Eufy vs arlo – which home security brand is better?

Home security systems consist of different types of devices. The most common are security cameras and various sensors, such as entry sensors and motion sensors. In this article, we compare two brands, Eufy vs Arlo so you can determine which brand offers the best products and services to suit your needs. 

Eufy vs Arlo – Quick Comparison 

Eufy is part of an American consumer electronics brand called Anker Innovations, and they make different types of security devices. They have a vast range of indoor and outdoor cameras, locks, video doorbells, baby monitors, etc. Besides security devices, they also produce other smart home devices like vacuum cleaners and scales. 

Arlo Technologies is a company that makes video surveillance devices. They are best known for their security cameras, but they also offer video doorbells and various accessories.  


Eufy Home Security System
Eufy Home Security Camera System


  • Vast range of camera options
  • Pet dog camera
  • Complete alarm system
  • 2K cameras


  • 4K resolution isn’t supported
  • Cloud storage is not free


Arlo Camera and Base Station
Arlo Camera and Base Station


  • Cameras with 4K resolution
  • Lots of activity zones
  • Continuous recording
  • Wide fields of view


  • Person detection only with paid subscription plans
  • Short battery life

Arlo vs Eufy – Key Features

Price and Value

The table below shows all Arlo cameras available on the market. As you can see, the most expensive model is the Arlo Go 2. This model costs $249.99. However, if you want a model which offers good value for the money it might be good to choose the Arlo Ultra 2.  

The Arlo Ultra 2 wireless security camera comes with fantastic 4K resolution, HDR, and color night vision. 

Arlo ModelMSRPCurrent Price
Arlo Go 2$249.99Check Price on Amazon
Arlo Ultra 2$229.99Check Price on Amazon
Arlo Pro 4$179.99Check Price on Amazon
Arlo Essential$99.99Check Price on Amazon
Arlo Essential Indoor$99.99Check Price on Amazon

Eufy has a huge selection of home security cameras. We couldn’t even list all their models in the table below. So, we decided to point out the models that can work without a HomeBase. In other words, you only need a router, internet, and mobile phone to use these cameras. Additionally, these cameras can be a part of a Eufy home security system. 

Eufy ModelMSRPCurrent Price
SoloCam S40$199.99Check Price on Amazon
SoloCam L20$149.99Check Price on Amazon
SoloCam E40$129.99Check Price on Amazon
SoloCam E20$99.99Check Price on Amazon
Solo OutdoorCam C24$99.99Check Price on Amazon
Solo OutdoorCam C22$79.99Check Price on Amazon
Solo IndoorCam P24$51.99Check Price on Amazon
Solo IndoorCam C24$39.99Check Price on Amazon

The SoloCam E40 is a wireless outdoor security camera. It supports 2K resolution. As we said earlier, it doesn’t require a HomeBase station, so the installation process is easy.  

Arlo has a variety of security cameras, but it is nowhere near Eufy’s offering. Eufy offers outdoor and indoor cameras, stand-alone or those that require a HomeBase station, and pet cameras. Therefore, with such a wide choice, you might find the one that fits your needs the best. 

Winner: Eufy


Home security cameras usually need to be paired with a base station in order to connect to the Wi-Fi and store videos. The good thing is that both manufacturers sell their cameras in bundles with the base station included. 

Eufy Solo cameras have the ability to stand alone, meaning they can work without a base station. If you want to keep your videos on local storage, Arlo cameras need to be connected to the Arlo hub.  

Since Eufy’s cameras can work individually, this brand is a winner in this segment. 

Winner: Eufy

Professional Monitoring

Eufy includes 24/7 monitoring. When there is activity while you are away, the monitoring center calls you to see if there is an emergency. If they can’t reach you or if you give them the green light, they can send help to your home.

Arlo offers the emergency response feature under the Secure Plus plan. Therefore, both companies offer some solutions when it comes to professional monitoring. 

Winner: Draw 


Monthly Cost

If you want to add additional features to your home security system, be sure to check the following subscription plans. Both companies offer a vast range of options that can help you increase your security to a higher level. Compare the two tables below and decide which company offers better solutions for your system. 

Arlo Subscription PlansSecure PlanSecure Plus Plan
Video ResolutionUp to 2KUp to 4K
Video History30 days30 days
Person DetectionYesYes
Custom Activity ZonesYesYes
Emergency ResponseNoYes
Monthly Fee$2.99 – single camera$9.99 – unlimited cameras$14.99 – unlimited cameras

If you have a 4K camera, the Secure Plus Plan might be a good choice. It supports 4K resolution, plus you get the emergency response feature. On the other hand, if you want the basic options and 2K resolution, the Secure Plan could be a good choice.    

