How to connect jLab earbuds and headphones [full guide]

In recent years, JLab has developed a wide range of earbuds and headphones for audiophiles and gamers. These are pretty high-quality products, and they work pretty well with both iOS and Android devices. 

Connecting wired earphones is straightforward enough, but a wireless connection can get tricky sometimes. And that’s why we have developed this comprehensive guide to sort things out for you. So, here’s how to connect JLab earbuds

Pairing JLab Earbuds and Headphones

There are three different types of earbuds and headphones models that JLab has to offer. And the wireless pairing procedure changes with the model you have and the device you are connecting it with. 

So, if you are having trouble pairing your Jlab earbuds and headphones with your device, here are the basic steps you need to follow. 

  • First, turn on the pairing mode on your JLab device (we’ll get into the individual details in a bit).
  • The next step is looking up your JLab device on your phone/laptop and pairing it. 
  • After, you have to confirm the successful pairing of your devices. 
  • If pairing is unsuccessful, troubleshoot the Bluetooth connection. 

Let’s get into the details here, shall we?

JLab True Wireless Earbuds
JLab True Wireless Earbuds

Turning on pairing mode on your jLab model

The pairing mode on true wireless JLab earbuds, JLab wireless earbuds, and JLab headphones is unique. Here’s how you can pair each of these devices. 

JLab True Wireless Earbuds

The models included in this category are JLab Epic Air Elite, JLab Epic Air Sport, JLab JBuds Air Executive, JLab JBuds Air Sport, and JLab JBuds Air. Some newer models include JLab Go Air Pop, JLab Go Air Tones, JLab Go Air, JLab Epic Air Sport ANC, JLab Epic Air ANC, JLab JBuds Air Pro, JLab JBuds Air, and JLab JBuds Air ANC. 

The pairing process for these earbuds is slightly unusual. First, you have to hold down the multi-functional buttons on both earbuds for 3 seconds to turn them on. The earbuds will go into pairing mode as soon as they turn on. 

The LED light on the left piece will turn on solid white, while the right bud’s LED will start blinking white and blue. And it indicates that the earbuds are ready to pair. However, both pieces might start flashing white and blue colors on Epic Air Elite earbuds. 

JLab Wireless Earbuds

The models included in this category are JLab Fit Sport 3, JLab Fit Sport, JLab Fit 2.0, JLab JBuds Elite, JLab Metal, JLab JBuds Pro, and JLab JBuds Pro.

You have to press and hold that multi-functional button for about 10 seconds. After that, the LED light will start blinking blue and red. This indicates that the wireless earbuds are ready for pairing. 

JLab Headphones

The models that are included in this category are both over-the-ear and on-ear. These include JLab Studio On-Ear, JLab Studio Icon, JLab Studio ANC, JLab Studio Wireless, JLab Rewind Retro, JLab Rewind Icon, JLab Rewind Bluetooth, JLab Play Gaming Wireless Headset, JLab Omni Folding, JLab Neon Wireless, JLab JBuddies Play Gaming Wireless Kids, and JLab Flex Sport.

With your headphones turned off, you must press and hold the power button for at least 10 seconds. It will cause the LED to blink blue and red, indicating that the headphones are ready for pairing. 

The blinking color of the LED light might vary based on the model. Some models give you verbal feedback by saying “Hello” when the headphones are ready for pairing. 

JLab Earbuds
JLab Wireless Earbuds

Finding your JLab Device on your Laptop/Phone and Pairing Them

For iPhone 

You will have to go to “Settings” on your iPhone and then to “Bluetooth” to turn it on. Then, you can look up the JLab device listed under the “Other Devices” section. Then, tap on it for the connection. 


You will have to go to “Settings” on your Android phone and turn on its Bluetooth. Under “Bluetooth,” tap on “Pair new device.” As soon as your JLab device appears on the list, tap on it to create a connection. 


On your Mac, select the Apple Menu (top left corner), go to “System Preferences,” and click on “Bluetooth.” When your JLab device appears on the list, click on it to connect. And click “Accept” if asked.

Windows 10

Go to “System Settings” and click on “Bluetooth & other devices”. You can also click the Bluetooth button in the toolbar and “Show Bluetooth device.” If your Bluetooth button is hidden, you can find it in a list by clicking over the upward arrow located on the taskbar right at the bottom of your screen. 

When the “Add a device” window shows up on your screen, you can click “Bluetooth.” You can look up your JLab device in the list and click on it for the connection to occur. 

You can also search for “Bluetooth” from your Windows Search Box. As soon as the “Bluetooth & other devices” window shows on your screen, ensure that your Bluetooth is turned on and click on “Add Bluetooth or another device,” and choose your JLab device from the list by clicking on it. 

