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Kindle vs Tablet – Should you get an eReader?

Although eReaders and tablets are quite different to one another in many ways, their path to popularity has followed a similar trend. Both have been around for more than two decades, however it wasn’t really


How to cancel Kindle Unlimited: UK user guide

With millions of readers across the UK signed up to Amazon’s popular Kindle Unlimited service, it’s been quite successful since it’s launch back in 2014. Designed to match up with Amazon’s own Kindle e-reader series,


Kindle Unlimited vs Prime Reading

If you’re an avid reader, then you’ve likely checked out all of the different reading subscription services available online. There aren’t too many options available if you’re trying to get some eBooks for your Kindle


Samsung Galaxy Tab A vs Tab E – Compared

There are many different budget tablets on the market right now. With more and more Android tablets being released at the lower end of the market, it can be difficult to know which ones are


Why does my iPad take so long to charge?

There’s no denying that iPads are some of the best tablets that you can currently find on the market. For many people nowadays, they’re a must have if you want a responsive device to use


Can you use your tablet as a phone?

Phones nowadays are getting bigger and bigger. The majority of new smartphones being released are closer to 6 inches in length than before, with the new iPhone being slightly less than this. This can be