How to clean vizio tv screen – what to do and not do!

You have landed on the right post if you don’t know how to clean the Vizio TV screen. The simplest and safest solution is to use a microfiber cloth and distilled water. You can also add a small amount of dish soap into the water. Using aggressive liquid cleaners can damage your TV screen. 

Dust, dirt, and fingerprints on your Vizio TV screen certainly don’t improve its picture quality. Therefore, you should clean it from time to time. However, you should be very careful when cleaning modern screens because they are very fragile. Therefore, read the entire article to find out how to clean it properly without damage.  

How to Clean Vizio TV Screen

When cleaning your VIZIO TV screen, you need to have a microfiber cloth, water, and dish soap. Dampen the microfiber cloth with plain distilled water or a solution of water and a small amount of dish soap. You don’t need to use a commercial cleaner since it can be too aggressive to the screen. 

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How to Clean Vizio TV Screen – Step By Step 

As we said earlier, modern TV screens are fragile, so you should be careful when cleaning them. In other words, you can’t use aggressive liquid cleaners

So, whether you have a TV, laptop, iPhone, or AirPods, you need to clean them. This way, you can extend their lifespan and protect your health. 

The best solution for cleaning devices is getting special items for this purpose. This is why we have decided to let you know everything about the process of cleaning a Vizio TV screen.  

Items Needed

Before cleaning the TV, make sure to get all the items. Vizio TV models come with different panels, but you don’t need to worry about it. Just make sure to find the right items to remove dust, spots, and fingerprints.

The first and the most significant item is a microfiber cloth. It allows you to clean glasses, mobile phones, and TV screens. Let’s find out more about the other items you need to finish this process. 

Get the following items to clean Vizio TV: 

  • A microfiber cloth
  • Distilled water
  • Dish soap 
  • Cleaning solution made from distilled water and mild dish soap
  • Cotton swabs

Cleaning Your Vizio TV Screen

Step 1: Turn Off Your Vizio TV

Before starting this process, you need to turn off your Vizio TV. Make sure to unplug the power cord to ensure you are safe while cleaning it. Doing so also makes it much easier to find stains, dirt, and dust on the screen when it is turned off.

The cleaning process can take about 5 minutes. Wait for the screen to cool down because a cold TV screen won’t react to cleaning products.  

Step 2: Clean The Screen With a Microfiber Cloth

As we said earlier, the best way to clean your Vizio TV is with a microfiber cloth. Dampen the microfiber cloth with plain distilled water. Use the cloth to wipe the screen in a circular motion. Clean all the parts of the screen. Don’t forget to clean the edges of the screen, as well. 

microfiber cloth
Microfiber cloths

Step 3: Dampen the Cloth with a Cleaning Solution

If you didn’t manage to remove all the stains and smudges with the cloth and water only, try to add a little bit of mild dish soap into distilled water

It is recommended to use small amounts of dish soap. Some manufacturers recommend the ratio of 100:1 water to soap. It means you should use no more than one teaspoon of dish soap in two cups of water

Use the wet cloth to wipe all the dirt and stains. After cleaning the screen areas with the cleaning solution, finish it off with a clean microfiber cloth. 

Step 4: Use Dry Cotton Buds to Clean Screen Edges

If you can’t reach TV screen edges, use dry cotton buds. This item helps you reach inaccessible areas with a lot of dirt. Since the cotton buds are made for ears, they are gentle and will not scratch your screen. 

VIZIO recommendations to Clean Vizio TV Screen

Every TV comes with a user guide manual. So, before cleaning the TV, it might be a good idea to read it. You can certainly find reliable information about how to clean your Vizio TV. If the guide doesn’t provide enough information about the cleaning process, search the web. 

Find the right model of your TV in the manual. Then, Google it to find all your specific TV model information.  

Specifically, Vizio Support recommends using any electronic cleaner meant for LCD screens. They also recommend following the instructions of the cleaner product’s manufacturer.  

What Not to Do When Cleaning Your Vizio TV Screen

Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals

When you want to clean Vizio TV screen, the first thing that pops into your head is to get a glass cleaner such as Windex. People usually opt for cleaning agents made for glass or windows. This is the wrong thing to do!