Confirm successful pairing

As soon as you have successfully paired your JLab device with your laptop or phone, the LED light on your JLab device will stop blinking (or it will start blinking at a slower rate, based on your model). Some JLab models (headphones) give you verbal feedback that it has paired successfully. 

Troubleshooting JLab Earbuds and Headphones Connection Issues

Well, Bluetooth has always been a flimsy kind of communication protocol. Connecting your JLab device using Bluetooth seems simple and straightforward, yet the device may not pair with your laptop or phone. 

And in most cases, it’s just a matter of resetting your host device or your JLab earphones for syncing. Bluetooth is flaky at times, and that is something that is not going to change very soon. It always has poor range and is vulnerable to various interfaces.

Moreover, keeping it turned on can make your battery drain way faster. So, if your JLab device is not pairing, the most likely cause of it is the fragile Bluetooth connection.

JLab Earbuds Not Pairing With Each Other

If your JLab earbuds don’t pair with each other, you can follow the same troubleshooting process discussed above. But you can try out a few other things to see if you can make the pair before you reset them. 

  • Begin by turning your earbuds off and putting them in their case. Let them be for a full minute, then turn them back on after taking them out of their case. After that, you will need to hold them apart (not more than 2 inches) and check if they pair or not. 
  • Without turning them off, put them back into their case for 60 seconds and then take them out. Hold them apart (not more than 2 inches) until they pair successfully. 
  • Put the earbuds back into their case and turn the Bluetooth off on your host device. Then, remove the earbuds from the patient and hold them apart (not more than 2 inches). If they pair, turn on the Bluetooth on your host device and check. 
  • Ensure that you are away from any electronics or communication equipment linked with your host device before you take the earbuds out of their case. 

When both your devices have an established connection, one will start flashing white while the other will start flashing blue. And it means they are successfully paired. 

Bluetooth is prone to interference, and that is the case even with its latest version (Bluetooth 5.2). It is way worse than WiFi which tends to struggle with penetrating masonry, plastic, rubber, and metal. 

JLab’s In and Out Audio Dropping 

Sometimes you might have to deal with issues where the audio from your JLab device keeps skipping, or just drops out all of a sudden. This happens primarily due to distance or interference. And there are a few things that you can do to restore this issue. 

  • If you are over 20 feet away from your laptop or phone, try to get closer to it. If you are using your JLab device with your phone, then it’s better to keep the phone in your pocket or just a few feet away. 
  • You can turn off the Bluetooth on your host device and then turn it on to restore your connection. Keep it turned off for an entire minute for the best results. 
  • Try removing your JLab device from your ears and putting them back in its case. Next, turn off the Bluetooth on the host device and wait for an entire minute. Now, turn on the Bluetooth, get the earbuds out of their case, and then try to re-establish the connection. 
  • Try resetting your JLab device, as we have discussed below. You can turn off your host device on again before removing your earbuds. 

In and out audio dropping is a common issue with these Bluetooth devices. But you can resolve the problem by moving closer to your host device to increase connection power and stability. 

But that doesn’t mean Bluetooth doesn’t start to act up at times. You will be surprised to find that shifting your phone from your left to your right pocket strengthens the pairing with your JLab earphones. 

Resetting your JLab Earbuds

No matter what JLab device you own, you can go into your host Bluetooth device (either your laptop or phone) and “Forget” your JLab device from the list. With the JLab family, there are quite a few models, each of which has a separate resetting procedure. 

JLab Air (V2, Sport, Executive)

You need to place both earbuds back in their case. And as soon as you put them there, tap on them four times quickly. You will see that the blue LED light will flash three times. 

Do the same with the other earbud and then remove them from their case. If you do it correctly, both will immediately start flashing blue and white lights. Now, they are “Discoverable,” and you can pair them. 

JLab Air V1

You have to begin by turning your earbuds off. Now, press and hold one of them for about 15 seconds or until it starts flashing white. Now, do the same with your second piece. Now your earbuds will be ready to pair, and the right piece will start flashing white and blue.

JLab Epic ANC

It works the same way as in the case of JLab Air (V2, Sport, Executive), except that you will have to tap each piece (still in their case) seven times instead of four times. 

Once you have tapped on both the pieces, you can root them from their case, and each of them will start flashing blue and white lights alternatively. This means they are ready to pair. 

According to JLab, you might have to repeat this process more than once. And if syncing doesn’t occur after three attempts, you need to contact the company’s customer support for a possible exchange if under warranty coverage.

Once you have successfully reset your JLab device and are ready to repair it, it will appear in the list of whatever host device you want to connect with. 


There you have it. Now you know all you need to on how to connect JLab earbuds.

But suppose you are dealing with Bluetooth pairing issues with your JLab device. In that case, whether the earbuds are not pairing with the host device or with one another, or the audio keeps dropping, the problem is with the Bluetooth technology itself and not the JLab headphones. 

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