How To Check The Laptop Manufacturing Date

Do you know how to check the laptop manufacturing date? It’s one thing to buy a laptop in the year, but it’s a whole other thing to figure out when it was manufactured.

Finding out when your laptop was manufactured could give you a better idea about how old it is and the components that are installed inside. There are a whole host of different things that you need to know about the manufacturing date of your laptop.

Typically, you will want to know the manufacturing date of your device because it will help you claim the warranty. Or, if you are buying a used laptop, you might want to at least know the manufacturing date so you can figure out whether the device is worth the money you are paying for it.

It’s not easy to buy a used laptop without doing a bit of research on your own first, so it’s recommended that you check the laptop manufacturing date.

Thankfully, there are a variety of different options available to you when it comes to checking the laptop manufacturing date. If you are confused, here are six simple ways to check the manufacturing date of your device.

How To Check The Laptop Manufacturing Date

1. Check System Information in Windows

While there is a way to check the date directly from the hardware side of things, you should know you can also check the date using the system information in Windows.

If your operating system is powered by Windows, you should just open the Start Menu and write “system information.” You can also do the same by pressing the Windows button and typing the words.

Then, a system summary is going to open, and from there, all you need to do is check for the BIOS version or the date mentioned from the numerous items that will be listed in the table. Here, you will also find the name of the manufacturer and the date in which the laptop was made.

There’s also another way to access this information: just press the Windows key + R, and that’s going to take you straight to the screen with the information about your laptop.

If your laptop is still powered by the original operating system your manufacturer installed, the date of installation will also give you a better idea. Usually, the date of installation is the same as the date of manufacture.

To figure this out, you need to first type CMD in the startup menu. From there, type “systeminfo,” and press Enter. As soon as you do that, a whole host of details about your laptop are going to be shown on the screen.

Here, you will also find the original installation date of your laptop too. It’s a great way to figure out more details about the computer.

2. The Computer History

You might have an old laptop in the house, and you might be interested in finding out when it was manufactured. But, contacting the manufacturer isn’t going to do the trick; they simply won’t be able to help you.

Instead, the easiest way to figure this out is through the search engine on your laptop. Thanks to advancements in technology, there are now quite a few ways by which you can figure out the manufacturing date of your laptop.

You can search online on any of the popular search engines, and find the date of manufacture of your laptop. But, if the information you come across does not seem conclusive, you might want to get in touch with an organization that specializes in computer history.

They might be able to help you, considering the fact that they have resources dedicated primarily to this sort of thing.

3. Contact the Manufacturer and Tell Them the Serial Number

Contacting the manufacturer doesn’t always have to be difficult; you might want to approach them with the serial number of your laptop. As you can see, the first thing you need is the serial number of your machine.

The serial number is important whenever you contact the manufacturer, as it will help you claim a warranty, find information about your laptop, and generally get details about the machine.

Ideally, the serial number is placed at the bottom of the laptop, so you have to first turn it around. Usually, you will find a label or the serial number will be laser printed on the underside. But, if you don’t find it, don’t worry.

You need to check the battery compartment as well. Remove the battery, and look underneath. The label might be placed underneath the battery compartment.

Usually, most manufacturers provide tools on their website to help people figure out the date of manufacture by simply inserting the serial number.

If that isn’t present on the manufacturer’s website, all you have to do is email them or call them and give them the serial number.

4. The BIOS Installation

There is another way to get the laptop manufacturing date: check the BIOS. The Basic Input and Output System is designed to control the flow of information between the software and the hardware on your device.

It’s installed during the manufacture. When you get to the BIOS screen, you can easily get access to the product number, the serial number, along with the date of manufacture.

5. Check the Type of Motherboard

Another excellent way to figure out the manufacturing date of your laptop is to check the type of motherboard. Determining the date of manufacture of a Windows laptop is difficult, because most laptops are upgradeable, and you can easily change almost all of the components.

However, if you want an accurate solution, you should check the serial sticker installed on your motherboard. Just open your laptop, and look on the serial number.

Just add the serial number into any search engine, and you will be able to get the information about when the laptop was manufactured.

6. For a MAC Laptop, Look at the “About this MAC”

Apple has been releasing a wide range of excellent computers in the past, and if you own a Mac laptop, you might want to check the “about this Mac” settings.

To do that, you need to first close all of the running programs, and then click on the Apple Icon. From there, just tap on About This Mac, and you will get all the relevant information at your disposal.

The version listed below the Mac OS X is where you want to double click. The serial number will be shown right there. You can use that serial number and find out more details directly from Apple’s website. This will allow you to figure out when your laptop was manufactured.

Sometimes, finding the manufacturing date of your laptop is as simple as just turning it backward and looking at the underside. You might be able to find the manufacturing date of the laptop etched at the bottom.

However, in some cases, you might have to go the extra mile and follow the steps given above to find the date of manufacture. These are just a few things you should know about finding the manufacturing date of your laptop on your own.

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