Dell Precision vs XPS Differences

There’s a variety of different Dell laptops out there for us to choose from, with them having various ranges of laptops. Two of the most popular series of laptops that the brand has released is the Dell XPS series, and the Dell Precision series. But sometimes, it can be difficult to tell which would be the better option for you.

So which would be the better choice, a Dell XPS laptop or a Dell Precision? Let’s look at these two different ranges of laptop in closer detail to determine which would be the better option.

Dell precision vs xps

The difference between the Dell Precision and the Dell XPS is that the Precision series is aimed at business users, and are typically a little more expensive. The Dell XPS range is aimed at consumers, and historically has been the cheaper of the two. But, they’re both made with high quality.

And actually when we compare them both to the rest of the laptops Dell have to offer, they’re both considered to be premium models. This is the basic difference between the two, but there’s definitely a bit more to it than just this. So, let’s look at both series of laptops in a little closer detail.

Dell Precision

Dell Precision 3560
Dell Precision 3560

Historically, the Dell Precision series is one of the business laptops – it’s a direct competitor to the Lenovo Thinkpad. They were at the forefront of Dell’s rise to the top of the market – their release in 1997 was the catalyst for a massive increase in sales for Dell.

You won’t really find a Precision without 8GB of RAM and a ton of storage, as they are some of the more expensive and high end models that Dell offer.

Although in some cases the Dell XPS series is the better build quality of the two, there are some crossovers between the two, where models will use the same chassis as the other. In recent years, this is less likely to be the case, as the two have move in different directions.

The Dell Precision range is a business alternative to the other ranges, but there’s a ton of focus on the other Dell models at the moment, so the Precision line has been a little bit neglected.


Though the Dell Precision range isn’t exactly a budget laptop range, it’s generally as affordable as the Dell XPS range.
If we’re comparing the hardware quality between the two, then the Precision series is at least equal to the XPS, if not a little better.
The Dell Precision series is pretty well known for having an awesome battery life.


Often with the Precision, you can find the exact same specs for a cheaper price with the XPS line.
There isn’t a lot of choice with the Precision range, and they’re nowhere near as popular at the XPS line.
Many of the Precision line can end up being quite heavy and not portable due to their hardware.

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Dell XPS

Dell XPS 15 9500 laptop
Dell XPS 15

The Dell XPS line is one of the bestselling series of laptops out there today. It’s one of the biggest competitors to the Macbook, and it’s aimed at the average consumer buyer.

The new XPS series is generally released with pretty high specs, and you won’t be able to find a base model at £1000 like you can with Apple and even Lenovo too.

The XPS is well known for its high quality build, but also the quality of the parts that Dell use is pretty high too. All of the XPS laptops have excellent screens, and you can get all of them with 4K resolution too.

Often, you’ll find that these two laptop series actually use very similar parts, including the chassis and the processor that they use. Where you might see a difference is with the graphics card, which typically the Precision range will use a slightly better and more expensive model.

However, the Dell XPS 15 is well known for being a good choice primarily for casual use, but also as a moderate gaming laptop too. Whilst the XPS 15 can’t cope with too much intensity, it actually performs pretty well if you opt for the 16GB model with an Nvidia Geforce GTX upgrade.


The Dell XPS series is amongst the best that the brand have to offer, and they’re all premium laptops. They’re at the top of the market not just within Dell, but within laptops in general.
This series has undoubtedly one of the best displays available on the market, as well as being thin and light.
Nowadays, we’re getting more choice with this range, with the even offering us 2-in-1 versions of the XPS.


Those that aren’t a fan of the Dell XPS range will say that their laptops are overpriced. There’s no arguing that they’re pretty expensive.
Although the new Dell XPS series looks pretty good, there’s not much been changed about it in the past five years. So, if you’ve used an XPS before, this will probably feel very similar.
The webcam on this series is below the display, which is just weird.


All in all, both of these lines of laptops are pretty high end and good options for those looking for a new laptop. Usually I’d advise most people to start with the XPS series.

Well, the new Dell XPS range that’s been released is very impressive, and it’s difficult to look past it with the high quality of their design. But, the Precision does offer an alternative, although we are waiting for a new Generation of laptops from this series.

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