Eufy Subscription PlansBasic Protection PlanPlus Protection Plan
Local StorageYesYes
Storage (paid separately)30 days30 days
Local AI DetectionYesYes
Tap to DispatchYesYes
24/7 Monitoring and DispatchNoYes
Custom Monitoring SettingsNoYes
Monthly Fee$4.99$9.99

Eufy’s 24/7 Monitoring and Dispatch feature provides you with a response within 10 seconds in case of house burglary, fire, medical emergency, or package theft. The “Tap to Dispatch” feature also sends help when it’s needed. However, it requires additional action from you within the app.

Arlo has a slight advantage in this section because it offers 4K resolution and 30-day video history. This way, you can monitor your house in high resolution. Additionally, you can rely on the emergency response feature. 

Winner: Arlo

Storage Retention Time

Eufy cloud storage costs extra. It is available in two plans – Basic and Premier. 

Eufy’s Basic and Premier plans provide 30 days of video history. After 30 days, the content will be overwritten.   

The Premier plan is for up to 10 cameras. You can pay it $9.99 monthly or $99.99 annually. If you purchase the Basic plan, you get service per camera. You can also pay monthly $2.99/cam or annually $29.99/cam. 

Arlo subscription plans come with 30 days of cloud storage. But, since this cloud storage is part of Arlo’s subscription plans, this offer could be interesting to you.

Winner: Arlo

Continuous Recording

Eufy doesn’t offer a continuous recording feature. The only thing you can do is adjust the length of the recording. The maximum length is 120 seconds (2 minutes). 

Arlo, on the other hand, offers this feature. However, you would have to pay additionally. 14 days of continuous recording cost $9.99 per month and 30 days cost $19.99 per month. 

Winner: Arlo

Power and/or Battery Features

Arlo and Eufy cameras are either wired or battery powered. Eufy cameras have fantastic battery life that can last up to 365 days. Arlo cameras also have good battery life. They last from four to six months. 

Winner: Eufy

Subscriptions and Contracts

You don’t need to subscribe to a plan or sign a contract if you want to use Eufy devices. If you don’t get the subscription plan you still get the useful Local AI Detection and Local Storage features. However, if you want additional perks, you can upgrade to one of the paid subscription plans. 

There is no need for purchasing a subscription plan if you want to use Arlo devices, either. You can enjoy 4K live streaming, two-way audio, and motion detection features for free. Of course, this is possible only if you have an Arlo 4K camera.

Winner: Draw


All Eufy security devices come with a 12-month limited warranty. Additionally, Eufy offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. In this period, you can return a product for a refund for any reason. The Arlo cameras also have a limited one-year hardware warranty. 

Winner: Draw

Technology Features

Control Remotely Via App

You can use the Eufy app via Android, iOS device, or even PC. You can watch or download your videos and adjust the settings through the app. 

Eufy App
Eufy App

The Arlo app is also available for Android, iOS, and PC users. This also allows you to watch the live stream, adjust the settings, get alerts, and much more. 

Winner: Draw 

Image/Streaming Quality

Eufy cameras come with either 1080p HD resolution or 2K resolution. Therefore, if you are searching for a 4K security camera, Eufy is not the right choice. 

Arlo 4K HDR Ultra-Wide Angle View
Arlo 4K HDR Video Quality

Arlo, on the other hand, offers more options when it comes to different resolutions. You can find their cameras in 1080p HD resolution, 2K, and 4K resolution. Find out the difference between 4K and 1080p resolution

Winner: Arlo

Night Vision

Eufy cameras offer superb night vision features. Video recordings or video live footage is clear and crisp. However, both brands offer cameras with infrared LED sensors and color night vision. 

Winner: Draw

Video Display – Fields of View 

Most Eufy cameras have a field of view of 135 degrees. Arlo, on the other hand, excels in this category. Their cameras come with different fields of view. In addition to 130 degrees, they also have cameras with 160 and 180 degrees of view. 

Winner: Arlo

Two Way Audio

Almost all camera manufacturers include this feature in their security cameras. It allows you to talk to the person standing in front of the camera. It could be one of your family members, a delivery guy, or a stranger. All Eufy and Arlo cameras have a two-way audio feature. Therefore, neither brand prevails in this segment. 

Eufy Two-Way Audio
Eufy Two-Way Audio

Winner: Draw

Person Detection

All Eufy subscription plans, including the free one, come with the person detection feature. It is called Local AI Detection. This feature detects humans meaning it can filter out other moving objects. Besides person detection, it also includes facial detection and pet detection. Again, Eufy offers this feature for free. 

Arlo offers the person detection feature, but not for free. You need to subscribe to one of the Arlo subscription plans. And if you do, you get person, vehicle, animal, and package detection. 

Winner: Eufy

Activity Zones

The Activity Zones feature allows you to customize the area in which you need to monitor the motion. If there is a motion in the specified area, you get a notification. With this feature, you can eliminate unwanted and unimportant notifications. 

Eufy allows you to customize three activity zones. You can choose the All Motions option or the Human Only option. 

