How to Mount a Soundbar to your TV

If you’re trying to create a good home cinema experience, then in a lot of cases you’ll either use a soundbar below your TV or in some cases, you might even have it above your TV as an alternative. But what about if you want to mount your soundbar directly to your television? Is this possible, and how do you go about doing it?

Well, the good news is that yes, you definitely can mount a soundbar to your TV.. as long as you have the right equipment. But what exactly do you need? Well, that’s what we’re going to look at, as well as seeing the best way for you to do it too.

How to Mount a Soundbar to your TV

If you’ve got your television mounted on the wall, then you’re not going to want to have your soundbar too far away from this. You can do this by mounting your soundbar too – here’s how you’d go about doing this.

  1. If you wasn’t already aware, you can actually buy an attachment that mounts your soundbar to your television. So, you’ll need to pick one of these up to mount the two together.
  2. Then, assuming your television is mounted on the wall, you’ll actually need to take it down. You need to do this to mount the two together at the same time.
  3. Then, you can add the soundbar to television attachment in between the television and its mount. Then, you can pop the mount back up on the wall.
  4. From here, all you need to do is attach the soundbar to it’s additional mount, which is actually pretty easy.

So to put it simply, all you need to do is purchase an additional soundbar to TV bracket and use that to attach the soundbar to the TV. Simple!

Should I mount my Soundbar to my TV?

You might not have to actually mount your TV to your soundbar directly. It’s advised that you keep the two close to each other, but that doesn’t mean to say that you need to actually mount them together. You can also consider mounting your soundbar on its own.

Of course, this will involved drilling some more holes in your wall, and if you want to avoid this then you should mount them both together. But, mounting your soundbar on its own can be a good way to immediately get your soundbar up without having to change your current setup.

You’ll also have to take the wires into consideration – have you got a wireless soundbar, or will you need to connect them together? Because if you use wired and mount your soundbar separately, then it’s not going to look great.

Can I mount my soundbar to my TV easily?

Yes, you can definitely mount a soundbar to your TV if it’s mounted on the wall! This is the best way to actually attach a soundbar to your television in this scenario, as it will keep it close enough to your television and elevated from the floor.

Where do you mount a soundbar?

If you’re not entirely where to mount your sidebar, then typically the best place is for you to put it just below the television. This is where you’ll get the best sound coming from beneath your TV. You can also consider putting your soundbar above your TV too in some cases, but if the soundbar is tilted slightly upwards, then it might make the sound travel above your head.

Can you put a sound bar behind you?

Whilst putting the soundbar below or above the television is optional., it’s typically best to keep the soundbar only a few inches from the TV itself. Wy? Well, the soundwaves from the bar are intended to reach you without interference. This means that if the soundbar is behind you, it’s likely going to have to travel through something to reach your ears.

Can you mount a soundbar vertically?

Again, another question people ask if you can mount a soundbar in an alternative vertical way. A soundbar isn’t meant to be used at this angle, and it best used if you place it horizontally as per its design. So when you’re wall mounting your soundbar, take some extra care to make sure that it’s set up in the right manner.


All in all, it’s actually pretty simple for you to mount a soundbar to your television – you just have to have the right equipment to do it properly. Making sure that you mount the soundbar in the right place is essential if you’re trying to create the best sound when you’re at home watching the TV.

Putting your soundbar at the bottom of your TV is what is considered the norm, and it is likely the best place your most models.

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