How To Send A Text With A Different Number

Do you know how to send a text with a different number? If you don’t, then keep reading to find out how to do so! As you’re aware, the text message is one of the oldest forms of mobile communication today.

When mobile phones were first introduced, it didn’t take long for companies to integrate text messaging into the interface, and before you knew it, people were texting each other night and day.

In the beginning, the text message was designed to be a quick message that could be sent in the case of an emergency or an important situation.

It was obviously less expensive than making an actual call, and the characters were limited too. However, text messaging has changed completely in the past few years.

In the 2000’s, when text messaging really took off, more and more people were talking to each other through texts. It became the ultimate form of communication, especially for people who didn’t want to make the call or didn’t deem the conversation all that important.

But, with the passage of time, text messaging has evolved. With the introduction of mobile apps that promoted more convenient forms of communication and allowed for even more expression, text messaging had to evolve as well.

Today, two of the biggest mobile companies, Apple and Google, have introduced interactive messaging apps that you can use to not just send texts, but also pictures and GIFs too. But, what if you want to message someone from another number altogether?

Did you know that there’s a way to do that as well? Ideally, the best and the most convenient option would be to just use a friend’s phone, but this method isn’t really that reliable, and tracking the number is also quite easy.

What you need is a much more secure method that works with ease and allows you to send text messages with minimal effort. Here are three ways to send a text with a different number.

How To Send A Text With A Different Number

Use an Online SMS Service

One of the best and the most convenient ways of sending an SMS to someone without letting them know your number is to make use of an online SMS service. Thankfully, there are quite a few different services that you can use to send messages without giving your original number.

Online text messaging services are still operating, and all you need is the phone number of the recipient as well as their international code, and you are good to go.

Some common examples of websites that offer online text messaging services include Globfone and OpenTextingOnline. If they are inactive, you can just check online for different services and see if the message is received.

A conversation thread will open up, and you can continue the conversation. Keep in mind that some of these services are paid as well, especially those that give you unrestricted freedom to send as many messages as you would like.

That’s not to say that free services are not available; you will just have to search a bit harder to find the right ones. Again, as you might already know, most of these websites are going to limit you to 155 characters in a message, and the phone number is hidden.

But, you should know that these services require you to enter information about yourself, and you just won’t know how this information might be used.

Spoofing the Number

Another method available to you if you want to hide it is to spoof it. Think of it as a step further, because spoofing allows you to prank your family members and your friends.

Basically, there are a bunch of private spoofing services that will allow you to send a text message, but the number shown on the message can be one of your choosing.

Spoofbox, for instance, is one of the most popular spoofing apps right now. You can download it easily on your Android or your iOS device, and it works like a charm on both.

These apps also have other features, like spoofing your email. Keep in mind that these are only designed for fun use. Apart from Spoofbox, there are other apps as well, including Spoofmyphone and Spoofcard.

Spoofing isn’t illegal, but you need to be very careful about the reasons you use it for. Make sure you do not use them for any illegal purposes.

Use Third-Party Applications

Finally, you have a bunch of third-party apps that you can use to send messages via text while using a different number.

Depending on the purpose and the number of features, the apps generally vary in size, so you might want to check out a few reviews before making a decision about which one to download on your computer. Here are some of the most popular apps out there:

Burner is a fun app that was designed to make it easy for an average person to hide their number. Burner basically assigns a random “burner phone” number to your mobile, allowing you to hide your identity and your actual phone number.

But, you should know that the number assigned is temporary, so don’t expect to use it for a long-running gimmick.

Then, you have Hushed. It’s just like Burner and you can also use Wi-Fi to make calls. The app works in more than 40 countries, which makes it a very compatible and suitable choice for people who want something that can work across borders.

You might want to check the Play Store to check whether the app is available on your device. There are other apps as well, such as Flyp or Google Voice. There’s an option on the latter that allows you to make restricted calls conveniently for a brief period of time.

As you can understand, there’s literally no shortage of options available to you when it comes to sending a text message to someone with a different number.

When using an app, it’s important that you go through the permissions to determine just how intrusive the application really is. Make sure it doesn’t steal all of your personal information either!

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