How to use VR headsets to get the best experience

There are various different virtual reality headsets out there to choose from, and it can be quite difficult to know which of them to go with. However in general, most VR glasses headsets work in the same way as each other. The technology is complex, but they’re made to be quite easy to actually use themselves.

Of course, they might take a little getting used to before you feel comfortable with your VR glasses. And, it might take some time practicing with them before you use them properly – this is all pretty normal when it comes to a VR headset.

So, let’s look at how you can use them to make the most of your virtual reality to use VR glasses

How to Use VR Headsets

How to use your VR headset will generally depend on the particular model that you’ve opted for. A headset that matches up with hand controllers will give a completely different virtual reality experience to one that doesn’t.

However, there are definitely some general rules that you can follow which can help you get used to the headset and how it works.

Get comfortable – The most important thing to do if you really want to immerse yourself in virtual reality is to wear your headset properly. This means getting the right fit, and adjusting it to fit your head properly. If you don’t do this, then you won’t have the best experience possible.
Give yourself space – One of the most common mistakes those brand new to virtual make is that they don’t give themselves enough space to use their headset properly. Make sure you have space around you in all directions before you go ahead with using your headset.
Find a good headset – It goes without saying that the headset you’re using is going to be key to the way you use your headset. If you’re just getting started, then any cheap headset you can use with your Android will do. But after some time, you may want to look at something more advanced, like an Oculus or Valve headset.
Take breaks – No matter how many years you’ve been gaming nonstop for, it’s nothing compared to the complete immersion you get with a virtual reality headset. This means that it’s a must to take breaks throughout the time that you’re using it. This can help to prevent eye strain and motion sickness.

These are the basic rules that you’ll want to follow when using a VR headset. They can definitely make your experience a little bit easier to get used to. Let’s also look at just how VR headsets work.

How do VR headsets work?


The thing with VR headsets is that many people think they’re super complex to understand. Whilst the devices are difficult to make, especially if you want all the functionality that the consumer market demands, it’s pretty easy to explain how they work.

Essentially, the core way that VR headsets work is by feeding in an image into an LCD display which is situated inside of the headset itself – either one large LCD, or two smaller ones for each eye.

Then, lenses are added been your eyes and the display, which is what creates the 3D effect that you’re going to see. Of course, we also have to factor in other aspects of a VR headset.

This includes; head tracking, when you look up and down with your headset, your view must reflect this; motion tracking, tracking where our hands are moving, typically done by infrared lenses; and eye tracking, which isn’t yet available, but surely will be in the future.

Then afterwards, we can add in other elements that really make a difference when using virtual reality headsets. Firstly, that’s the right audio in sync with your VR experience, which can make you feel like you’re in a totally different world.

And of course, your motion controller (like the Playstation’s Move) can further increase the feeling that you’re in a different reality. The Move is just the beginning of what’s to come in the terms of motion tracking, though. In the future, motion tracking will be much more advanced.


When you combine all of these together, this is how you end up with the full VR experience. It’s generally quite easy to use VR headsets due to our past experience with gaming consoles, as we’re already prepared for controlling someone who isn’t ourselves.

Are VR headsets worth it?

A common question about VR headsets is whether they’re worth it. With a pretty high price tag attached to them, it’s understandable that some people are a little conservative when it comes to virtual reality.

And the truth is that VR is nowhere near where it needs to be, and nowhere near where it will be a decade from now. It’s improving all the time, with new headsets being released with better capabilities. The Oculus Quest is a good example of that – finally a wireless VR headset that works well.

However, we do know now that the PSVR 2 won’t be completely wireless. This is a bit of a letdown from Playstation VR, as having a wireless experience is really a step up in relying on having to have a cable connect your headset to a console or computer.

So is VR worth it right now? If you want to be ahead of the curve and have access to state-or-the-art technology, then virtual reality is definitely worth it. It’s exciting, new and if you haven’t tried it before, it can be pretty exhilarating.


However, it’s still not ready to be considered for mainstream use – and when I’m talking mainstream use, I’m talking matching the popularity of gaming consoles like the PS5, Xbox and the PC, As far as this is concerned, VR is nowhere near what we consider ordinary gaming.

So whilst a good VR headset should probably come after your gaming console, phone and other tech products, if you have the extra cash to spare then it’s totally worth investing in it and seeing how you get on. If you don’t want to spend a fortune, then there are cheaper headsets to get started with too.


With the Samsung VR headsets being discontinued in 2020, it’s had many people questioning whether virtual reality is just too soon for the majority of people out there.

Whilst it is early in the days of VR, Samsung is just a small percentage of Android, which is doing well and steadily increasing in terms of popularity. Plus, they’re becoming less reliant on consoles to be used, which can only help consumer sales.

You just need to look at the increasing popularity of the Oculus Rift and Quest series, and the increasing competition from companies like HTC Vive, Valve and the HP Reverb range, to know that something special is on its way.

But to make the most our of virtual reality, you need to know how to use VR headsets properly. And with this guide, it should show you how to use your headset to the best of your ability.

Then, you can make your own mind up as to whether virtual reality is too easily, or just at the right time. But one thing’s for certain – it’s here to stay for the foreseeable future at least.

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