4 quick steps to fix a Fire stick remote that’s not working

From the Fire Stick Lite all the way through to the Fire TV Cube, they’ve become ridiculously popular in recent years. This is especially true for those based in the UK, as many of us are looking for alternative ways to stream content.

One thing that people like about Fire TV is that it’s pretty dependable. The remote for the Fire stick is fairly reliable for the most part. But, you can still have a few problems with it at times. Here’s what you can do if you have a remote that stops working properly.

4 quick steps to fix a Fire stick remote that’s not working

For this guide, we’re using the updated 2nd Generation Fire stick remote that has a few new features. This includes the ability to turn your television off, as well as having full volume control over the TV too.

Nowadays, even the Fire stick Lite comes with Alexa compatible voice functionality. However, its remote won’t be able to control your TV, as this is only available with the standard Fire TV stick and the 4K version too.

If you don’t need the functionality to control the television, then the Lite is the better choice – it’s cheaper and that’s the only difference between them. All of the advice below will apply to both the Lite and the standard/4K Firestick remote.

One of the most common issues with older Fire stick remotes is that the buttons can get stuck in fairly easily. If they do, then it’ll effectively stop working, as it’s stuck entering that command. Start by tapping the remote lighting on a table to ensure this isn’t the case.

But anyway, let’s run through what else to do when a Fire stick remote isn’t working as it should be.

Step 1: Restart your Fire stick

If you can’t get your Fire stick to work with the remote, then there’s a good chance that there’s an issue with the software on the stick itself. This may actually not be a fault of your remote, but instead of the Fire stick.

The good news is that unlike when you need to factory reset your Fire stick, you don’t need access to your settings. You can simply unplug the Fire stick or turn it off at the wall to perform a soft reset.

Make sure that you leave the stick off for at least a minute before you switch it back on. Doing this will give your device a chance to fully reset, and when you start it back up again, it may automatically pair up with your remote. If it doesn’t, then you’ll need to pair it manually (which I’ll get to in a minute).

Step 2: Switch the batteries out


If you’ve been using your Fire stick for a while, then there’s a chance the batteries have drained over time. And even if you have a new Fire stick, there’s the off chance that the batteries are no good, so it’s still worth trying switching them out to see if it makes a difference.

If you don’t have a new set of batteries, then you’re at least going to want to take them out for the minute that the Fire stick is off. Then, you can go ahead and out that back into your remote.

Step 3: Check that it’s paired

When you purchase a new Fire stick, it should come automatically paired up with the remote it comes with. In some circumstances, this may not have already happened, meaning you’ll need to manually pair it up yourself.

And actually, the pairing process starts with the two steps above anyway. So, if you can’t figure out whether your remote is paired or not, then at least give it a go.

After you’ve reset the Fire stick giving it a minute or two breather, and checked the batteries, you’ll want to turn your Fire stick back on. You can do this by plugging it back into your television set.

But when you do, make sure that you hold down the Home button on your Fire stick remote at the same time. You’ll need to do this for around ten seconds whilst the start up process is occurring.


You’ll know that your remote is properly paired to the stick by the flashing lights that pop up on the top of your remote. If it’s been successful, then it’ll flash three times to confirm the connection is finalized.

You can use this same process if your Fire stick remote hard is completely broken and you want to set up a new remote with it too.

Step 4: Investigate range & interference

Once you’ve ensured that you’ve paired the stick and remote together properly, the last thing we want to ensure is that there’s nothing else at play that’s stopping the remote from working.

One of the good things about a Fire stick remote is that it isn’t reliant on infrared technology to connect. This means that you don’t need to worry about pointing your remote directly at the Fire stick, and it should work from around 10 metres away.

But this does mean that you’ll want to ensure there’s no interference between your remote and the Fire stick. This includes any device that sends radio signals over the 2.4 GHz band. This could be a number of things, from your microwave through to your home phone.

Making sure that your remote is within range and there’s nothing interfering with your connection should ensure your remote stays connected.


Unfortunately in some cases, your remote may have a hardware issue with it that makes it unusable. There’s not much you can do in this scenario aside from sending it back to Amazon for a replacement to be sent out.

But this is only going to apply to a minority of people. It’s more likely that there’s an issue with the software on your remote or your Fire stick that’s preventing them from pairing together properly. The good news is that with a simple restart and pairing process, this is usually resolved pretty easily.

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