How to pair LG soundbar with it’s subwoofer – Troubleshooting

Connecting your soundbar to your subwoofer should be really easy to do. But unfortunately, in some scenarios it’s just not as easy as it should be!

A good example of this is if you have an LG soundbar. The process for connecting it to your subwoofer isn’t exactly straightforward, and if you need walking through the process, then I’m here to help. So, let’s look at how you pair an LG soundbar up to your subwoofer.

How to pair LG soundbar with it’s subwoofer

No matter the soundbar or subwoofer that you’re using, it shouldn’t take you very long to connect the two together. Whether it’s an expensive or a budget soundbar, you should be able to connect them to each other. Here’s the best way for you to connect an LG soundbar to a subwoofer.

  1. Turn your subwoofer on. You should see a red light on the front of the subwoofer, which indicates that it’s in standby mode.
  2. The area where most people get confused is how they link together. Well, when the subwoofer is turned on, it will automatically start flashing green, and start searching for your soundbar. You don’t need to use ANY cable to connect the two devices together.
  3. When your subwoofer has found the soundbar, then the flashing green light will switch to a permanent green light. Perfect!

It’s very easy to connect the two together, and you don’t really need to do anything. So, this is how you can connect the two devices together.

They still aren’t connecting.. what should I do?

If the two devices still won’t connect together, then don’t fret – there are still some things that you can do to make them connect. Here’s a few tricks that you can try to get the sub and the soundbar to connect to each other.

Volume – One thing that can stop your soundbar and your subwoofer from connecting to each other is if your soundbar has the volume up. Don’t ask me why! So, you need to turn the volume down on your soundbar when you’re trying to connect them together.
Stop/Mute button – Another trick that you can try to connect these two devices together is by holding down the mute button on your subwoofer for a few seconds. Then, hold down to stop button on your soundbar for a few seconds too. This can help the two find each other and connect with each other.
Pairing – It should go without saying, but you’re also going to want to make sure that you’ve put your subwoofer into pairing mode. There should be a button on your subwoofer for you to do this – hold it down for a few seconds and allow the subwoofer to connect.
Plug out – I hate to say it, but it seems like this advice works for people the majority of the time! Another thing that you can do is to turn both of the devices off at the plug, leave it a few seconds and then turn them back on. This could be the easy resolution to your problem.

Where should I place my subwoofer?

If you’ve just got your LG subwoofer, then you’ll want to know exactly where you should be placing it. With any subwoofer, you won’t want it to be touching the wall – it’s best to have it a few inches from the wall if possible.

When you play sounds through the subwoofer, it will then bounce off of the walls in your house. Many people choose to put their subwoofer directly below the TV either slightly to the left, or to the right. But, this isn’t the only position that you can place your sub.

Another good place for you to put a sub is in the corner of the room – still a few inches from the wall. This can allow the sub to develop even more sound, and can be the way to get the loudest volume out of your subwoofer.

It’s worth trying the sub in a few different places around the room until you find the right place that works for you.


Overall, it’s very easy to connect an LG soundbar and an LG subwoofer together. All you need to do is switch the sub on, wait for the flashing green light and eventually it will find your soundbar. Then, they’ll be connected and you’ll be able to listen to music or films through your soundbar.

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