HP Envy 5030 Printer Review

If you’re trying to find a decent printer, then the likelihood is that you’ve come across the HP Envy printer series. It’s been one of HP’s most popular models for a while now, and it’s commonly thought of as one of the best options for those looking for a cheap printer.

However, there are a lot of other models currently available online. It can be difficult to know which printer to choose, and one of those that’s often though of is the HP Envy 5030. It’s a budget printer that doesn’t have a whole host of features, but seems to perform pretty well.

So how does the Envy 5030 measure up to the rest of them? Let’s take a quick look at how well this printer works.

HP Envy 5030 Printer Review

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Known for its good print quality, it’s one of the more highly regarded printers released by HP. The Envy 5030 is the little brother of both the 5020 and the 5010 (I know, the names are quite confusing!).

However, the main differences between them is that the 5030 has a slightly slower printing speed in comparison to the other models, as it’s designed more for consumer use and is designed to be quite cheap.

Another thing to know about the 5030 and the other models is that they have 4800×1200 dpi capabilities. The general rule of thumb is that the more dpi (dots per inch), the higher the quality of the image printed.

The reality is that even if this model can print more dots per inch, this isn’t going to be very noticeable above 1200×1200, so don’t worry too much about the dpi if it’s 1200 or above.


Anywho, even though the 5030 is designed to be a cheaper printer that anyone can use, it’s still an all-in-one printer that has the capability to scan and copy things too.

It links up very easily with pretty much any kind of wifi printing method you could need to use, with Apple Airprint and Android printing very easy to do with this printer.

It comes with a standard 256GB of memory space, which is more than enough to store any files that you need to. It has a 100 sheet input tray capacity, which is enough to comfortably print out onto.

The output tray is 25 sheets, so if you’re going to be printing in high volumes, then you might want to look at something with higher capabilities.

Although some people think that the 5030 is a monochrome printer, this isn’t actually the case. You can easily print in colour with this printer, so there’s no need to worry about it only having the ability to print in black and white.

Another thing which is often a concern for people is that they have to sign up for a subscription ink service. Many companies like HP have a free offer at the beginning for you to try their ink service.

In this case, it’s the HP Instant Ink service, which sends you high quality ink on a regular basis. This service is generally only worth it if you’re going to be printing in very large quantities.

Those that will only print occasionally, won’t need the HP Instant Ink subscription. However, you can actually cancel this very easily if you don’t want to sign up for the monthly service.

So, with all this information, let’s take a look at the brief pros and cons of this model if you’re thinking about purchasing.


  • It’s available at a fairly decent price, as it’s one of the cheapest one the market.
  • The ink scheme might seem like it would be expensive, but it can actually be very cost effective for those with little printing needs.
  • The ability to scan and copy too in a printer this cheap makes it a great deal.


  • Although this printer has wifi connectivity, it isn’t as strong as other printers and to be honest, I wouldn’t rely on it.
  • My experiences with it weren’t bad, but checking online it does seem that a ton of people have had issues with this printer. So, it’s worth doing your own research before buying one.

It’s definitely true that the slow print speed will put those that print in high quantities off, but I think it’s unfair to list this as a negative. It prints at a rate of 10 pages per minute, which for a printer of its price, actually isn’t that bad. You can’t expect much more when you get a cheap printer.

It does offer completely borderless printing, and unlike most budget models, it has a well made touch screen display. This allows a quick enough setup process that can have you printing within minutes. And though it’s initially quite cheap like all inkjet printers, cartridge costs will add up over time.

HP Envy 5030 – Most Common Questions Asked

Is the HP Envy 5030 worth it?

The HP Envy is worth it for most people, but it really depends on what you are looking for in a printer. If you want a simple, fairly cheap printer that’s going to get the job done, then the HP Envy 5030 is definitely worth it. If you want something that can print fast or you need to print high volumes, then you’d probably be better off spending more on a printer.

What ink does the HP 5030 use?

The HP 5030 uses the standard HP 304 ink cartridges that you can pick up from anywhere, like Amazon or Argos, for a cheap price. You can also sign up to the HP ink scheme, which can give you the option to get ink delivered to you at a decent price. It is recommended to use this ink with glossy photo paper for best effect.

What is the difference between the HP Envy 5030 and the Envy 5032?

These two printers are very similar, and it’s extremely difficult to tell them apart aside from their colours (the Envy 5030 is black, whilst the Envy 5032 is white). However, there is one main difference, with the HP 5030 having more connectivity options that the Envy 5032. However, the HP 5032 does print at a faster speed than the 5030.

What’s better, the HP Envy or HP Officejet?

The HP Officejet is a lot more expensive that the HP Envy. However, it does have the ability to be carried around, as it’s a portable printer. But if you don’t need a printer that’s portable, then you’re probably better off going for a cheaper printer like this one. But for those looking for something more advanced, go for the Officejet.

Is it worth me getting an all-in-one printer?

For some people, it won’t be worth getting an all-in-one printer, as you likely won’t use it anywhere near as much as you would think. The scanning and copying seem like a good addition, but many people never use them – of course, you’ll probably already know whether you’re likely to need these features.


All things considered, the HP Envy 5030 is a pretty good option for those looking for a cost effective printer. It isn’t the best quality printer out there, and it’s not the fastest either. But, it does do pretty much everything the average person would need it too.

So if you’re looking for a printer, scanner and a copier all in one, and you don’t want to spend a fortune, then it’s probably worth looking at the HP Envy 5030. As an inkjet printer, it is pretty difficult to find anything within a low price range.

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  1. Hi Alex, I have been searching high and low for a HP Envy 5030. I just want a decent printer that doesn’t cost the earth but for some mad reason you cannot get hold of these printers. I’m bored of the Covid excuse for zero supplies, it is like every company has just decided that selling products is no longer a priority but making redundancies apparently is. I would be grateful if you can suggest any other good alternatives out there, either like this model or better, without costing the earth and which can actually be purchased. Thanks for your blog too, I stumbled across it by chance.


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