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PC vs Console

PC vs Console: Which is best for you?

How do you want to play the newest AAA titles? You’ll need to decide between PC vs console. Every day, PCs and consoles become more comparable for gaming. So, what are the major differences that

PS4 vs PS4 Pro

PS4 vs PS4 Pro: What’s the difference?

Have you thought about which console is better, PS4 vs PS4 Pro? If you are one of those people who don’t see the difference between these two models, then you have come to the right

Wii controller on Nintendo switch

Can you use Wii Controller on Switch?

You can connect a Wii Controller on Switch using an 8BitDo dongle and a USB Type-C hub. Simply plug the dongle into the hub and then sync it with your Wii remote. However, it’s not

Can You Play Nintendo Switch Without Internet

Can You Play Nintendo Switch Without Internet?

Can you play Nintendo switch without internet or WiFi? One question that many people ask is whether the Nintendo Switch requires WiFi to play games. This is a portable gaming device, so you might not

Can You Use A Monitor Without A PC

Can You Use A Monitor Without A PC?

Can you use a monitor without a PC? Do you need a PC for a monitor to work? As you’re aware, when you’re creating a desktop build, there are several elements that you will have

Can You Play Wii Games On Nintendo Switch

Can You Play Wii Games On Nintendo Switch?

Can you play Wii games on Nintendo switch? No you can’t! The Nintendo Switch is one of the best consoles of the current generation. Nintendo plays the console wars on a very different level as


How long does a gaming laptop last?

Buying a new gaming laptop can prove to be a difficult decision. There are a ton of different options out there for you to choose from, and the prices vary from relatively cheap all the

Are Airpods Pro Good For Gaming

Are Airpods Pro Good For Gaming?

Are Airpods pro good for gaming? Keep reading to find out whether Airpods can be used for gaming or not! Gaming headsets and earphones are becoming all the rage now, especially as more and more

Can You Connect Airpods To Xbox One

Can You Connect Airpods To Xbox One? (Or PS4)

Can you connect Airpods to Xbox One or PS4? Apple AirPods have become an incredibly popular choice for people who want a wireless option for listening to music. Introduced by Apple in the same year

can steam detect pirated games

Can Steam Detect Pirated Games?

Can steam detect pirated games? Steam is one of the largest video game distribution services. Owned by Valve, it is the number one service used by PC gamers all over the world. When you download