Fios remote not working? here’s how to fix it!

Is your Fios remote not working for you? Are you having trouble with the volume button or changing channels? And this is just when you wanted to relax and watch TV? Hmm, not a good situation. Let’s see what you can do if your Fios remote is not working and determine why it is happening.

The reasons for this issue may vary. It could be due to low batteries, an invalid code, incompatible TV, distance, programming issues, manufacturing flaws, etc. There’s a long list of possible reasons.

Fios Remote Not Working?

If your Verizon Fios remote is not working, you can fix it using several methods, depending on the cause of the problem. Try rebooting the box and changing the remote batteries. Start by checking your remote’s batteries; open the battery cover and replace them. After rebooting the box, make sure it’s functioning. Turn on the TV and check if the live channels are available. 

Regardless of what is causing the issue with your remote, reboot your box and replace the remote batteries. If you don’t get results with these two methods, try re-programming your remote. But remember that each model has its own process. For example, if you have Motorola 800 remote, you must press and hold the TV key for 6 seconds.

Reasons Why Your Fios Remote is Not Working?

Why isn’t it working? Hmm, there are plenty of reasons, starting with the simplest one, like a dead battery or an object blocking signals between your remote and your device, to more complex ones, such as implementing the wrong code. 

Here’s a list of various reasons when your Fios remote is not working:

  • Drained batteries
  • Obstacles between the remote and the device
  • Distance between the remote and the device
  • Connectivity issues
  • The remote is not paired correctly
  • Fios set-top box issues
  • The remote is not compatible with the TV
  • The TV settings are not properly set up

What Verizon remote are you using?

When talking about Fios remotes, I must warn you that the one you’re holding in your hand is not the only model in existence. And the problem is that each model has its own code, activation, and programming method. 

If you use the wrong steps for your model, your remote won’t work. So, let’s go through the three Fios remote models and the two models used most often with the Fios TV box. 

Verizon P283 — Fios Big Button Remote Control

This model is recognizable for its big buttons that are larger than the ones most remotes have, and it’s intentionally made like that to increase the visibility of the controls. 

With this remote, you can control up to two devices, and it’s compatible with Fios TV Set Top Box and with the majority of big TV brands manufactured over the past 5 years.

Verizon P283 Remote
Verizon P283 Remote

Verizon P265

Now, if you have Verizon P265, you might confuse it with Philips 302 since they look similar, but this one is slimmer. 

Verizon P265 Remote
Verizon P265 Remote

Fios TV Voice Remote

If you have this remote, you have the voice command option, and you will notice it has a modern design, meaning it’s smaller and sleeker than others. 

It is designed for Fios TV One, but you can also pair it with Fios TV One Mini. The catch with this one is that you can pair only one Voice remote to each box.

Fios TV Voice Remote
Fios TV Voice Remote

Philips RC1445302 Remote

You have to admit it looks a bit like Verizon P265, but they are not identical. 

Philips RC1445302 Remote
Philips RC1445302 Remote

Motorola 800 Remote

The last on the list is the Motorola 800 remote, a universal remote often used with Fios TV boxes. 

Motorola 800 Remote
Motorola 800 Remote

Why is Your Fios Remote Volume Not Working?

Issues with volume and mute buttons are common on Fios Voice Remotes, so let’s see what you can do about it.

To fix this problem, follow this procedure:

  1. Click the Menu button on your remote.
  2. Choose Settings on the TV display.
  3. Then choose Voice Control.
  4. Select TV Fios voice remote.
  5. Go to Program Fios TV Voice Remote and choose Reset Remote Setup.

And that’s it. Your mute or volume button should now function. But, if you still experience the same issue, you might want to check the cables and audio system on your TV — you may have plugged wires into the wrong ports, or something might be wrong with the HDMI cables you use. Just in case, go through all the methods for fixing the issue with the Fios remote. 

How to Fix Your Fios Remote When it’s Not Working

Finally, we reached the troubleshooting section. Keep reading to fix your Fios remote!