You should avoid harsh chemicals on your screen because they can damage it. Aggressive ingredients such as ammonia, acetone, or alcohol could do a lot of damage. Yes, they could clean dirt, dust, and stains, but not without damage to your flat-screen TV. 

Don’t Use Paper Towels or Items That Can Scratch the TV

Although you might be tempted to use some abrasive fabric to remove the stubborn stains, try to avoid those. Always use items that can’t scratch the TV, like soft cloths. The screen can get scratched very easily, and once you do it, there is no going back. 

If you choose paper towels, try to find the soft kind because they can also contain some fibers which could damage the screen. For that reason, always make sure to wipe your Vizio screen slowly and don’t press too much

Paper Towel
Paper Towel

However, the best choice is always a soft microfiber cloth. This is an antistatic cloth we use to clean our glasses, sunglasses, or camera lenses. You should use the cloth by making circular motions slowly and gently, not pressing too hard. 

If there are some persistent stains, you can put some distilled water on the cloth and try to remove them. In some cases, you can choose distilled water with a little bit of mild dish soap. 

Never spray anything directly on the screen! If you intend to use water or some other solution, always spray it on the cloth and then wipe the screen with it.

Additional tip: If your TV is on the stand and not mounted on the wall, use only one hand to wipe the screen. You can use the other hand to hold your TV. This way, you will stop your TV from falling over. 

Forgetting to Clean the Remote

You have probably heard that remote controls are the dirtiest household items. Large numbers of studies have shown that remote controls are natural breeding grounds for bacteria. 

Therefore, you should clean your remote regularly. So, if you want to clean Vizio TV screen, make sure to clean its remote as well. 

Vizio Universal Remote XRT140R
Vizio Universal Remote XRT140R

Here is how you can clean your Vizio remote control: 

  • Remove batteries from the remote
  • Tap the remote gently to remove dirt from the keys
  • Take a wet disinfectant wipe and clean all parts of the remote
  • Use an ear stick to clean the keys and slots 

Don’t Waste Money on Cleaning Kits

As we mentioned above, the best choice for cleaning is the microfiber cloth and distilled water, if needed. However, you may encounter various cleaning kits for the TV screens. These kits are often more expensive and contain nothing more than a microfiber cloth with a small bottle of cleaning solution. In most cases, this solution is plain water. 

Therefore, it isn’t necessary to waste money on these various cleaning kits. Instead, you can purchase a microfiber cloth in any well-equipped office supplies store or on the internet. This way, you could save some bucks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I clean my Vizio TV screen with Windex?

No. Windex, just like any other cleaning agent, contains different harsh chemicals. In addition, Windex contains ammonia and alcohol, which can significantly damage your TV screen. The best choice for cleaning the TV screen is a microfiber cloth and distilled water. You can also use a combination of distilled water and mild dish soap. 

How do I remove fingerprints from my Vizio TV?

The best way to remove fingerprints from your Vizio TV is to use a non-aggressive cleaning solution. For instance, you can make your own. You can make it by pouring some mild dish soap into distilled water. Make sure to keep the 100:1 water to soap ratio. Don’t directly spray the screen. Instead, use a microfiber cloth to apply the cleaning solution to the screen.  

What is the best thing to use to clean TV screen?

If you want to clean your TV screen, the best and safest solution is to use a microfiber cloth and distilled water. You can always use a small amount of mild dish soap, mix it with water and remove the stains. Dampen the cloth with distilled water and use it to clean the screen. If you can’t reach its edges, you can use dry cotton buds. 


If you want to know how to clean Vizio TV screen the right way, there are several things to pay attention to. 

The most significant thing is to avoid abrasive cleaning tools and cleaning solutions that contain harsh chemicals like ammonia, acetone, and alcohol. So, if you don’t want to damage your screen, the simplest way to clean it is by using a soft microfiber cloth. 

The cloth can remove most of the dirt and stains. Those remaining spots and smudges can be removed either with distilled water or a mix of water and dish soap. Either way, make sure to dampen the cloth and not spray anything on the screen itself. 

Also, make circular motions, be gentle, and don’t press the screen too much. Lastly, you can clean the edges and corners of the screen with ear sticks. These are perfect items for reaching inaccessible areas. 

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