Frequently asked questions

General Questions

What is Spacehop?

Spacehop is an online platform that connects independent professionals and small businesses with their ideal home office space. Hoppers can search and book affordable workspace in other people’s homes during the day. Homeowners that share their property on Spacehop benefit financially from their unused space.

What is a hopper?

These are any guests/professional workers/businesses/freelancers/startups/remote workers/creatives/digital nomads that use Spacehop, we think it’s a little less formal.

What’s a hop?

We use the phrase when referring to a booking made at a Spacehop property.

Where can I book a Spacehop?

Throughout the UK. If you need a space in a particular area and cannot seem to find it please contact us via [email protected] and we will try and help you.

I have space that would be perfect for Spacehop. How do I get in touch?

If you’ve got a nice space and you’d like to earn a little bit of extra money, log on to the website and list your space today.

Does the home I book have to be used just for work?

Yes - the Spacehop property is to be used for work purposes. If you have any particular questions/queries please clarify with the homeowner using our messaging service.

Will there be other people working at the property?

The great thing about Spacehop is that we give you the flexibility to work in a ‘residential-coworking’ environment or independently. Have a look at the max number of hoppers the space permits, you can ask the host how many other people will be there using the messenger. If you prefer to work alone you can book out the entire space.

How does Spacehop work?

For homeowners…

  1. Register an account and list your space.
  2. We will get back to you soon after with a decision on whether it’s been successfully listed.

3.Manage bookings easily using the dashboard tool, you have a 24hour window to accept or decline requests, if the 24hour window elapses the booking is then automatically cancelled. Requests will also be automatically rejected if no decision is reached by midnight before the booking –this gives our hoppers time to make alternative arrangements.

  1. Finalise details through the Spacehop messaging service. Please remember to discuss guest access and any other important information in advance of the booking. Ready your space for work. Try to keep your space clean and tidy. Remember positive reviews will be important in getting future hoppers to book your space.

For our hoppers…

  1. Register your profile with Spacehop.
  2. Find a space that suits you. Refine your search using the filters.
  3. Request reservation and await the host’s decision.
  4. Be sure to clarify any questions/queries through the Spaceship messaging service. Have an enjoyable and productive day in your Spacehop office.


Booking and Amenities

What can I expect inside a Spacehop property?

We have a library of attractive properties across central London to cater for both freelance professionals and small businesses. Aesthetically we have great diversity in the spaces we offer. Remember to assess the amenities listed and check anything with the homeowner that is not obvious.

What about wifi?

Ensure that the property you plan to book has wifi in the amenities and discuss access through our messaging service.

What if I need to leave the property during my reservation?

Make sure the door is locked behind you and that you have means to get back in.

What if I want to bring guests/colleagues with me?

When you request a booking it’s important that you book for the right number of people. Maximum hoppers have been decided based on the space available at that property. There may be other hoppers working at the property on the same day so please book for the right number of hoppers.

What things can I use in the property e.g. tea and coffee? Shower?

Check out the amenities listed on the property profile page, or contact the host through the messaging service to check. Please do respect the space though. You wouldn’t play loud music or go to bed in a coffee shop.

Can I stay overnight in a house I book?

No sorry, Spacehop is for daytime use only.

Are the homes flexible with the hours I can work there?

The hours you can book are decided by the homeowner and should be visible on the property profile page. Be sure to check the timings suit you prior to making a booking.

Can I book the space for a few days every week?

We give you the freedom to decide what days you work, request the days you wish to work and for how long and wait to see that it’s ok with the homeowner.

Can I view a space before booking?

Generally speaking the photos, description and reviews should be enough to guide your decision. However in some circumstances a viewing may be facilitated. To organise viewings please contact the Spacehop team via [email protected]



How much do the home-workspaces cost?

The homeowner sets the price. We encourage our homeowners to set a fair price. Homeowners will also have the option to offer discounted rates for those workers who book 20 / 60 / 120 days at the same property.

How much would I save if I used Spacehop compared to a co-working space?

The average co-working space costs over £400 per month. With Spacehop, there are no monthly charges and no expensive coffees. We offer peaceful, inspiring, comfortable space from as little as £8 per day.

How can I pay for my bookings?

We accept payments in the form almost any type of credit or debit card.

When is payment taken & transferred?

When a booking is accepted by the host the full amount is taken from the hopper account and held in an online wallet. Transfer will be initiated within 7 working days from the first day of booking.

How much money does Spacehop take?

We don’t charge any host service fees.

(Transaction fees are charged by our payment processor)

Hopper service fees: 7.5% of total booking fee

Clock in/out

How do I get in and out of the property?

We have several clever solutions that will make it easy for host and hopper to permit/gain access to the property. Please get in touch to discuss the various options in more detail. Some homeowners prefer to organise this themselves and can do so through our messaging service whether they greet you at the property or coordinate a handover if they’re not there on the day.

I can’t get into the property?

Please contact the homeowner using their contact details. If you’re having no luck in contacting them please get in touch with the Spacehop team.

I can’t find the home?

Please contact the homeowner directly using the contact details.

I’m late for the booking?

Don’t worry, you can still use the space. Please contact the host as soon as possible to let them know you’re running late.

My day’s work is complete, now what do I do?

Leave the place as you found it and make sure to lock the door behind you. We hope you had a good day at work.

What if I don’t leave on time?

It’s normal for work to run late occasionally, but please bear in mind the opening hours of the space and be considerate to your host.

What if I forget something at the property?

Please get in touch with the host at your earliest convenience to retrieve your things.

If I leave early, do I still get charged the total amount?

Yes, you are charged for the day.

How do I leave a review?

Following completion of your booking we will send both parties quick review form to complete. Please do leave a review it will help future guests and hosts know what they can expect from both the space and hopper.



What if I need to cancel the booking I made?

You can cancel a booking up to 24 hours in advance of the booking. No refund will be given if the cancellation is made less than 24 hours before the day of the booking.

What if the homeowner cancels the booking?

Yes the homeowner can cancel the booking too, this may result in a cancellation fee being deducted from future bookings, dependent upon the circumstances.


Anything Else

What about Insurance?

Spacehop has group insurance cover to protect our hosts. This insurance covers building/contents insurance and public liability. Please read our insurance documents so you understand the cover that this policy provides, as well as the limitations and exclusions, these can be found here.

I can’t get hold of the owner/I have questions/need support?

Please contact us directly via [email protected] or calling 02080501261 for any emergencies where the homeowner is not responding. We’ll do our best to sort it out. Please note – our opening hours are 8am-8pm 7 days a week.