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Unix vs Linux

Unix vs Linux: What is the difference?

Have you ever wondered which system is better, Unix or Linux? If you have, you are on the right post. Linux is based on Unix, but it is certainly not Unix. So, to explain all

where are steam screenshots saved

Where Are Steam Screenshots Saved?

Picture this you just took a screenshot of the world’s greatest kill-streak, and now you want to post it. But there’s just one problem – you don’t know where are Steam screenshots saved.  Many people

Mojave vs Catalina

Mojave vs Catalina – Should you upgrade?

Apple’s macOS users experienced a significant makeover with Mojave. The update changed the aesthetics and brought some significant new features. Catalina, aka macOS 10.15, succeeds Mojave with a slew of minor yet meaningful improvements tailored

is Malwarebytes safe

Is Malwarebytes Safe?

Malwarebytes Antivirus is one of the prominent malware removal tools that you can download to safeguard your device.  Is Malwarebytes safe? Yes, Malwarebytes is a safe program geared with reliable antivirus detectors offering seamless and


Gmail vs Outlook – Which free email is best?

Getting the right software setup on your computer or laptop is probably the most important thing you’ll need to do to keep things in order. However, something that you’ll also want to be considering is


Moodle vs Google Classroom: How they compare

Moodle and Google Classroom are two of the leading learning managements systems out there. Whilst Moodle has been popular for a long time, Google Classroom has seen a dramatic increase in users of the past


Monday vs Asana vs Trello – Compared 2022

When collaborating in an office,  you are likely to need to use project management softwares. The most popular of these are, by far, Monday, Asana, and Trello. But you can only use one – which


Avast vs Norton Antivirus – Which is Best?

If you are working in any kind of computer-based office, whether you’re at home or in a workplace, you will need antivirus software. An antivirus, such as Avast and Norton, help to block malicious web


Best Email Hosting for Small Businesses

A good email service is essential for any small business. You need the ability to let your customers and users know what you’re up to, and they need the ability to let you know what


Best Antivirus Software [2022]

It doesn’t matter nowadays whether you’re using a Windows OS or Mac OS, it’s still best to get an anti virus software just in case. But with some many different anti-virus softwares available, it can