Eufy Activity Zones
Eufy Activity Zones

Arlo also allows you to set up three activity zones. However, some of their cameras allow you to set up five activity zones. 

Winner: Arlo

Types of Products


Eufy has a wide choice of floodlight cameras. The Floodlight Camera comes with HD 1080p resolution, two-way audio, and 2,500-lumen floodlights. 

The Floodlight Cam 2 supports 2K resolution and has 2,500-lumen floodlights. The Floodlight Cam 2 Pro also comes with 2K resolution, but 3,000-lumen floodlights.

Eufy Floodlight Cam 2 Pro
The Eufy Floodlight Cam 2 Pro

The Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera also comes with a 2K resolution. It has a brightness between 2,000 and 3,000 lumens. So, both brands have great floodlight cameras, but Eufy has a wider range than Arlo. 

Winner: Eufy

Doorbell Camera

Eufy has a vast range of doorbell cameras. They have both battery-powered and wired options. They come with 1080p HD and 2K resolution. 

Eufy Doorbell Camera
Eufy Doorbell Camera

Arlo has two HD doorbell cameras in their offering – the wired and the wireless one. Since Eufy doorbells have more doorbell cameras in their offering, including the ones with higher resolution, it prevails in this section. 

Winner: Eufy

Entry Sensors

Entry sensors are included in Eufy’s vast range of products. Entry sensors are compact devices that you can place on any window or door. 

If there is a forced entry, the alarm will go off and you will get an alert via the app. They usually have a long battery life which can last up to 730 days (2 years). 

Arlo is a camera-based security system so currently, you can’t find entry sensors in their offering.

Winner: Eufy

Security Camera

Eufy devices require the use of the internet. You need to have at least a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network and a 2 Mbps upload speed. Find out how to improve your upload speed so you can watch high-quality video streams.

Also, keep in mind that you need an ethernet cable when setting up the HomeBase for the first time.

Most of the Arlo cameras also require an internet connection. But, the Arlo Go 2 camera works even without the Wi-Fi connection. This camera has a microSD card slot to help you with home security even when your Wi-Fi isn’t working for whatever reason. It has HD 1080p resolution, color night vision, and 130 degrees field of view. 

Winner: Arlo

Alarm System

The alarm system is part of Eufy’s offering. They offer a 5-piece Home Alarm Kit which consists of a HomeBase, two entry sensors, a motion sensor, and a keypad. The entry sensors have to be attached to doors and windows while the keypad and motion sensor go on the wall. 

You get notifications and can control the alarm system via the Eufy app. You also have the option to purchase the sensors or keypad separately. 

Arlo Home Security System
Arlo Home Security System

Arlo doesn’t have an alarm system as such. They announced the Arlo Security System with all-in-one sensors, but for now, it is still not included in their offering. However, the Arlo security cameras have built-in sirens. They can be triggered either manually or automatically. 

Winner: Eufy

Pet Dog Camera

The Eufy Pet Dog camera allows you to track your dog wherever it moves with pet detection. The camera comes with a two-way audio feature so you can hear your pets or speak to them. The HD 1080p resolution and night vision provide a crisp image of your pet at all times. 

Eufy Pet Dog Camera
Eufy Pet Dog Camera with the treat dispenser function

If you want to have full control of the Eufy Pet camera, you can do it via the Eufy Pet app. The camera comes with a treat dispenser that can throw treats at three different distances. 

Arlo doesn’t have a camera made exclusively for pets. So, Eufy might be the right choice for all those people who want to monitor their pets. 

Winner: Eufy

Solar Panel Charger

EufyCam Solar Panel Charger is compatible with all Eufy cameras. It needs only a few hours of sunlight to keep your camera charged. You can place it anywhere since it comes with a 13ft long cable. It is flexible and resistant to any weather condition. 

Arlo Solar Panel Charger
Arlo Solar Panel Charger

Arlo also includes solar panel chargers in their offering. While Eufy has only one solar panel charger in its range, Arlo has a couple of different solutions at different prices. 

Winner: Arlo


So, with all similarities and differences, which of these brands is the best choice for you? We can help you answer this question. We have concluded that this Eufy vs Arlo comparison brings plenty of options for consumers. 

You can use cameras from both brands without signing a contract. But, if you want features like video history, professional monitoring, or continuous recording, you will need to set some money aside to pay for these features. 

Although video history is part of all Arlo subscription plans, this is not the case with Eufy. You will need to pay for this service separately. Professional monitoring is available with both brands’ plans. 

Eufy has a vast range of camera options. The most interesting one is the Pet Cam which can feed and monitor your dog at the same time! They also offer a complete alarm system for those who want additional security for their home.

However, if you are a fan of high resolutions, Arlo might be a good choice for you since their cameras support 4K resolution. Eufy cameras usually support 1080p or 2K resolutions with the continuous recording feature. They also offer person detection free of charge. 

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