Galaxy Buds Issues (11 Common Issues & How To Fix)

In this guide, we’ll take a look at 11 common galaxy buds issues and how to fix them! The Galaxy Buds were Samsung’s answer to the AirPods. Released with their S flagships, the Galaxy Buds take your music playback to the next level by giving you a wireless experience.

The Buds connect seamlessly with most Samsung mobile phones, and work like a charm with almost all the major Android phones available in the world.

Not only that, but you can also connect them to your iPhone if you want. However, from time to time, you are likely to experience problems with your Galaxy buds, and it’s best to fix them properly. Here are 11 common Galaxy Buds issues and how you can fix them.

Galaxy Buds Issues And How To Fix

1. The Buds Don’t Work

One of the most common issues that you are likely to face is when the buds stop working altogether. This can usually be caused due to the battery not being fully charged. Always charge the batteries before you use the Buds.

Also, check to ensure that the touch sensor comes into contact with your ear. You might want to restart the Buds as well. You might want to put the Buds back into their charging case, take them out, and try using them again.

2. Bluetooth Can’t Find the Buds

This is a pretty straightforward fix: all you need to do is to turn off the charging case and then power it back on to put it in pairing mode. Just make sure that the Buds and the device are within 10 meters of each other and you’ll be able to reconnect the Buds.

3. Bluetooth Connection Not Established or Buds Get Disconnected

To fix this issue, just make sure that there are no obstacles between the two devices, such as a wall or any other electronic device.

Also, update the version of your Galaxy Wearable app, and confirm that the devices are kept close to each other. Finally, you might want to restart your mobile device and restart the Galaxy Wearable app too. It usually resolves the problem.

4. The Battery Doesn’t Charge

You need to check whether the charging connectors in the case and the Buds are coming into contact with each other. Usually, this problem occurs when the charging contacts gather up dust, which prevents a seamless connection and stops the battery from charging.

You need to clean the charging connectors before you put them back on to check whether the Galaxy Buds are charging.

5. The Battery Life and Charging Time of Each Earbud Is Different

Even if you charge both the Buds at the same time, you should know that the charging time is likely to vary. Due to the internal components, the battery life is also likely to differ.

When the Galaxy Buds are exposed to cold or incredibly hot temperatures, the available charge is likely to vary. The batteries are consumables, so the available charge is only going to decrease with the passage of time.

6. Can’t Hear Anyone Talk

If you don’t hear anyone talking on your Galaxy Buds, the first thing to check is the volume. Check the volume on your mobile device and see if it’s all the way up.

In nine cases out of 10, the issue is with the volume rocker. However, if that’s not the problem, you might want to take the Buds for a professional check-up and find out just what’s wrong with them. A hardware issue might be causing this problem as well.

7. Echoes During a Call

If you get echoes when you are on the call with someone, you might want to try and adjust the volume through your phone. If that doesn’t work, move the phone to another area altogether and see if that fixes the problem.

Otherwise, there might be an issue with the internal speakers, so you might want to get them checked by a professional. If your Buds are under warranty, you can always take them to a local store.

8. Poor Sound Quality

This could be due to a number of reasons. The wireless network availability could be one of the main reasons why the sound might be suffering.

Then, you also need to make sure that the Buds are in range with your device and more importantly, check the volume of the device. If this doesn’t solve the problem, you might want to move outside the building and see if that clears the reception.

9. The Buds Get Hotter

One of the issues that you are likely to experience with your Galaxy Buds is heat. This usually happens when you touch the Buds after a few hours of use.

This is completely normal, and unless the Buds feel incredibly hot to touch, there is no cause for concern. You don’t need to worry about any problem with the Buds, since the latent heat isn’t enough to affect the battery life at all.

10. There’s an Audio Lag

If you are playing a video and notice an audio lag between what’s happening on the mobile display and what you hear, it’s imperative that you disconnect and then repair the devices. The Galaxy Buds are cutting edge devices and there shouldn’t be an audio lag.

You might experience one from time to time, which is usually caused by an overburdening of your mobile’s resources. However, it’s best to repair them, as that usually resolves the problem.

11. Small Gap on the Outside

If you take a close look at your Galaxy Buds, you might notice a small gap on the outside of the Buds. This small gap is a necessary manufacturing feature added by the company to prevent friction between the components.

The buds have a haptic sensor for vibrations, and these vibrations could cause friction between the parts. This small gap is present to prevent the two surfaces from connecting with each other and preventing damage to the internal components of the Buds.

These are the most common Galaxy Bud issues that might arise, and how you can fix them appropriately.

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  1. The rt bud has low volume. I can hear music, but its less as loud as the left. I tried unpairing and restarting device. What can I do?


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