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Best Cordless Phones UK – Guide for 2021

A cordless phone can make things a lot easier. Want to walk around the office whilst you’re taking a call? Need to make a cup of tea whilst you’re chatting about the weekend? A cordless


What is a DECT phone?

When it comes to cordless phones, there are a couple of different confusions people have about them. Whether it’s if cordless phones need to be plugged in or recording calls to your landline, people tend


Do cordless phones need to be plugged in?

Cordless phones have been around for decades now. They provide a good way for you to make landline calls in your home without having an old school wired phone that means you have to sit


How to know if your phone camera is hacked

Unfortunately in the modern day, it is possible for your phone camera to be hacked (although still extremely unlikely). This is especially true if you’re connect to public wi-fi, which is much less stable and


How to activate caller ID on home phones

Nowadays with everyone primarily using mobiles, less and less of us are reliant on our landline phones. Though in the past few years using a landline has decreased in popularity, they’re still commonly used across


What is VoIP and how does it work?

If you’re considering getting a VoIP system, then you’ve probably tried to do some research to try and find out what VoIP exactly is. And although there’s an abundance of information out there, it can