How to not lose airpods (even if you forget things easily)

Airpods have seen a dramatic increase in popularity over the past few years. More and more people are opting to go for a pair of airpods over a wired pair of headphones, and they’re taking up a good percentage of the market nowadays.

To some people, this might come as a bit of a surprise. Especially seeing as they seem to be very easy to lose, which is why there are still folks out there who are still not convinced by Airpods. The high price tag is probably another thing that puts people off these wireless earbuds.

But as usual, everything Apple release seems to turn to gold eventually. And actually, it’s not that easy for you to lose your airpods in the first place. Here’s a few ways you can prevent yourself from losing your airpods.

How to not lose your airpods

Most people worry about losing their airpods when they’re actually using them. For this, a good set of earhooks is going to be your best option. You can also consider using athletic tape to make sure that the airpods don’t leave your ears.

You may also be worried about your airpods when they’re in the charging case. For this, you should download the Find My app, which can help you find the last place you left the charging case. These are the best options if you’re worried about losing airpods. Let’s look at them in some more detail.

Airpod Earhooks

Probably the best way to ensure that you’re not going to lose your airpods when you’re wearing them is to look at getting some earhooks. These are specially designed hooks created externally from Apple, and they can help you keep your airpods in place when you’re using them.

These can come in handy especially when you’re doing cardio activity or sports, like running or going to the gym. These are the kinds of activities which most people think will cause them to lose their airpods in the first place, and the hooks can help them stay in your ears throughout the process.

Earhooks tend to make your airpods a lot more like other sports earbuds, like the Powerbeats that have been released specifically for athletics. So, this is the first adjustment you can make to airpods to make sure that you do not lose them.

Use Tape

Another alternative for folks that are looking for a way to keep their airpods in when they’re using them for athletics or running is to invest in some good tape. You can quite simply use athletic tape for this, and it will help to ensure that the airpods stay in your ears when you’re running around.

Though it might not be the most sturdy and secure of solutions, it’s definitely something that you can do when you’re in a rush. Most of the time, airpods won’t come out when you’re walking or doing low intensity activities, so you could simply use some tape when you’re doing things that are more active.

Find My app

If you haven’t heard of it before, then Apple actually have an app that you can install on your iPhone call Find My. It’s very easy for you to set this app up and connect it with your airpods.

It used to be called Find My iPhone, but the brand changed the name as they have a variety of different products you can find with the app now. So, it’s worth setting up with all of the Apple devices you own, including your airpods.

This means that if you ever do actually lose them, then you can check the app and it will show you the location of them. All you need to do is open up the app – but, make sure you set it up with your Apple devices as soon as you get them.

This is very helpful should you lose them, as you’ll be able to easily track them down to where they are. Plus, it should work both if you’ve got just one missing airpod, or you’ve misplaced the case as well.

And if the airpods have been disconnected from your phone, then you’ll see the last place that you had them. So, if you left them at the gym by accident, then you’ll be able to easily see that you left them there. Very handy indeed.

Buy a good case

Something else that you could consider if you’re super worried about losing your airpods is to invest in a new case for them. There are many different options out there that you could opt for that would make it much harder for you to lose your airpods.

An example of this would be a case that has a keychain hook attached to it. This way, you can easily attach the case of your airpods to your person or at least to your rucksack. This will help a lot if you’re really worried about losing the airpod case.

Though the Airpods charging case is good, it’s very easy to lose. So, it’s worth getting an additional case for them. The good thing about this is that they’re typically pretty cheap, too.

Get used to using them

I always see people online, or I’ve even been asked in person, if airpods are that easy to lose. It seems like people are really scared that if they owned them, it’d be really easy to lose them. “I’d love a pair, but I know I’d lose them” is a phrase that’s been uttered to me many times over the past few years of owning airpods.

The truth is that it’s actually quite difficult to lose your airpods. They don’t fall out of your ears like many people seem to think they do, so that’s not generally something you’ll have to worry about.

Something that it essential to keeping hold of them is getting in the habit of putting them back in your case when you’re not using them. It’s very easy to just put the earbuds away and not back in the case, and this is a mistake. If you want to ensure you won’t lose them, then definitely get used to putting them back in their case.

It can also be a really good idea for you to find somewhere for your airpods to live permanently. This could be your pocket, your rucksack or somewhere to put them when you’re not using them. Doing this can definitely help prevent yourself from losing the airpods.

Will Apple replace my airpods?

The good thing about Apple’s warranty on their airpods is that they do cover quite a bit, including any defects that occur within the first year that you own them. This means that if one airpod stops working or starts to crackle, then you can send it back pretty easily and get a replacement.

The bad news is that unfortunately, the warranty for airpods doesn’t cover airpods that are lost or even stolen. This means that in this scenario, there’s no chance of you getting a new pair of airpods from Apple to replace your old ones.

If you contact Apple about your missing airpods, then they’ll likely just ask you to purchase a replacement. And even if you’ve only lost the buds and not the case itself, then getting a new pair can be pretty expensive.

Can I get airpods insurance?

So, we know that Applecare aren’t going to replace your airpods if you lose them. But is that everything? Well, no actually. If you want to, then you could actually look at getting some gadget insurance online.

Typically, gadget insurance is aimed at those that are trying to protect their Macbook, iPhone or tablet. But with some companies, you can also include your airpods in that as well. So, it could be worth looking at getting his if you’re super worried about losing your airpods.


All in all, hopefully these tips have helped you understand what you could potentially do if you’re scared about losing your airpods. Ear hooks are an excellent way to ensure that they stay in, especially if you’re going to be outdoors exercising.

Although it is more likely you’ll lose them than a wired pair, they won’t just fall out of your ears like many people seem to think. And, the advantage of them being wireless is worth the extra risk for many people.

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