How to fix your element tV not turning on

We have become dependent on the technology we use, so it can be very frustrating when it doesn’t work as it should. After a hectic day, many people head to their TVs to relax with their favorite TV show or movie. As a result, it can be annoying to discover that your Element TV won’t turn on.

Occasionally, there can be some malfunctions that are totally fixable. Therefore, try the troubleshooting steps below if you face the same problem. 

We will not only explain the possible culprits behind the issue but also recommend the best approaches for this situation. 

Why won’t my element tv turn on?

In order to troubleshoot your Element TV, the user needs to observe the various components of the device and check the configuration to solve the issue.

Some of the most likely culprits if your Element TV won’t turn on are a malfunctioning power cable, a faulty power source, poor signal quality, or a defective remote control. 

Before resolving this problem, let’s go over the potential causes to dig into the specific cause of your TV not turning on. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Element TV
Element TV

Power Supply Issues

It is impossible to turn on the TV if your power supply lacks the proper output voltage. If you move your Element TV to another country, make sure that you use a power adapter. 

Plugging your TV into a socket with the wrong voltage can result in malfunction or cause the circuit to short. Therefore, it’s critical that you use an adapter that allows your Element TV to work with the voltage of the power socket. For example, a standard American power socket delivers 120 volts, whereas some other countries go as high as 240 volts.

Faulty Power Outlet

If your Element TV won’t turn on, there’s another frequent cause — a defective power outlet. 

A possibility exists that if a power outlet is faulty or its internal wiring is loose, the power won’t be transferred to the TV, leading it to receive zero power.

Please note that you will have to hire a professional electrician to properly install a new power outlet to use your TV again.

Issue With Power Cord

Another common cause is the power cord — when the power cable that delivers power to the TV breaks or malfunctions, your TV won’t turn on. If the power cable is damaged, broken, or just too worn out, it won’t deliver power from the power outlet to the TV.

The TV will act like it’s unplugged, so it won’t operate normally. To fix this, you will have to buy a new power cable and replace it.

Power cable
Power cable

Power Button Isn’t Working

Occasionally, the remote control has an error that can lead to a problem in which the Element TV won’t turn on. In this case, double-check the batteries in the remote control to confirm if this is the culprit.

But if this doesn’t work, check whether the power button on the remote control is operating as it should. If the power button is broken or the remote control is harmed, replace it. Element TVs pair well with lots of universal remotes.

Damaged Remote

Sometimes, your remote control has been exposed to rough use or is simply too old — which can result in a damaged remote control.

Element TV Remote Control
Element TV Remote Control

In this case, there is no fix and you must replace your remote control. Ensure that your new remote control is not exposed to water damage or excessive weight on top of it. 

Remote Needs New Batteries

If your Element TV won’t turn on, your remote probably needs new batteries. If your remote control is unable to adjust the volume, change the channels, or turn it on or off, it’s highly likely that the batteries in your remote control need to be replaced. 

Hardware Issues

Sometimes, the hardware components inside the TV can be damaged. This damage can happen because of human error, mishandling during the shipping, or during the manufacturing process. 

Therefore, check your TV and look for any visible damage, like cracks, dents, or other obvious signs. 

Based on the situation, you may want to return the device or buy another one (if it is permanently damaged). 

Signal Interference

When the Element TV won’t turn on, one reason might be that the signal from the remote control is getting blocked. This can occur if the device is positioned on a stand that has objects or decorations in the surroundings. It can also happen if furniture is placed in front of the TV or something is hung up behind it, resulting in a situation known as signal interference. 

The best thing you can do is relocate whatever seems to be blocking the TV and then attempt to turn it on again. 

The TV is Old

If you have examined all the suspects, including the remote control, it is possible that the culprit is the extended usage of the device itself. No matter how fancy electronic gadgets have become, they all come with limited life. Unfortunately, you can’t use these devices forever.

Similarly, one can use an Element TV for a certain period of time only — after that, it needs to be replaced. Your TV might even develop other issues. Based on your Element TV model, read up on its expected lifetime online or ask the manufacturer yourself.

Element Roku TV
Element Roku TV

If you are planning to buy a new TV, we recommend you consider Element TVs with a built-in Roku platform for an amazing experience! You can watch over 500,000 movies and TV shows and get the best out of your television. 

Roku Mobile App
Roku Mobile App

Now that you better understand why your Element TV won’t turn on, it is now time to proceed to the troubleshooting steps of this guide. 

