Computer Crashes When Playing Games? (How To Fix)

If your computer crashes when playing games, how do you fix it? Playing games on your computer is one of the best ways to pass time. Many people love gaming on PCs, but you might not have the most high-end PC in the world.

If you’re dealing with a lot of crashes while you’re playing certain demanding video games, you might be getting frustrated. It’s true that upgrading your rig to something that has more power could be helpful, but there are other things that you can do to keep your computer from crashing while playing games.

Take a look at the information below so you can improve your situation. You should be able to make some changes that will make it less likely for video games to crash on your computer. If you are able to implement some of these fixes, they will vastly improve your overall gaming experience. Get back to enjoying the games that you love and stop worrying about crashes.

Computer Crashes When Playing Games? How To Fix

Notes on Windows 10

Before going further, it’s worth noting that most people are using Windows 10 now. Overall, Windows 10 is a very good option when you’re a gamer. The only issue is that a recent update has caused many people to experience more game crashes than usual on their Windows 10 PCs. There are some issues that are likely causing this to happen, and learning to fix those will likely give you a smoother experience.

You could have out of date drivers that are causing various games to crash on you while you’re playing. Specifically, a display driver has been the culprit for many people and you’ll want to check this out to make sure things are up to date. It’s worthwhile to update all of your drivers so you can game smoothly without encountering crashes. Go through all of your drivers one-by-one to check for updates if you have to, and know that this could solve all of your computer crashing woes.

It’s also smart to think about updating your OS if you haven’t done so in a while. Some people get a notification about a system update and then ignore it because they’re in the middle of doing something. It isn’t too unusual for people to forget about their updates for quite some time and keep putting it off. This can actually cause you to run into compatibility issues with certain things, and this could be a reason for some of your game crashes.

Updating Windows 10 shouldn’t take a long time and it should be one of the first things that you try to do. If your problems are fixed due to the simple act of updating your system, that’s fantastic. If it doesn’t change anything, then don’t worry one bit. There are more things that you can try to get things running properly.

More Options to Fix Your Game Crashes

There are more options to fix your game crashes that you can try. You could have problems with your system not being optimized properly. Sometimes you may have a lot of junk files that need to be deleted, and other times, you’ll encounter broken registry problems. These issues can all be cleaned up by running a program such as Ccleaner to clean up your cache.

Give that a shot and then perform a clean boot. You should notice an increase in system performance and it might even allow you to run games without having them crash. Try things out to see if this solves your problems. If you’re still having issues, you can try a few other little tricks as well.

Some people try to make their PCs do too much at once and this can be too taxing for a PC without a lot of power. You can disable processes that are running in the background to make things go more smoothly. Open your Windows settings and go to privacy. Click on background apps and then toggle the option off that says “let apps run in the background.”

It’s also going to be prudent to go ahead and run SFC and CHKDSK just in case. Corrupted system files can cause many issues with your PC, and running SFC and CHKDSK can help you with that. You can open your command prompt as the administrator and type “sfc / scannow” before hitting the enter key. This will run the system file checker and should be able to help you restore any missing system files that are causing issues.

Next, you’re going to want to go to the command prompt as the administrator and type in “chkdsk C: /f /r” to run the disk check. This will check for disk drive errors and is going to come in handy. Solving these issues should clear up many of your problems and you’ll be able to finally get things back to normal. For most people, the above steps are going to help things to work quite a bit better.

Enjoy Your Games

Now that you’ve taken the time to fix your issues, it’s time to enjoy your games to the fullest. Whether you’re interested in playing online with your friends or you’re getting into an epic single-player adventure, it’s obviously best to be able to play without worrying about crashes. You should be able to have a better experience now and it’ll make your time playing games less frustrating than it was before. Just remember to perform the above steps again if you ever have problems in the future.

In the event that your computer crashes when playing games, you might want to consider making some upgrades. Sometimes your PC just won’t be capable enough to run certain games without having problems, and there are also specific issues with some games that might have nothing to do with your PC at all. It’s worth looking at forums and seeing if other users are having similar issues with certain games. You might find a solution that you wouldn’t have known about otherwise, such as a patch for the game or some other little trick to get things working.

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