Eufy vs blink – which home security brand is best in 2023?

Eufy and Blink are two solid and trusted CCTV companies offering affordable, high-quality home security cameras. Both offer indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras you can add to your home security system to always know what’s happening in and around your home.

In this Eufy vs Blink comparison article, we’ll compare the key features of these two brands as a whole to determine their similarities and differences and share with you a few of our recommended Eufy and Blink cameras.

FeaturesEufy Solo IndoorCam C24Blink Mini
Video Resolution2KUp to 1080p
Two-way AudioYesYes
Power SourcePlug-in CablePlug-in Cable
Night VisionYes (Infrared)Yes (Infrared)
Field of View360° horizontal, 96° vertical110° diagonal
Smart Home IntegrationGoogle Assistant, Apple Home Kit, Amazon Alexa, IFTTTAmazon Alexa, IFTTT
PriceCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon


Eufy vs Blink Outdoor Camera
Eufy vs Blink Outdoor Camera

Comparing Eufy vs Blink through the design of their products, we can see that Eufy and Blink products have very different visual appearances. Blink indoor and outdoor cameras are more square-shaped, with slightly rounded edges. 

In comparison, Eufy’s outdoor cameras look more like classic security cameras we’ve grown accustomed to seeing in traditional camera surveillance systems.

Additionally, Eufy also features a camera with a pan-tilt design, which can monitor a whole room, as it has a 360-degree field of view. Overall, because Eufy offers more options to choose from, we give it an advantage in the design department

Power Options

The two brands differ a bit regarding the power options of their indoor and outdoor surveillance products. More specifically, the two indoor Eufy cameras only support plug-in cable connections. In contrast, Blink offers indoor cameras that come with a plug-in power source (Blink Mini) and those that use AA lithium batteries (Blink Indoor Camera).

Comparing the power options of their outdoor cameras, Blink only offers one outdoor camera, which uses two AA lithium batteries and can deliver an estimated battery life of up to two years. Eufy offers a much more comprehensive selection of outdoor cameras, many of which run on battery power. In fact, one of Eufy’s most impressive products, the SoloCam S40, runs on solar power and a built-in battery, providing you with near-endless power. 

Video Quality

While both brands offer good video quality, Eufy is the clear winner in this category. Blink outdoor, indoor, and doorbell cameras all support HD video. In comparison, Eufy offers these three types of cameras in both Full HD and 2K options. 

Eufy 2K Resolution
Eufy 2K Resolution

Eufy’s 2K cameras make it easier to identify details and digitally zoom without sacrificing quality. So, if the overall video quality is one of the most important criteria for you when choosing a smart home security camera, Eufy provides better options. 

Night Vision

All Eufy and Blink cameras support night vision, but some key differences between the two brands’ products are worth noting. Blink cameras only support infrared night vision. In other words, you can only see in black and white, as Blink currently doesn’t have any cameras with a colored night vision feature.

Eufy Color Night Vision
Eufy Color Night Vision

In comparison, all Eufy cameras also work in infrared. However, Eufy’s Solo OutdoorCam lineup also supports color night vision. This is thanks to the built-in spotlight these outdoor cameras come with, which enables them to illuminate the surrounding environment and offer color night vision up to ten feet. With this in mind, if you want your outdoor cameras to possess color night vision features, Eufy cameras are the better choice.

Activity Zones

Eufy indoor and outdoor cameras have an Activity Zones feature that allows you to customize the area where you want detection to occur. The brand’s more expensive cameras like the 2C Pro include more sophisticated Smart Detection Zones. You can adjust detection distance and choose between two detection modes, one that detects all motion and the other that only detects human motion.

Blink Activity Zones
Blink Activity Zones

Blink outdoor and indoor cameras also support these features, offering basic and advanced options for setting privacy zones. Eufy and Blink offer equally incredible customizability and intuitive modification in this regard, so we can’t give either brand an edge in this category.


Both brands offer you a handful of storage options. Eufy cameras can store clips locally, but you need the HomeBase 2 to act as the hub. Additionally, Eufy indoor and outdoor cameras also support NAS storage. In comparison, Blink supports local storage on USB and clip backup on USB. You can also opt for the no-storage option, which offers alerts and live view but doesn’t save any clips.

Eufy Local Storage
Eufy Local Storage

Both brands also offer subscription-based cloud storage options. Of course, if you want to utilize any cloud storage features, you’ll have to pay for either a monthly or yearly subscription plan. This brings us to the next point of this Eufy vs Blink camera comparison article.


Eufy and Blink subscription plans are nearly identical. Both companies offer basic and premium subscription plans, available in a monthly or yearly subscription form. The Eufy Basic Subscription Service costs $2.99 a month or $29.99 a year and covers one camera. The Premier Subscription Service covers up to ten cameras and costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. Both plans allow you to roll back 30 days of video history.

By comparison, the Blink Basic Plan also covers one device and costs $3 per month or $30 on a yearly subscription. The Blink Plus Plan costs $10 per month or $100 per year. However, unlike Eufy’s premium plan, Blink allows you to connect an unlimited number of devices per account, making it a better choice to set up cameras in a large home or several households.

Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS)

If you’re looking for great IVS properties, Eufy cameras are a better pick. Both indoor and outdoor Eufy cameras come with advanced AI detection features that can detect human and pet motion and even crying, allowing you to stay on top of every situation or emergency in your household.

