How To Check iPhone Activation Date (Android Activation Date)

Do you know how to check iPhone activation date or android phone activation date? Apple and Google are strong competitors of each other in a variety of different industries. Apple has built a very strong portfolio of devices that are renowned across the globe, and Google has done the same.

Both companies excel not just in terms of the hardware that they manufacture, but also the software. When Apple first entered the smartphone industry in 2007, it introduced a new age of communication. The iPhone was an instant hit, and it soon became the talk of the town.

Google, realizing that it had to catch up and introduce something similar to stay abreast of the tech industry, created an operating system known as Android, and released it a year later. Both companies had very different distribution models.

Apple handled the manufacturing, the software, and the updates on their devices. Google simply created an open source operating system that could be used on different devices, and gave manufacturers free reign to modify it however they would like.

Needless to say, it wasn’t long before Android took over Apple in terms of the number of devices on which it was installed. Companies such as Samsung and HTC introduced a myriad of different devices targeting different price points, and it soon became quite popular. On the other hand, Apple stuck with its “one new phone a year” policy, until only recently, when they introduced several different iterations targeting a different kind of consumer.

Both devices offer very different experiences to each other, and are quite popular among users. Some people swear by the iPhone and have the entire Apply ecosystem in their houses, while others prefer the freedom provided by Google and the Android operating system’s extensive functionality and support options.

To access the features provided by both of these devices, you will be required to log into or make a new ID. For instance, if you want to fully access the features in your iPhone, you will need to make an iCloud ID. Similarly, if you want to use your Android Phone properly, you will have to login with a Gmail ID. But, what if you wanted to know the activation date of your device?

What Is the Activation Date?

First, let’s talk about the activation date and what it represents. Maybe you would want to know when the device was first turned on or when it was first activated. The activation date is stored on the central board of the device and records the date and time on which the device was first activated. It is paired with the IMEI of your device and cannot be tampered with.

As you can imagine, this date can prove to be quite handy in a variety of situations. For instance, if you are buying a second-hand device from someone else, you can check the activation date on your device to make sure that the seller isn’t lying or trying to get rid of it. It’s a very simple procedure to check the activation date as well. Similarly, if you are buying a brand new device from a third-party reseller, you can check the activation date to determine whether the device was activated before or not.

This way, you will have the peace of mind that you are buying the right thing. However, while it might seem pretty straightforward on the Android device, Apple has confused matters a bit for its average consumer. Android seeks to provide as much clarity and transparency to its customers as possible, and as a result of that, they have created a simple process by which you can check the activation date of your device.

How to Check Android Phone Activation Date

The process is actually pretty simple, and all you need is to dial a specific code on your mobile. Open up the dialer on your Android Phone, and then type in: *#*#4636#*#*. A prompt will open up, and from there, you just have to click on “Usage Statistics” to see all the information about your phone. However, keep in mind that this is mostly valid for Samsung devices. On other devices, the same code might not work.

Then, you just have to tap on SystemUI/Phone services and you can check the activation date of your device directly. But, what if you were using another device? First, you should check out the settings, and look for an option that says “total usage time” on your phone. On most devices, this option is readily available under System Information.

How To Check iPhone Activation Date

In the case of iPhone, things are a bit complicated. Unfortunately, there’s no direct way given in the operating system manufactured by Apple on how to check iPhone activation date. You can only see the total usage time and then work your way backward, but even that could be altered. However, there are some secondary options.

For instance, you can open your browser and search for an Apple IMEI Checker. There are plenty of legitimate websites that allow you to input your IMEI number and mobile number details, and the program will let you know about the activation date of the device. It’s a pretty simple way of finding out the activation date of an iPhone, especially because Apple does not provide this information to its users right off the bat.

On top of that, you can also use Android IMEI checkers on your computer to see the activation date of your Android phone. If the information is not available in your system settings, or for some reason you are unable to find it, you can just search online through an IMEI checker. These tools are quite intuitive and are regularly recording information. If you can’t find it, just run a search online for the make and model of your device. If you are interested in buying a secondhand device from someone and you are not exactly sure about whether to take them at their word, you should consider checking the activation date first.

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