Change batteries — quick fix for your Fios remote

You know, sometimes, the correct answer is the simplest one. So, let’s start there. The cause of your issue might be drained batteries. It’s the easiest yet most common cause of remotes misbehaving. 

So, if you press any button, and the light is not green but flickering or doesn’t show any sign of life, you must check the batteries first. 

All Fios remotes have two AA batteries, and you can replace them by sliding the lower part on the back of your remote. Once you’ve opened it, take the batteries out, and replace them with new ones. 

Note: Before putting in the new batteries, make sure the battery compartment is clean and without any signs of corrosion. 

Check for physical damage

Yes, your remote might be physically damaged, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that your family or friends dropped it on the floor. (Though it might happen). 

Sometimes, the remotes have manufacturing flaws. So, if your remote is new and has new batteries but doesn’t work, that can sometimes be the cause. In that case, you need to replace the remote. 

If you’ve broken yours, you will have to buy a new one, and you can do that on Amazon

Check the code

Wrong codes are probably the most common issue causing the Fios remote not to work. Why? Because the codes are different for each model and TV manufacturer. I know it sounds complicated, but that’s how it is. 

To make it as easy as possible for you, I’ve prepared codes for the most popular TV manufacturers.

TV ManufacturerP265 (2 Button) and P283 (Big Button) Fios remotesRemote Control Codes for other models (4 Button)
JBL1890081, 3018
LG2100205, 0727, 0883, 1205, 1292, 3004, 3145
Panasonic2790078, 0277, 0677, 1437, 3003, 3017, 3018, 3036, 3038, 3049, 3057, 3061, 3063, 3065, 3068, 3079, 3086, 3092, 3104, 3110, 3112, 3113, 3122, 3129, 3130, 3133, 3135, 3149, 3152, 3177, 3185, 3191, 3193, 3194, 3197, 3209, 3215, 3217, 3223
Philips Magnavox2863040, 3046, 3047, 3067, 3071, 3085, 3095, 3102
Samsung3310057, 0087, 0205, 0729, 0793, 0839, 0841, 1087, 3004, 3005, 3008, 3022, 3025, 3026, 3058, 3094, 3127, 3128, 3136, 3137, 3148, 3156, 3172, 3205
Sharp3420120, 0205, 0518, 0715, 0716, 0878, 3005, 3008, 3021, 3025, 3027, 3073, 3121, 3125, 3132, 3138, 3142, 3206, 3222
Sony3520027, 0861, 1127, 3002, 3050, 3054, 3069, 3077, 3103, 3116, 3123, 3126, 3143, 3150, 3151, 3155, 3178, 3198
Vizio4240891, 0912, 1292, 1783, 3145

Your TV manufacturer is not on the list? No problem; you can always check the code for your remote on their official website. 

Additionally, you can consider buying a universal remote like GE. If you do, be sure you read our guide on setting up a GE Universal Remote with your TV.

Set up, programming, pairing

Again, each remote has its own way of pairing. So, if you know your remote model, just follow the procedure below.

Fios TV Voice Remote

  1. Point the remote toward the TV box you want to pair it with.
  2. Simultaneously press and hold the Play/Pause and “O” buttons.
  3. When the blue light starts flashing on your remote, release the buttons.
  4. Once the light stops blinking, your remote is paired.

If your remote is stubborn and won’t pair with your TV, especially if you replaced the TV with a new brand, you might find this video helpful.

Since this is a voice-control remote, it should be automatically activated.

  1. Go to Menu and enter Settings.
  2. Press Voice control and choose Fios TV Voice Remote.
  3. Select Program Voice Remote and then Automatic Setup.

If you’re experiencing issues with automatic setup, try to activate it manually by choosing Manual Setup on the third step instead of selecting Automatic Setup. 

You will need to select your TV/Receiver Brand and Model and follow the subsequent steps.

Note: Once the voice control is activated, you will receive a “Success” message. 

