Cordless Phone Problems – Troubleshooting your common issues

Are you having problems with your cordless phone? Don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone. People across the world are having issues with their phones on a daily basis, and unless you know a lot about them, then it can be difficult to know how to fix.

Sometimes you can have problems with the phone itself, or just the base unit that you dock your phone into. If you’re thinking about purchasing a new phone or a set, then check out my list of the best cordless phones in the UK.

Fortunately, we’ve put together this guide of the most common problems that people face with their home phone. Hopefully, by troubleshooting this issue, we can help fix any issue that you’re having with your cordless phone. So, let’s take a look at the problems that people have found themselves with.

Cordless Phone Problems – Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting the possible issues with your cordless phone is a good idea, especially if you’re with a company that charges for callouts. Most companies will just send out an engineer who will use a phone to test your landline, and either say there’s a problem with the line itself which he can fix, or an issue with your equipment which you’ll need to replace.

Of course, you can skip most of this yourself by testing a working phone in the main socket to see whether it works. If it does, then the problems with your equipment. If it doesn’t, you should probably go ahead and call out an engineer! Here are a few of the most common problems that people face with their cordless phones.

There’s no dial tone on my phone

The main thing that you’ll want to check if you’re not getting a dial tone is that the line itself works. The easiest way to do this is by plugging a corded phone into the main line socket in your home. If you still get no dial tone, then it’s a problem with your landline connection. If you do get a dial tone, then the issues is going to be with your corded phone itself.
If you have more than one device in the house, then it’s easy to find which one is causing a problem by plugging them in separately.

I can barely hear the person on the other end of the line

If you can’t hear the other person on the line, then typically this is a telltale sign that your cordless phone hasn’t got enough battery. Obviously, you’ll want to check that your cordless phone has the volume up to a high enough level too. Again, it’s a good idea to plug a corded phone into the mains socket and try to make a call to see whether there’s a problem with the line itself.

One of my handsets has locked up

If you have a cordless phone in the house that’s locked up and won’t let you enter in any information, then the best thing to do is to take the batteries out of the phone. If you leave it a few minutes and put the phone back on, and this should fix any issues with a locked phone.

I’m getting interference/static on my calls

The first thing to check if you’re getting any sort of interference on your call is that you don’t have any devices within a close vicinity that might be causing this. If you have a printer close by, or your phone is within a few metres of your Wi-Fi router, this might cause an issue. If this doesn’t help, it’s probably an issue with your equipment.

My caller ID isn’t working

If your display is working in general, but it’s not showing any ID when someone is calling you, then this must be in the settings of the phone. It’s also possible that having caller ID show up isn’t actually part of your phone package, as not all phone packages have this as an option, especially the cheaper ones.

If your display comes up showing no link to base, then the first thing you should do is take the batteries out for a minute then put them back in. If the message still appears, then it may be that your call log is full, so you will need to clear out some of the call history of the phone.

My handset isn’t charging

This is a rare problem, and for the most part, it actually indicates a faulty piece of hardware. Your best bet is to call your phone company and tell them this, as they will likely advise you to see the handset to them to be looked at.


These are just a few of the most common problems that you might face when using a cordless phone. However, this shouldn’t put you off cordless phones in general, as many people are using them nowadays due to their ease of use.

Running through the list above one at a time should allow you to find what is causing the problem. Fortunately, it is usually quite easy to identify an issue you’re having with a phone. If you have an issue that isn’t resolved here, then please leave a comment and I’ll try to help you out the best that I can!

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    • Hi Robert, it is hard to say what the problem is as it could be many things. I would check that the cables are plugged in correctly to the back of the modem/MTA (the box with the lights on it). Also, you can try unplugging the power cable from the modem for 45 seconds and plugging it back in. If none of this helps, then you’ll have to call Comcast for support I’m afraid. Wish I could be of further help. Good luck! 🙂

  1. My cordless phone keeps having a low battery. I just purchased a new battery and it was working fine. Suddenly it started being a low battery again.

    • Colleen, is sounds like there may be a problem with the circuitry inside your cordless phone itself that is causing the battery to drain more quickly than it should. A short circuit of some sort perhaps. Hate to say it, but you may end up having to invest in a new unit. If you end up having to go that route, I’d recommend a VTech unit like the one at this link as they’ve always served me well (and this particular model has great ratings on Amazon) —

      Hope that helps!


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