DFX vs digital – which movie theater auditorium is better?

When going to a movie theater, one of the most important things is to be able to see clearly what is happening on the screen. If the screen is too small and doesn’t have a good resolution or color contrast, your whole experience (and of those that came with you) will be ruined.

This is why, in this article, we’ll compare two different movie theater auditoriums, DFX and Sony Digital Cinema, to find out which one is better and offers a better overall experience for the visitor? DFX vs Digital?

Galaxy Theatres
Galaxy Theatres in The Colony, TX

DFX vs Digital

Galaxy Theatres offers its visitors several auditoriums to watch movies in. One is the Sony Digital Cinema auditorium which features dual laser projectors, Dolby Atmos sound system and reclining seats. Another auditorium is branded as “DFX” which has “luxurious lounge chairs” in front of a screen lit by dual laser projector and backed up with a Dolby Atmos sound system.

DFX vs Digital – Quick Comparison

Galaxy Theatres DFX AuditoriumGalaxy Theatres Sony Digital Cinema Auditorium
Screen Projector TechnologyDual laser-powered projectors by BarcoDual laser projectors by Sony
Sound SystemDolby Atmos sound systemDolby Atmos sound system
2D or 3DShows both 2D and 3D movie projectionsShows only 2D movies
Seat comfortDFX offers luxurious reclining lounge seatsThe seats at Sony Digital Cinema Auditoriums are comfortable and reclining

What is DFX Movie?

DFX Movie
DFX Auditorium

DFX is a premium movie experience auditorium feature at Galaxy Theatres that combines Smart Laser Projector system by Barco, an immersive sound system by Dolby Atmos and luxurious reclining lounge chairs.

Barco had begun supplying Galaxy DFX auditoriums with its laser projectors as of 2017, with the Cannery Luxury+ Galaxy Theatres location in North Vegas being the first to install the new laser projectors by Barco.

Ralf Cohen, President and Chief Operating Officer at Galaxy Theatres said:

“We promise our guests the best experience and with Barco’s laser projectors, combined with Galaxy’s renowned customer service, that’s exactly what we deliver. Barco’s laser projectors deliver the best possible cinematic experience for our guests.”

Following the Cannery Luxury+, Barco dual laser projectors were also installed in several more Galaxy Theatres locations around the US, including: Tulare Luxury+ and Riverbank IMAX Luxury+ in California, Green Valley Luxury+ in Henderson, Legends IMAX Luxury+ in Sparks, Nevada and Mission Grove Luxury+ in Riverside.

What is Sony Digital Cinema?

Sony Digital Cinema
Sony Digital Cinema

Sony Digital Cinema was an experimental PLF (premium large format) movie theater auditorium by Sony and Galaxy Theatres that featured a Sony’s dual laser projector system, as well as powerful sound and luxury reclining seats.

As of 2020, Sony no longer manufactures digital cinema projectors for professional movie theaters. The company said that it will continue to maintain its equipment with existing customers and also continue to sell professional digital cinema projectors through the end of the year.

A technology director at one theater chain, which is one of Sony Digital Cinema’s biggest customers said:

“They will be providing parts and support for several more years but all production has ended.”

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DFX vs Digital Features Comparison

If you want to know about some other cinema technologies, check out our Dolby Cinema vs IMAX comparison.

Now, let’s compare DFX vs Digital features and see who wins here.

Galaxy Theatres DFX Auditorium Features


Galaxy Theatres DFX movie theater auditoriums feature Barco-made dual laser-powered projectors.

Sound System

The sound you’ll be hearing when watching a movie in a DFX auditorium is provided by Dolby Atmos.

2D vs 3D Projections

DFX auditoriums show both 2D and 3D movies.

Seat Comfort

In addition, DFX movie theater auditoriums feature luxurious reclining lounge chairs to allow the visitor to watch the whole movie in perfect comfort.

Galaxy Theatres Sony Digital Cinema Auditorium Features


The Sony Digital Cinema auditorium uses 4K dual laser-powered projectors by Sony, such as SRX-R815DS, SRX-R515DS, SRX-R815P, SRX-R515P and SI-R320S and SI-R320. 

Note that Sony has discontinued all of these products and is no longer manufacturing them.

Sound System

Same as DFX, Sony Digital Cinema auditorium visitors will also enjoy Dolby Atmos-provided sound around them while watching a movie.

2D vs 3D

Only 2D movies are shown at Sony Digital Cinema auditoriums.

Seat Comfort

Although the seats are comfortable enough, they’re still not as luxurious as those found in DFX auditoriums.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between DFX and IMAX?

DFX is a premium movie theater auditorium at Galaxy Theatres that features laser-powered projectors by Barco, Dolby Atmos sound system and luxurious leather reclining chairs. On the other hand, IMAX is known for large screens (“real ” IMAX is 70+ feet floor-to-ceiling, using 70mm film instead of the regular 35mm and 4K dual laser projectors.)

What is DFX seating?

Galaxy Theatres offers luxurious reclining lounge chairs at its DFX auditoriums.

What does digital mean in movie theaters?

Historically, movie theaters used reels of motion picture film to project a movie. These reels needed to be physically shipped to a theater and then stored somewhere safe when not in use to prevent damage. 

Digital technology in movie theaters is shot with digital movie cameras and projected using digital video projectors. Also, movies made with digital technology can be distributed in a variety of ways, including over the Internet, via hard drives and optical discs, or over dedicated satellite links.

What is Sony Digital Cinema?

Sony Digital Cinema is a premium large-format (PLF) movie theater auditorium offered by Galaxy Theatres that features a dual-laser 4K projection system by Sony, Dolby Atmos sound system and luxury reclining seats.


As movie theaters around the United States and the world compete to get more moviegoers in their seats, the experience that they offer to their customers has become their number one priority.

Galaxy Theatres offers two such movie theater auditoriums in DFX and Sony Digital Cinema for its visitors. In this article, we compared DFX vs Digital to give you a better idea of where the experience is better.

In this case, we have to give our vote to Galaxy Theatres DFX auditorium for slightly more luxurious seating and 3D movies.

Looking for another movie theater experience comparison? Read our RPX vs IMAX comparison as well.

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