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When it comes to finding a lightweight gaming mouse, it’s very hard to look past the Glorious Model D. It’s built up a reputation as one of the best mice for fps games, with the brand becoming more and more popular in the last few years.

And if you’re looking for high performance when gaming, a lightweight yet well made mouse that can give you speed is key. As well as the ability to move your cursor at lightning speed, we also want something that’s accurate too.

The Model D delivers this, but it’s not the perfect all-round gaming mouse by any means. Let’s look at it a little closer.

Glorious Model D Review

If you’re looking for a mouse for first-person shooter games, then it’s very difficult to beat the model D. Its light build combined with a super responsive sensor make it very well suited to game like COD, CS and any other shooters you may play.

It has a fairly slim grip width (2.6 inches), so it suits those with small hands pretty well.

It is definitely worth looking at the Model D in a little more detail. But first, let’s recap about the brand itself and what other mice they offer, as they’re less familiar than Razer or Logitech to many.

The Brand

The Glorious story is one of my favourite examples of an originally small business doing things the right way. Although there are a few options when it comes to good gaming mice, the founder of Glorious wasn’t happy with the selection.

So, he made his own brand of mouse. All of the Glorious mice are designed to be lightweight and efficient, and ideal for gaming – especially for first-person shooters and competitive gaming.

Although they’ve only been around for the last 7 or so years, they’ve become pretty well known in gaming circles. Whilst the Model O is their most well known mouse, the Model D is another popular alternative (I’ll get to the difference between them in a minute).

Design & Build

One thing that I particularly like about Glorious mice is that you can choose between a matte finish or a glossy finish. Many people like myself don’t really like glossy, shiny mice. So, it’s nice to be able to have the choice between the two.

It is well known for its honeycomb design. This signature style has become pretty popular in the lightweight mouse field, as it allows you to get rid of some additional casing.

It actually shaves 4 or 5 grams from the weight of the Model D, and when it’s as lightweight as it is (69 grams), this can make a difference. This is definitely the case when playing first person shooters, as you want the mouse to be as light as possible (within reason).


Something that older models of Glorious mouse suffered with was a weak cable that wasn’t particularly durable. This has been fixed with all models now including the model D, and it has a lot more flexibility when you’re using it.

Ergonomically speaking, it’s pretty great. Some gaming mice aren’t known for their comfort and they can be difficult to use for long periods of time. This isn’t the case with the Model D, which hand strong thumb support.

This is one of the benefits of opting for a solely right handed mouse as opposed to ambidextrous. It can be more comfortable when it fits into your hand, as it allows it to sit in a more natural position.

There are a few different RGB customization options with this mouse too, which you can change with the Glorious software. Adjusting the RBG lighting and effect with their software is easy, and you can also adjust the DPI and other customizable options too.

Performance & Usage

Overall, the Model D has 6 different programmable buttons that you can use on the mouse itself. That’s the DPI button, scroll wheel, two side buttons and the right and left mouse button too.

It fits very comfortably into your hand if you use a typical palm or claw style grip when using your mouse. This is how most people actually end up using their mouse. It’s not the best if you use a fingertip grip, and I’d probably say that the Model O is better for that style.

As mentioned previous, it’s quite a slim mouse, so it suits those with a narrow grip width well. The ergonomic shape of the mouse means that it’s ideal for long hours of fps gaming.

model d honeycomb

It has a solid 1000 Hz polling rate and a fairly high dpi count of 12,000, which is good for a gaming mouse. What dos this mean for your gameplay? Well, it helps to make things run very smoothly with no delay between mouse and screen, as well as a super high accuracy too.


Ergonomic – Probably the stand out factor of this mouse in comparison to other similar models is that it’s very ergonomically friendly and good for a full day of use. If you have long hour gaming sessions, then this would likely be a good choice.
Flexible cable design – When you’re using a wired mouse, the cable that attaches it to your computer is of great importance. Glorious have improved their Model 0 over time, meaning that the Model D has been the beneficiary of a much improved cable design.
Honeycomb – It’s kind of a love/hate design feature that I’ve seen a few people being critical of online. However, it’s hard to argue with it as it does make for a light mouse without actually reducing your control or grip in any way. Though, it may take a little while to get used to.


Short warranty – Similar to many other gaming brands (like Razer), their accessories only come with a 1 year warranty. Though this isn’t that bad, it’s not quite on par with the 2 year warranty offered with many Logitech mice.
Scroll wheel – I prefer the scroll wheel on the Model O, as it feels better and is quieter than the model D. There are a couple of other differences between the two Glorious mice as well, which I’ll get onto now.

Glorious Model D vs Model O: How they’re different

When it comes to Glorious, they have two different mice to choose from. You have the Model D which we’ve just run through, but also the Model O as well.

Although the mouse are very similar to each other, there are a couple of differences between them that may make one more suitable than the other. The main one is that the model D is for right handed users, whereas the Model O can be used by both left handed and right hand people.

The shape of the Model D is something that a lot of users are likely to prefer. It fits very well in your palm, and it has a more ergonomic design overall than the O. You can also look at the Model O- too, which is great for those with slightly smaller hands (it weighs only 58 grams too).

Of course, Glorious also released their wireless version of the model O towards the end of 2020. So if you’re searching for a wireless Glorious mouse, then it may be worth taking a looking at it. There isn’t a wireless release of the Model D (yet).


In conclusion, I do think that the Glorious Model D is up there at the top when it comes to the best gaming mice on the market. Though some of your decision will likely come down to preference, it’s difficult to find anything better than it for the price.

Whether you opt for this mouse or the Model O is really down to what you prefer. For smaller palms, both of these mice now have minus options available too, so it’s worth checking the whole line out to see what suits.

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