The Best Coworking Spaces In Nottingham

Nottingham has a rich history within the textile industry, and now plays home to a diverse and thriving economy. Based around a beautiful market square, the city has various areas of interest such as the Lace Market, Hockley, The Arboretum green space, and many shops to browse. 

In recent years, Nottingham has also seen itself become quite the foodie haven, with new food trucks, pop ups and restaurants setting up regularly. 

If you’re an entrepreneur, SME owner or startup in Nottingham, you might be interested in coworking. Dedicated workspaces are great for growing your business, and meeting like minded people too. 

Would you like to know about the best coworking spaces in Nottingham? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best hot desks and coworking hubs in this beautiful city:.

Best Coworking Spaces In Nottingham

Works Social



Lace Market

What’s On Offer?

A wide range of workspaces and options for startups and entrepreneurs. Don’t want a desk but need to meet clients? You can utilise the smart, professional environment to host an event or meet clients for a per hour fee. 

Who Goes There?

Small teams, businesses and independent workers needing to scale up their workspaces. 


Industrial, natural and soft lighting, open, modern. 


There are various services on offer able to suit any budget. Here’s a quick rundown: 

  • Virtual Membership – £200 per year
  • Virtual Plus- – £75 per month
  • Independent – £200 per month
  • Independent Duo – £125 per month
  • Teams – £200 per person per month

There are additional services and arrangements at additional costs. 


Lockers, printing services, quiet areas and lots of social opportunities. 




Cobden Chambers

What’s On Offer?

Gorgeous bright renovated factory spaces with original features and room for 2-60 people booked on an hourly basis. There are also tons of collaboration and networking opportunities. 

Who Goes There?

Creatives, SME owners, freelancers and entrepreneurs. 


Quirky, cool, bright, renovated, huge windows, modern furniture. 


Freelancers can use the space for free on Fridays between 9am and 12.30PM. Alternatively, the meeting room can hold up to 50 people (60 at a push) at £35 per hour, or 25 per hour for small businesses. You can rent the room out before 8am and after 8pm but the rate is 50% higher. 


A great location just a few minutes away from transport links. The cafe is also great, with food and drink for all dietary needs. 

Minor Oak Nottingham Coworking



Sneinton Market

What’s On Offer?

An innovative and flexible coworking service offering virtual social and meeting spaces, plus hot desking, private desk rental, meeting rooms and private phone booths. 

Who Goes There?

Lots of digital startups and innovators. 


The spaces are simple, soft and practical. This is a space that doesn’t try too hard to be trendy, but it definitely has its own flavour and style. 


Prices work in several different bands and types. Here’s a quick rundown:

Non-members – A day pass gets you up to 9.5 hours a day at a desk, plus a free hour in the meeting room. You can also hot desk for £2.50 an hour if you don’t need a full days access. 

Project Blitz – Unlimited hours at £72 per week plus extra perks

Digital Nomad Membership – 100 hours for the year flex-time for £35 a month plus extra perks

Basic Membership – 16 hours per month flex-time for £30 for the month

Day-A-Week Membership – 40 hours per month flex-time at £66 for the month. This can be extended to 2-a-day and 3-a-day offers. 

Unlimited Membership – Unlimited hours at £198 for the month plus extra perks. 

A Dedicated Desk – £210 per month. 


The WIFI is speedy, and you get full use of the kitchenette area too. Members can also benefit from lots of discounts on various services, as well as a free cocktail at pop-up restaurants with the bar by MinorOak. 

Cobden Place



Cobden Chambers

What’s On Offer?

Vintage office vibes with a range of membership options to suit your needs. Some options are extremely affordable so this coworking space is an excellent choice for budding entrepreneurs and startups on a shoestring budget. 

Who Goes There?

Locals looking to nurture a new project without putting out lots of money on big fancy office space. 


Restored old lace factory renovated with love and respect. Expect gentle colours, plants, soft lighting, cute lamps, and innovative use of vintage items. 


There’s something for everyone with the Cobden Membership plans. Here’s a quick look:

  • Community member – From £2.99 a month you get invited to events and you get to support local businesses. As a business yourself, you can also network and collaborate with other members. 
  • Virtual Office – From £15 a month. 
  • Hot Desk – From just £2 an hour. 
  • Flexi-Desk – From £50 per month. 
  • Resident – From £175 a month. 
  • Studio Pod – From £325 per month. 


A lovely community in attractive surroundings. The cafe is also very fairly priced and is one of the few places in the city you don’t pay nearly £5 for a good coffee! 

Other Coworking Spaces in Nottingham Worth Considering

The above are some of the best coworking spaces in Nottingham, but there are some ‘unofficial’ coworking spaces still worth a mention:

Fellows Morton & Clayton

If you prefer a relaxed pub to work in then Fellows Morton & Clayton is a great choice. It has free WIFI and sits in the beautiful waterfront area of town, not far from the train station. 

Blend Coffee Shop

Blend is in Sneinton Market, at the heart of the digital and creative part of the city. The space is bright, airy and you’re very welcome to go and work in the space. Of course, it’s polite to keep your table topped up with drinks and food in exchange for working there.

Luckily that’s not too difficult at all with the gorgeous artisan coffee, fresh pastries, cakes and toasted on offer. There are even alcoholic drinks to buy if you’re in the mood for a celebration or a bit of a kick-back after a stressful project is complete. 

Wired Cafe Bar

Wired Cafe Bar in Hockley definitely focuses its attention on coffee. You’re guaranteed a really fantastic coffee here to give you a lift when business is tough. You’re also very welcome to work here too, if you love being surrounded by a bit of a buzz and a friendly environment. 

Hartleys Coffee & Sandwich Bar

Hartleys is a great size and is a really good spot for working if you like a bit of people watching. There’s always good coffee, locally made cakes and other treats on offer too. 

Broadway Cafe Bar

Broadway is actually a small independent cinema in the city that has a vibrant mix of all the latest indie documentaries and films. There’s also a really big cafe inside that is ideal for work. It sits amongst lots of eateries and restaurants so you can mix and match work and play if you feel like it. 

“I believe in collaboration rather than competition.” – Cynthia Chiam 


There are so many amazing places in Nottingham to take advantage of when it comes to coworking. With the right crowd, facilities and environment, the right working space can help your budding business thrive. 

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