Can You Use Windex On A Flat Screen TV?

Can you use Windex on a flat screen TV? Read on to find out why it’s not recommended. You see, everyone wants to be able to clean things in the most convenient way possible. The battle against dust and grime is never-ending, and you’re going to need to clean your flat screen TV fairly often. Some people wonder whether it’s safe to use Windex or a similar cleaning product to clean a flat screen TV. The short answer to that question is “no.”

Using Windex to clean a flat screen TV is generally going to cause you problems since it isn’t meant to clean modern television screens. There are other things that you should be doing to clean your TV and any other screens that you might have in your house. Read on to learn how to clean your HDTV safely. It will make your life easier and you’ll know how to approach the cleaning process safely.

Can You Use Windex On A Flat Screen TV?

Before going any further, it’s prudent to learn why you shouldn’t be using Windex to clean your flat screen TV. Windex and other similar cleaners are great for cleaning windows and glass surfaces. However, it’s worth noting that these cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that can be very harmful to sensitive pieces of equipment. They could wind up damaging your television screen and you don’t want this to happen, as you have spent a lot of money on your television.

You should also note that Windex and similar cleaning products are not meant to be used on other tech-based screens either. For instance, you shouldn’t use it to clean your laptop screen or your phone screen. Similar problems will occur when you use Windex to try to clean these devices, and it’s not recommended. Luckily, there are other ways to clean these things that are substantially safer.

But My Parents Used to Clean Their TV with Windex!

It’s true that people used to use Windex to clean televisions in the past. However, it’s also true that people didn’t use to have flat screen TVs or HDTVs. The old CRT televisions were made differently than modern televisions and they could stand up to the harsh nature of cleaning chemicals such as Windex. This just isn’t the case with the modern televisions, and using Windex could harm your fancy new 4K television that you just purchased.

If you still use an older CRT television, you can feel free to clean that screen with Windex without having to worry. Just don’t use it on your modern televisions or computer screens. Many people do keep old CRT televisions around for the purpose of playing retro video games. Just know that these are a different beast than the current televisions on the market.

There are still people out there who don’t know how to clean HDTVs, despite the fact that these televisions have been the standard for quite some time now. Thankfully, it isn’t difficult to clean these types of televisions and you’ll be able to do so without it being an issue. You just need to know what to buy and how to go about things. Continue reading to learn what you need to be doing to clean your TV.

How to Safely Clean Your Flat Screen TV

Safely cleaning your flat screen TV is about using the right tools. You need to purchase a cloth that is safe for your television. Microfiber cloths are recommended for cleaning HDTVs and other modern devices with screens. These soft towels can clean screens without scratching them and they work brilliantly.

It’s also good to know that microfiber cloths are very inexpensive. You should be able to buy several of these without breaking the bank. Every household should have several microfiber cloths for the purpose of cleaning televisions, computer screens, and more. They’re practical to own and you’re going to want to have some around.

You will simply want to use a very small amount of warm water to clean a flat screen TV. It’s also possible to buy a cleaning solution that is specifically meant for cleaning modern televisions. These cleaning solutions are made without using alcohol or ammonia, so they’re safe to use on screens. These cleaners aren’t necessary, but some people find them to be more convenient and effective than using just a bit of water.

Once you’re ready to get going, just take your microfiber cloth and wipe down your television. Use a little bit of water or cleaning solution if it is necessary to do so. If you’re just cleaning the dust off of your television, it might not even be necessary to use a cleaning solution. You can wipe away smudges using the solution or water in conjunction with the microfiber towel.

It’s also worth noting that you shouldn’t ever spray cleaner or water directly onto your television screen. When using a cleaning solution or water, you simply want to apply a small amount to the microfiber towel that you’re using. You can then use the towel to wipe the television screen and get it looking nice and clean. As long as you remember this, it isn’t hard to properly clean your TV.

Keep Your Screen Free of Smudges

You can now keep your TV screen free of smudges without it being a big deal at all. It’s going to be prudent to clean your television screen as necessary to keep it looking as crisp as possible. You want to be able to enjoy your favorite shows without having to worry about smudged sections of the screen ruining the experience. Whether you’re into video games or binge-watching various television shows, it makes sense to be proactive about cleaning your TV screen.

The next time you see a friend about to use Windex to clean their television, you’ll be able to inform them that it’s not a great idea. Let them know how to clean their TV properly so they don’t wind up damaging an expensive 4K television. Clean responsibly and enjoy your television to the fullest.

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