How to Measure Your Laptop Size – The Full Guide

If you’re going to invest in a laptop, then you want to make sure that you’re getting one the right size. Or perhaps you have your own laptop already, and you’re not quite sure how you should measure the screen. Either way, it’s important to know the size of your laptop and whether that screen size is right for you. As well as the screen, you’ll also want to measure the other aspects of your laptop as well, like it’s width and height too.

And with laptops being made with smaller screens now than ever, it’s great that you can easily find out the size of your laptop screen. But how do you measure this? Well, that’s what we’re going to take a quick look at today.

How to Measure Your Laptop Size

If you want to measure your laptop screen size, then all you need to do is measure the distance diagonally between the two different corners of the laptop. You can do this by measuring from any corner to the other corner opposite from that corner – this is how to get the most accurate measurement of your laptops screen size.

However, this may not tell the full tale of exactly how to measure your laptop. For example, if you’re going to purchase yourself a new laptop bag, then you’ll want to make sure that you have the right measurements. So, let’s look at how you can accurately measure a laptop size in full.

How to Measure: Screen Size

When you measure the screen size, it’s important that you’re measuring the size of the screen itself. You’ll also want to consider the screen to body ratio that your laptop has – the more screen size it has, the closer it’s going to b to the diagonal lenth of the laptop overall.


Measuring the screen size this way is the most accurate way to get an idea of what your actually size is. This is useful if you’re going to order additional accessories, especially things like privacy filters.

How to Measure: Height & Length

As well as measuring the screen size of your laptop, there will likely be times that you need to know the length and height of your laptop too. Whilst one way to find this out is finding the specs of your model of laptop online, you can also do this manually yourself.


All you need to do is measuring along the bottom of your laptop to get it’s length, and along the side of your laptop to get it’s height. this is where many people get confused; between the height and depth of a laptop. However if we use what the big manufacturers use, then the height of your laptop is it’s distance from front to back.

How to Measure: Depth (Thickness)

Another measurement of your laptop that you’ll often see mentioned is it’s depth, also referred to as it’s thickness, You’ll also find this sometimes inaccurately referred to as the height of the laptop, which although kind of makes sense, it’s actually what we call it in laptop terms.


You can easily measure the depth of your laptop by simply flipping it on it’s side and seeing just how thick it is. Although in many cases you won’t actually need to measure this, it can prove useful if you end up buying a laptop backpack.


Whilst you may not need to know the measurements of your laptop immediately, it can prove useful to know them for future reference. Usually you can find these measurements easily online anyway, so you may be better off just searching for them.

If you’re looking for a portable laptop, then ensuring that it isn’t a larger size than you want is important. In some cases, it might prove useful to get a detachable laptop, which has the size and lightweight features that many people need. Either way, if you want to measure your laptop, this is the best method to do so.

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