Verizon P265 Remote

  1. Simultaneously press the OK button and the Fios TV button.
  2. Release the buttons. Once you do that, the red light will blink twice and stay red.
  3. Now, you need to press the Play/Pause button every second until the remote finds the correct code. You’ll know when it happens because your TV will shut down. When that happens, stop pressing the button.
  4. Turn the TV on by clicking the Power button and pressing the OK button to save pairing settings. 

Note: If your TV doesn’t turn on, keep pressing the Channel Down button until it turns on, and press the OK button.

Now, if you’re not up to pressing buttons (assuming you know the code you need to enter), you can follow the instructions from this video:

Verizon P283 Big Button Remote

  1. If you have the Big Button remote, you first need to turn on your TV and Fios set box
  2. Press the OK button and the “0” button simultaneously. The red light on your remote will blink twice and stay on.
  3. Enter the three-digit code, and the red light will blink twice. 
  4. Keep pressing the Channel Down button until the TV turns off. 
  5. Turn on the TV by pressing the Power button and then the OK button to store the settings. 

Philips RC1445302 Remote

  1. If you have the Philips RC 302 remote, you first need to turn on your TV and Fios set box.
  2. Simultaneously press and hold the TV and OK buttons.
  3. Release the buttons — the red light will blink three times.
  4. Enter the code — the red light will again blink three times.
  5. Press the Power button to turn the TV off, and then press the OK button to save settings. 

Motorola 800 Remote

  1. If you have the Motorola 800 remote, turn on your TV and Fios set box.
  2. Press the TV button and hold it for 6 seconds. The buttons on the remote will light up.
  3. Then press the Power button — the device button will blink three times and turn off.
  4. Keep pressing the Up button every second until the TV turns off
  5. Then press the OK button to save changes.

Come closer

Yes, I know you think it’s too insignificant to mention, but hey, that could be why your Fios remote is not working. 

So, the distance between the device and the remote should be less than 25 feet. The problem is amplified when your batteries are low, so you might need to sit closer or replace the batteries

Oh, and don’t forget that if you have a physical obstacle (especially metal objects) between the remote and the device, you might experience problems since Fios remotes are IR-based

Check connectivity

If you have an unstable connection, your Fios set-top box will not function as it should. Your remote will either start misbehaving or not work at all. 

So, it’s best to begin by soft resetting your router to see if the problem lies within it. You can do that by turning it off for at least 15 seconds, then turning it back on and waiting for 30 seconds. 

Now, you probably know that the signal is much better if the router is directly plugged into the device, and it should be turned on all the time, even if you’re not using your TV. 

Check your TV Box

When I say you should check your TV Box, I mean you need to reset it. And how can you do that? Well, actually, the same way you did with the router. 

Pull out the power cord of your Fios set-top box from the electric outlet, and wait for 15 seconds. Then plug it in again, and wait 30 seconds to see if the problem is corrected. 

Important Notice: The power cord is not the coaxial cable connected to the back of your Fios set-top box. The power cord connects your set-top box to electric power, and the coaxial cable connects your set-top box to the TV. 

Check TV settings and compatibility

As you might see from the extended list of codes on the official site, Fios remotes are compatible with almost all (if not all) TVs that exist on this planet, but sometimes it might be challenging to pair your remote to the TV due to its out-of-date software. In that case, you will need to upgrade your TV software. 

Regarding your TV settings, ensure it’s on the appropriate channel for Fios TV operations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset Fios remote?

The procedure is the same as programming it. So, to reset your Fios remote, you just need to go through the pairing procedure and press the OK button at the end. That’s how your remote will memorize new settings. 

Does Verizon still replace remotes for free?

Unfortunately, no. It was a practice several years ago, but they stopped providing replacement remotes. Now, you can order a new remote (replacement for your broken one), but you have to pay for it. 


Fios remote not working? Hopefully, not anymore! As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why your remote is not working. We hope our article explained these causes and helped you fix your Fios remote!

If you have a troubleshooting method that worked for you and is not listed here, feel free to share it with us in a comment!

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