How to record phone calls on landline phones easily

There are many different reasons why you might want to record phone calls coming through on your landline. In certain cases, it might even be a necessity to do so. Some people may need to ability to check some of their past phone conversations at a later date.

But for the majority of home phones out there, you won’t have the option to record phone calls made to your landline. This can be a bit frustrating, especially if you have the need to record important calls that you’re making on a regular basis.

So what can you do to record these phone calls? Well, there are a couple of options that you have, which we’re going to explore now.

How to record phone calls on landline phones

For those trying to record some of your phone calls made to your landline phone, then there are a few methods to do this. Let’s look at the easiest ways that you can make this happen.

Record via your laptop or Smartphone


It should go without saying that the easiest way for you to do this is by simply recording the phone call via your smartphone, or even your laptop. You can put your landline phone on speaker mode, which will give you the ability to record the call that you’re making.

This is by far the simplest way for you to do this. If you don’t think that this is going to be good enough quality for your needs, then you could consider buying an external microphone that you can add to the side of your phone. They can help to increase the clarity in your phone conversation.

If you do this properly, then you can ensure that you’ll be able to hear what both you and the other person are saying down the phone. You still need to find the right app and keep background noise to a minimum though. Still, this is not the only way that you can record a phone call.

Use a Voice Recorder (Black Box)

In the past, these types of recorders have been referred to commonly as black boxes. However, there’s also various other names for them too, like audio recorders.

They’re essentially another device that you can add in between your phone and the other persons phone. This can be used to easily record any of the phone calls that you make on your landline.

Typically, these kinds of devices actually use an SD card in them as well. This means that you can easily take the SD card with the recording out of the device, and put it into your laptop (you might need an adapter for this).

Then, you’ll have the call recorded onto your laptop, which makes it easy to send or edit it as you need to. In terms of recording quality, it’s usually going to be better than simply recording your call with an external phone.

This type of telephone recorder has become less and less popular in recent years, with people more than happy to take advantage of internet calling instead.

Using a VoIP calling system


In some cases, you might actually be able to purchase a home phone that has VoIP calling integrated into the device. These aren’t that common amongst the abundance of other phones out there, but they are still available at a premium price.

Many of these VoIP phones will have their own easy to navigate operating system installed, and you’ll be able to download some sort of recording app or software within the device itself.

Bear in mind that this is a more expensive solution, but it might be viable for someone looking to record all of their landline phone calls. Check out our full guide if you’re interested in getting a new phone.

Why You Might Need to Record Calls.

Of course, in a perfect world you’d never want to have to worry about recording calls through to your landline. However, there are some reasons why it’s a good idea to record calls.

Security – Sometimes, it might be necessary to record the calls that are coming through to your landline for your own security. If you’re having regular calls from the same person, then making sure they are recorded can give you more security should you ever need to take action.
Spam – Spam callers will continually deny that they’ve ever called you before if you call them out on their spam calling activities. Well, a recording of their previous call is a great way to get them to leave you alone, as you have proof that they’re harassing you.
Work – Sometimes, there might not be any negative reason that you need to keep calls recorded. It might just be a good idea for work purposes, and keeping recordings of all your company calls isn’t bad practice depending on your position. It’s completely legal, too.


In conclusion, there are many different options out there for people trying to find a way to record the phone calls made to their landline. A solid recording device can be the best way to make sure that you’re able to keep the conversation from any incoming calls.

Sometimes, you might need to do this more out of necessity than your own interests, as recording calls can be a fantastic security measure to put in place. So, using one of these methods might be a good idea for you to consider.

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