How to activate caller ID on home phones

Nowadays with everyone primarily using mobiles, less and less of us are reliant on our landline phones. Though in the past few years using a landline has decreased in popularity, they’re still commonly used across the UK.

And if you’ve just invested in a new home phone, then you’ll probably know that they have a lot more to them than they did a few decades ago. You should be able to clearly see the caller ID of anyone who’s calling you on your home phone.

But what if you can’t actually see who’s calling you on your home phone – what can you do to fix this problem? Well, there is a way for you to activate this on the vast majority of phones out there. So, let’s look at how you can do this.

How to activate caller id on home phone

One way that you can activate caller ID on your home phone is by simply calling your phone company. They should be able to activate this for you, and this can be an easy resolution for this problem without you having to do much.

Remember that if you need to get the number of someone who’s just called you, then you can do this by calling 1471. This will give you the number of the last caller, so if you’ve missed their number, this is an easy way to get it.

However, depending on which phone company you’re with, there might be an even easier fix for this problem. This will depend on who your landline provider is. Here’s how it works for some of the bigger companies out there.

Activate Caller ID – BT

If you have a BT landline, then you might not even have to call them to activate caller ID on your phone. The easiest way to do this with BT is by dialling #234#. This will let you know whether caller ID is active on your phone or not, and can help you find a fix for your issues.

Activate Caller ID – Sky

With Sky, you actually can’t turn off the caller ID being activated through the network itself. If you’re not having a caller ID pop up on the phone, then this must be because of the settings of the phone itself. This is good because it means there’s probably an easy resolution to your problem.

It could also mean that the caller has withheld their number, and this is the reason why it’s not coming up on your caller display.

Activate Caller ID – Other Providers

In the majority of cases, the provider that you’re with will have caller ID activated all the time. So, it’s unlikely that the problem is actually with the network, and you should look at what else may be causing the issue.

So, why isn’t called ID showing up on my phone?

Caller Withheld – The main reason that someone else’s number may not be showing up on your phone when they are calling you is that they’ve actually told their phone not to, and they’re withholding their number. If they are doing this, then there’s no way that you’ll be able to see their number, and there’s nothing you can really do about it. Try calling 1471 to get the previous callers number – it will tell you if it is withheld or not.
Phone Settings – Another reason why someone else’s caller ID may not be showing up on your phone is that your phones settings are preventing this from happening. You’ll need to go through your settings and check if there’s a caller ID option, as in some cases, this may be defaulted to off.
Turn on and off – Although this isn’t the best advice, if you call your provider they will likely suggest that you turn the phone off and on again to see if this resolves the problem. This might be all you need to get your phone working properly with caller ID again.


In conclusion, usually there is a pretty simple reason why there’s no caller ID showing up on your home phone. The easiest way to understand why this is happening is by calling your landline provider, who should be able to help you fix the problem.

Depending on the model of phone and your provider, there are other ways you can get the number to show on your caller display.

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