10 Must Have Desk Accessories for Every Office

Your office environment has a huge impact on your health, happiness, and even the quality of work that you do. Working in a well-equipped space is a prerequisite to being productive at work and getting as much as done as you can.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got the best office chair under £100 or something fancy. Your office environment can be made even better if you look into desk accessories. They don’t all have to be small pies of tat that bob up and down or serve as a distraction.

Desk accessories can actually elevate your productivity, make your workspace a more pleasant area, along with generally helping to keep you happy and productive throughout the day. 

These are 10 must-have desk accessories, which should help you kick start your home office.

10 Must Have Desk Accessories for Every Office

Desk Tray


Not every desk manufactured at the moment comes with a full set of drawers for everything important. It can be helpful to use a proper desk tray to keep everything organised.

These functional devices can be used to store the general stationery that you need alongside the physical paper and documents that you’ll need to refer to as well.

While a lot of business is done online these days, there are certain bits of physical paper and stationery that you just have to have on hand. A nice functional desk tray can do that, and if you go for the right accessory it can do it in style.

Physical Clock

Watches and clocks are an increasingly rare sight in our society. With everyone carrying smartphones that double as a clock or organiser, do you still have a need for an actual clock?

If you’re looking to keep yourself optimistic and productive, a physical clock is a great desk accessory. It helps to keep some tasks away from your computer screen, so the constant time checking doesn’t become too routine.

Pomodoro Timer


The Pomodoro method of working at home is simple, you work for a period of time followed by a break completely away from your work. No matter what stage in your work you’re at when that timer goes off, you turn around and leave it alone.

This method has been proven to help boost your productivity, but the key part is using a non-digital timer. This helps you to de-tether from your work once it is time for a break. A stylish timer for this method can really help you stay productive.

Calendar or Week Planner


A cool calendar or week planner can be a lot more helpful than just heading over to an app on your phone. Having the remainder of the day’s tasks and needs ahead of you, always visible, is going to help you to stay focused.

While those apps are helpful for reminders and a broad check, most people don’t actually use them very often as a reference. Keeping it analogue with a physical reminder of both the time and what you intend to do with that time is really helpful.

Monitor Stand


Your PC’s monitor is vital for getting your work done comfortably. However, most people don’t have a monitor that allows for complete control over how they see things.

Rather than chucking out your whole PC to get a different angle on your work, consider a separate monitor stand. These small devices can give you greater control of the angle and position of your monitor, giving your kit an upgrade without having to replace everything.

Pencil Holder


A nice pencil holder or pot can keep all of your stationery well contained. While you might spend the majority of your day typing rather than writing by hand, it is important to have things to hand for traditional writing too.

Making quick notes is vital for getting things done more productively. Having a well-stocked pencil holder is going to make your desk look better, with a bit more decoration than just a monitor and a keyboard.



How much use you get out of a set of speakers is obviously going to depend on where it is that you work. However, a good quality speaker can really help you out. Most laptops don’t have the best sound output, but a lot of people never bother to replace them.

Even an entry-level speaker is going to be a significant improvement over the built-in sound of your PC. Putting a decent speaker in is going to make your working day a lot more pleasant, whether you’re listening to music or playing games.

Book or File Holders


A lot of people probably aspire to have a desk or workspace that is as free from clutter as possible. Clutter is essentially just one more distraction. This can be difficult if your work involves having a lot of physical references around. You can get on top of all of this mess by using a book or file holder to keep everything under control. 

Stress Ball or Fidget Toy


Fidget toys aren’t just for those who have an issue with preoccupied hands. A stress ball or something to fidget with is going to be beneficial for most workers.

Having something to occupy your hands with during downtime, inactive work, or even while reading can help you stave off distraction and avoid procrastination setting in.



Good lighting is kind of a must for keeping things tidy and avoiding eye strain at work. You need to be able to see properly, and a decent desk lamp gives you a lot more control over your lighting.

Putting a smart bulb inside of one lets you control the lighting without having to stop working too. Adding one of these to your workplace can make a significant improvement to your light levels and mood. 


All in all, these are just some of the things that you might want to add to your home office. Of course, there’s also the essentials like a good ergonomic chair. However, everyone knows that you need one of those – this list is made so you can add in things you don’t have!

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