Eufy Pet and Human AI Detection
Eufy Pet and Human AI Detection

Blink cameras also have similar motion-detection capabilities (which we’ll get to later) but not so many in-depth AI features. This lack of IVS features in Blink products is a bit disappointing to see, considering that it’s an Amazon-owned company. Overall, Eufy cameras offer better Intelligent Video Surveillance properties.

Two-way Audio

Eufy and Blink doorbells and indoor and outdoor cameras support two-way audio features. So, as long as the cameras have a stable Internet connection, you can communicate with your household members or visitors directly through the camera. The two-way audio feature in Eufy and Blink cameras lets you check in on your house and communicate with anyone in the camera’s vicinity, no matter where you are. 

Blink Two-Way Audio
Blink Two-Way Audio

Motion Detection

Blink cameras come with a built-in PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor that can detect movement and send alerts, allowing you to see the clip of what triggered its motion sensors. Additionally, Blink Mini cameras use Pixel Difference Analysis, which compares differences in pixels to determine whether or not there’s any movement on the camera. Both technologies enable Blink cameras to detect motion from about twenty feet away.

Eufy cameras also rely on PIR technology to detect movement. That said, Eufy cameras come with better Intelligent Video Surveillance features, as we’ve mentioned before. The AI detection feature allows you to create a better motion detection system and minimize the chance of false positives and false negatives.

Smart Home Integration

Apple Home Kit, Alexa, Google Assistant

Apart from their physical properties and overall performance characteristics, it’s also crucial to compare the two brands through their smart home integration capabilities. Eufy has a slight edge in this category, as it supports integration with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Home Kit. Moreover, you can also sync Eufy cameras with IFTTT devices.

In comparison, Blink offers you a slightly more limited selection of smart home integration options. Blink cameras also support integration with smart IFTTT devices. Additionally, they support seamless integration with Amazon Alexa. 

Unfortunately, Blink cameras do not offer native integration with Google Home, Google Assistant, or the Apple Home Kit like many other Amazon devices. If these features are essential for you, but you don’t necessarily want a Eufy camera, we recommend reading our Blink vs Nest review, as Nest cameras work with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Price and Value

Eufy and Blink are budget-friendly security cameras, and their products are in a very similar price range. That said, Blink has a slight advantage in this area, as its products are slightly cheaper than Eufy’s smart home cameras.

Looking into the specific offers, the Blink Mini indoor camera typically costs just $34.99 on Amazon. In comparison, the Eufy Solo IndoorCam C24 costs $42.99, and the Solo IndoorCam P24 costs $54.99 (prices accurate at the time of this post’s writing). You can often find limited-time offers for Blink on Amazon and coupon codes on Eufy, so you can get products from these two brands for even less money if you wait for a good deal.

Eufy Solo IndoorCam C24

eufy Security Solo IndoorCam C24
Eufy Solo IndoorCam C24

The Eufy Solo IndoorCam C24 is the more affordable of the two indoor cameras you can get from this company, priced at only $42.99. It supports 2K video quality and smart integrations with Apple Home Kit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa.

This indoor camera has AI detection features that can pick up on human and animal motion and crying. You can store clips in the cloud, NAS, or locally, although it doesn’t come with a MicroSD included. The IndoorCam C24 supports activity zone customization, two-way, audio, and infrared night vision.

SoloCam S40

Eufy SoloCam S40
Eufy SoloCam S40

Typically priced at $169.99, the SoloCam S40 might deter some potential buyers, but if you’re prepared to pay for it, it’s worth every penny. It offers ultra-clean 2K video quality and built-in AI motion and activity detection sensors. This SoloCam S40 supports color night vision, two-way audio and works with Google Assistant and Alexa-enabled devices.

This camera comes with a built-in battery that charges itself on solar power. Just two hours of direct sunlight daily is enough to power this camera. You don’t have to fiddle around with cables when setting it up or ever think about exchanging the battery. 

Blink Mini
Blink Mini Indoor Camera

The Blink Mini indoor camera offers full HD video quality, excellent motion detection features, two-way audio, and many other traits, all packed in an attractively designed and sturdy tiny camera. Best of all, with a price of just $34.99, it offers you excellent value for money considering all of the features it comes with.

This compact camera uses a long power cable and is very straightforward to set up in any room. It supports seamless integration with Amazon Alexa and the Blink App. The Blink Mini camera is a great choice for people who want a camera that offers impressive visual performance but aren’t concerned about storing saved videos or using any Blink Plus features.

Blink Outdoor Camera
Blink Outdoor Camera

Blink Outdoor is a simplistic but great wireless battery-powered outdoor camera. Delivering HD video quality and infrared night vision, it’s an affordable outdoor camera that requires no professional installation. You can set it up in minutes, even if you’re not much of a tech-savvy person.

This outdoor camera comes with two-way audio, enabling you to hear and speak with visitors in real time through the Blink app. It also works with Amazon Alexa, so you can pair it with an Alexa-supported device to use your voice to control it. The camera runs on standard lithium batteries and can last up to two years on a pair of AA batteries. 


After completing a detailed Eufy vs Blink comparison, we can say that both Blink and Eufy make great outdoor and indoor cameras. Both brands are relatively affordable and offer cameras with solid features. Their subscription plans are almost identical, and their cameras have many very comparable features.

That said, we’ve found Eufy to be the better option, as it outperforms Blink in several key sections when it comes to both the quality and the offerings of its products. Most notably, it offers cameras with better video quality, has better smart home integration support, and supports better IVS properties.

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