How Many Attempts To Unlock iPhone? (Find Out)

How many attempts to unlock iPhone? The iPhone takes security very seriously and the company has taken a variety of steps to ensure that their mobile devices cannot be unlocked without proper authorization.

In fact, if someone tries to unlock the iPhone without authorization several times, the device is going to lock out. Obviously, what happens if you accidentally forget the PIN or the pass code?

It can be a bit frustrating as the pressure continues to build up. Some users forget their passcodes, which turns into a problem. However, in some cases, it could be a glitch caused by the iOS software as well.

If you know a thing or two about iPhones, you also probably know that the device is quite susceptible to glitching out. The more passcodes you attempt, the harsher the punishment is likely to be.

How Many Attempts To Unlock iPhone?

In general, all iPhones give you a total of 10 attempts when you are trying to guess the correct passcode that you set up yourself. That’s the maximum number of attempts that you have available! However, the punishment continues to increase in terms of severity as you make more wrong attempts.

The first five tries are generally exempt. You can put in the wrong passcodes without having to worry about much at all. On the sixth attempt that is wrong, the iPhone will be disabled for a full minute.

At the seventh attempt, the iPhone will be disabled for a further five minutes.

Another wrong attempt will disable it for 15 minutes, followed by a 60-minute disability. Finally, on the 10th wrong attempt, the iPhone will lock out, and will only work when you connect it to a computer and hook it up to iTunes.

So, on the 10th wrong try, your iPhone will not unlock unless you decide to follow the official unlocking protocols as specified by the company, which require you to connect your device to iTunes.

How To Unlock iPhone After Exhausting Your Attempts

After you have crossed the 10-attempt threshold, your only option will be to try out third-party programs or connect the device to iTunes for a legitimate fix.

If that’s not possible, then you will have to resort to third-party tools that are required to force your way into the operating system. There are four different solutions that you can try out to unlock the iPhone using a third-party program.

Using the KeyPass iPhone Unlocker

One of the best options available to you is to make use of a passcode unlocker software program. This is only useful after you have exhausted the 10 tries using the passcode.

The KeyPass iPhone Passcode Unlocker is designed to unlock your iPhone without ever requiring you to add in the password.

This is generally suitable in situations where the previous owner is no longer available to help you with unlocking the device. There are a number of features that are incorporated within the program that you can use for unlocking the device.

These include the ability for the program to bypass the lock screen without the password or the previous owner’s availability.

The company also claims to have a 100% pass rate for unlocking the iPhone, and it also claims that there is no reason for you to have any kind of tech knowledge.

Any one with a bit of knowledge about how to use the program can unlock the device. Before you decide to use the program, it is important that you first install it on your computer.

Once you have done that, the next step is to launch the program and click on Start. From there, just put your iPhone into recovery mode and click on the “Unlock Now” button to start the unlock.

The device is going to take a few minutes before it unlocks your iPhone completely. You will have to be patient and let the program work its magic.

iTunes Recovery Mode

The next solution is the iTunes Recovery mode. Keep in mind that this is a slightly more drastic solution as it’s going to erase all of your data from the device.

Basically, by using iTunes to unlock your phone, you are going to have to choose one of two options: you can either restore a backup that was created earlier on, or you can simply remove all data and essentially reset the device.

When you carry out a factory reset, all of your data is conveniently removed from the device straight away. Therefore, you need to be a bit cautious about using this method.

However, if you plan to proceed, you need to first begin by disconnecting your iPhone from the computer. Then, press the Side button and the Volume Up and Down buttons simultaneously to put your phone into Recovery Mode.

You will have to press this button for a while to enter the DFU/Recovery Mode. Once you do that, use the lightning cable that came with your device to plug in the device to your computer.

From there, open iTunes, and you will see two options: Update and Restore. You will have to select Restore to find a relevant system backup and install the latest version of iOS in your phone.

As you do this, all of the data on your device is going to be wiped out right away. The factory reset route is a bit harsh because all of your information is going to be removed straight away.

If you don’t have much data on your device, then this is a suitable option for you to consider.

Using iCloud

This is another radical method that is going to result in the loss of all your data, but at least you will gain access back to your device.

If you are not concerned about the data on your iPhone or have a recent backup available, you can just use this method to unlock your device.

The Find My iPhone feature is an excellent choice that will help you reset your phone and you will also get rid of the passcode in the process as well.

The first thing you need to do is log on to a computer and sign into your dashboard. Use the same ID that you used with your iPhone so that you can view the device.

Once you are logged in, you need to click on “Find my iPhone.” It’s a relatively straightforward option as it will allow you to view all of the devices that are linked to your account.

From there, you just need to find the iPhone. Once you are there, click on “Erase iPhone” and then confirm your offering. After the process has been completed, just pick up your iPhone and start using it.

It will obviously be in factory settings, and you will not be able to access your data. You will have to connect the device to your iTunes to restore the latest backup that you made.

It’s a fairly lengthy procedure but one that is best for people who want to gain full access to their device back with minimal hassle.

A Bug in Siri

There have been some bugs that have been reported in older versions of the iOS software. This bug allows users to connect to their device even after several unlocking attempts.

It only requires you to use Siri instead of having to hook up the device to iTunes. However, keep in mind that this method only works with the older versions of iOS. It is not going to work with the latest iOS updates, as those have been patched up.

You need to hold down the Home button and then ask Siri about the time. Siri will show up the clock app, and you just need to tap on it to launch the app.

If you haven’t set up Siri, you can just swipe down and see the Control Panel. You will have to tap on the + button and then write “unlock” in the search bar. From there, just click on “Select All” and then choose the “Share” option.

When you touch “Return” again, you will see an option to “Create New Contact.”

From there, click on “Add Photo.” This is going to take you to the gallery where you will be able to press the button for Home and as a result, you will have circumvented the passcode.

Most users will obviously find this too lengthy to use, and it’s also not straightforward. However, if you need an option as a last resort, this one might be well worth a try.

Obviously, if you have updated your iPhone to the latest iOS version, this thing isn’t going to work at all. Instead, you will have to try the other options given on this list. These are just a few tips to help you unlock your iOS device.

So if you were wondering just how many attempts you have to unlock your iPhone, we hope this guide has answered your question and provided you with additional tips on how to unlock your iPhone if you’ve exhausted all the attempts!

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