Common Fixes When Your Element TV Won’t Turn On

Since so many users are wondering why their Element TV won’t turn on, the below section will highlight useful troubleshooting steps. 

In no time, you will be using your TV like there was never an issue. Let’s jump right in!

Power Reset Your Element TV

Sometimes, electronics will act up for unknown reasons. It is always a great idea to power reset the TV back to factory or original settings. A button exists at the back of the remote control, which you can press in order to factory reset your TV.

Element TV Settings
Element TV Settings

Remember that there are specific buttons that have to be pressed in the correct sequence to factory reset your Element TV. To learn the steps, check the Element TV manual based on your model, which will provide instructions for power resetting your TV in the correct way.

This procedure will also expel the residual current in your TV and offer a clean boot the next time you turn on your device. 

Check TV for Damage

It is also possible that the damage is inside your TV. Be sure to check all the hardware parts and make sure that the Element TV is updated to the latest software version. 

Power Reset your Remote Control 

Don’t worry if any of the above-mentioned fixes did not work. We have explained how to power reset your TV previously; the same can be done for your remote control.

In order to reset your remote control, simply discard the batteries of your Element TV remote control and press all of the buttons at least two times.

Doing so will hopefully make your remote capable enough to address the situation of the Element TV not turning on

Soft Reset the TV 

We have explained how to execute a factory reset on your TV. Likewise, there is a power cycle serves as a potential solution too. The guidelines for this are as follows:

  1. Make sure that the TV is powered off by pressing the power button once.
  2. Unplug the TV’s power cable from the two connected ends.
  3. Wait for 5 minutes to achieve the best results for the power reset.
  4. Plug the power cable back into the TV and the power source.
  5. Now try powering on the TV.

Tip: We are aware that you might be impatient to discover whether or not your TV is functioning, but you should wait for the recommended time. If you don’t do so, the TV will not be able to discharge its electricity, and you will have to redo these troubleshooting steps. 

Change the Power Source 

It is likely that the power outlet you have your TV plugged into has problems, affecting the TV’s operation. As there is nothing much you can do to fix this, you will be left with no option but to relocate the device and plug it into another power source.

This might be frustrating, but it is the only possible method to find out whether the TV is working or not. Plug the TV into a different power socket and attempt to turn on the device. 

Check the Power Adapter 

If your Element TV won’t turn on even after changing the power outlet, then you should turn your attention to the power adapter. 

It is possible that the power adapter was exposed to water damage. If this happens, it can cause a faulty power adapter and can likely take your TV down with it. 

Be sure to change the power adapter or test it with another device. Check to see if the TV is still working by plugging it into another device. If it doesn’t work, buy a new adapter for your TV.

Remove Signal Interference 

If your Element TV won’t turn on, ensure that you’re not utilizing an extension cord or a power strip. These devices are known to lead to power errors, so plug the TV directly into a wall outlet to check whether this issue gets resolved.

First, disconnect all devices that are connected to the TV. This includes a flash drive, soundbar, or console. When you are ready, scroll up to the “Power Reset Method” or the first troubleshooting step above, and execute another power reset.

If you require a step-by-step visual guide, here’s a YouTube tutorial that might be helpful. Make sure to watch it in case you need a better grasp on how to fix your Element TV:

Frequently Asked Questions

Does an Element TV have a reset button?

Yes, the Element TV comes with a reset button. While the TV is powered on, press the Menu button on the remote control. Locate the TV Settings menu, then choose General. Next, select Restore Default. 

These steps will execute a factory reset, and your TV will return to its original settings.

How do I know if my TV blew a fuse?

Based on the manufacturer and model of the TV, use a screwdriver to unscrew the device’s fuse cap holder and carefully check the fuse wire. 

If you see a clear dark or metallic smear inside the glass or a gap between the wires, it means that you have a blown TV fuse. 

How long do Element TVs last?

Depending on maintenance and usage, the estimated lifetime of your Element TV is between 4 to 10 years. This translates to 40,000 to 100,000 hours of playtime. 


It can be tough to survive without your TV, especially if your device stops operating in the middle of your favorite shows. But fortunately, there are tons of possible and practical solutions. 

If you find that your Element TV won’t turn on, you can either reach out to an expert technician, purchase a new TV, or employ this helpful guide to troubleshoot the technical problems your TV is facing.

 We hope that our troubleshooting guide helped! Make sure you mention the particular solution that helped you to use your TV in the comments below. Thank you for reading!

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