand that even if it’s an SSD, the RAM is significantly faster than a hard drive. In fact, it’s anywhere between 20 to a 100 times faster depending on the kind of hardware and the type of task for which you want to use it. Due to its incredibly fast speeds, RAM is used for processing information as quickly as possible. It’s used by video games and by taxing computer programs to store essential information.

RAM is primarily used when you are using two or more programs together. The more RAM you install in your computer, the more programs you will be able to use simultaneously. If you take a look at the slots in your motherboard where the RAM is installed, you will find that there are at least three slots.

If you only have one slot used, that means you can add two more. The key reason for which RAM is used is to ensure that programs load up quickly on your computer. For example, the processes used by your operating system also play an incredibly important role. For instance, when you perform basic processes using the Windows key, such as to display an image on your computer, the process is copied onto the RAM, so that if you perform the process again, it will be able to access it in a much faster fashion.

Now, if you want to boost the memory, you need to first decide which brand you want to purchase. If you visit your local stores, you will realize that there are several major brands. Popular RAM manufacturers include Kingston and Corsair, and they have released a variety of high-end RAMs for different consumers.

Problems with RAM Combinations

You must have heard of the phrase “RAM matching.” That is when two RAMs are connected to the computer, and fail to work properly. You can’t just randomly connect two RAMs together in your computer and expect it to work properly. In some cases, it will boot up right away and will work flawlessly, but in other situations, you are likely to run into a myriad of different problems.

For instance, your system might not boot up, or it might make a weird beeping sound every time you power on. On top of that, you are probably going to receive random errors from time to time. Keep in mind that you cannot mismatch the memory generation at all; there is no system in the world that supports a DDR3 and a DDR4 RAM simultaneously.

Now, when you go to your local computer store, they are going to sell you “matched” bundles of RAM. These are usually sold in pairs of two, four, and eight. These include matching modules, which have been tested to work together.

This is the most stable combination that you can use, and it works flawlessly. Then, you can decide to use multiple sticks of the RAM module, for instance, you can purchase 4 GB of 3,200 MHz DDR4 from a company such as Kingston, and then buy another stick from Kingston only. They are likely to work together.

Now, if you decide to buy multiple sticks of the same size, speed, timing, or RAM, you are likely to run into issues. That’s because not all of them are made to be the same. Instability becomes a problem as you continue to change the timings and speeds, while still using the same RAM. The most unstable combination is when you use two RAM sticks with varying speeds, timings, and RAM.

While it is a possibility that the two might work together, you need to understand that the risk of incompatibilities is quite high, and there is a risk that your system will not boot up at all. If you want to pair different sticks of RAM together, it’s recommended that you first visit your local computer store. You will need to test and match the sticks on your own before deciding what works. Even then, there is a risk that sometime in the future, the RAM will stop working properly and become incompatible with each other. So, while you can use them, make sure you test them first!

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