Apple iPad Mini vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 – The Difference

When you’re looking to get yourself a new tablet, then the likelihood is that first off, you’re going to check what iPads are available. There have been many decent releases over recent years, with the iPad mini being one of the bestselling tablets available.

And when we look outside of Apple, what are we left with? Well, the most popular brand of Android tablet is actually Samsung. This is no surprise, as they’ve been at the forefront of the phone market for a while, and the tablet market is no different. Their high end model is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7.

So if we compare them to one another, which of them is going to be the better option of the two? That’s what we’re going to try and find out.

iPad Mini vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

If we’re compared the two to each other, then they’ll both be better for different things. The iPad mini is a small companion perfect for those looking for something snappy and responsive to browse online. The Tab S7 is a powerhouse of a tablet, more suited to those looking for the best around.

And in fairness, Android still have more of the market than Apple do in terms of operating system, though this does incorporate a lot more than just Samsung. With both of these models being at the more expensive end of the market, let’s look at why there’s so popular.

iPad Mini

Apple 2019 iPad mini (7.9-inch, Wi‑Fi, 64GB) - Space Grey (5th Generation)

Storage Capacity: 64GB or 256GB | Weight: 300 grams | Size: 8×5.3 inches | Width: 1/4 inch | Display: 7.9 inch | Resolution: 2048×1536 | Refresh rate: 60Hz | Camera: 8 Megapixel Back, 7 Megapixel Front | Video: 1080p capability OS: Apple | Colours: Space Grey, Silver, Gold

When the iPad was first released back in 2010, there were many folks who didn’t think the was a market for it. Although there were other tablets then, none of them were really popularized for consumer use.

But the iPad completely changed that, and it proved that there was a massive gap between smartphones and laptops that most folks were looking for something to fill. And the iPad fits right into this niche comfortably.

It was only a few years later that the Apple iPad mini was released. Even closer to the size of your smartphone, we’re now on the Apple iPad mini 5. The Mini 6 is likely to be released in 2021, so keep your eyes peeled for a newer version (and a cheaper mini 5 as a result!).


It’s definitely a high end tablet that’s ideal if you’re looking for something powerful. The A12 Bionic chip combines with a hexa-core processor to deliver something almost on par with bigger models like the iPad Pro – just in a much smaller package.

What the iPad Mini is Better for

Display – Much like the Macbook equivalent, the iPad is also very well known for their high quality retina displays. The Mini is no different, with a fully integrated IPS display making it produce vibrant colour and minimal glare.
Battery Life – Although Android tablets generally have reasonable battery life, it’s very hard to compare to the iPad. In general, they have some of the best battery lifespans out there, and the mini is now different.
Responsive – The display is not only visually impressive with the iPad mini, but it’s also very responsive too. This is good for anyone who plans on playing a lot of games, or wants to use the mini for drawing.
Lightweight – Although I personally prefer a larger screen, the iPad mini is going to be suitable if you’re looking for a lot of portability. It’s less than inch screen combined with its low weight make it a great choice if you’re looking for something pretty nifty you can take with you anywhere.
Price – Now in comparison to the rest of the tablet market, the iPad mini is actually quite expensive. But if we compare it to the very expensive S7, then it’s the cheaper of the two tablets. So, you could save some cash by opting to go with the mini in this case.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Samsung Tab S7 Wi-Fi - Black 128 GB

Storage Capacity: 128GB | Weight: 498 grams | Size: 10×6.5 inches | Width: 1/4 inch | Display: 11 inch | Resolution: 1600×2560 | Refresh rate: 120Hz | Camera: 13 Megapixel Back, 5 Megapixel Front | Video: 1080p capability OS: Android

As I mentioned, this tablet was only released towards the end of 2020, so it’s difficult to see just how it’s been received as of yet. But if past models are anything to go for, then it’ll definitely give the iPad a run for it’s money.

The S7 is one of then more expensive tablets out there, and it’s the top of the line option when you’re considering the Galaxy series. Their other tablets can be as cheap as £100 on the low end, but typically they’ll have much less power than this model.

There’s also the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus to check out too if you’re looking for something bigger and a little better.

What the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is better for

Screen size – The screen size of the S7 is likely going to be the better choice for the majority of us. The iPad mini display is actually only a few inches bigger than the newer smart phones that have been released, so if you really want to see a difference and get something to watch videos on, the S7 is the right choice.
Camera – For those that are planning on using the camera of the tablet a lot, then the 13 megapixel back camera that the Galaxy Tab has is one of the better options out there. It’s perfect for taking family photos, and it’s an area which it’s better than the iPad in this case.
Refresh rate – The refresh rate generally isn’t that big of a deal with a tablet, but it’s still something to think about. With the S7, it has a 120Hz refresh rate, which is on par with the more expensive iPads out there. This is one area where the Tab beats the mini, and it’s definitely an improvement.
Processing power – Like smartphones and laptops, a tablet needs a processor to drive the device. The processor that the S7 uses is one of the best out, and it’s more powerful than the mini. This means it’ll be able to cope with more.
Storage space – If we compare the base model of both of these tablets, then you’re going to have more storage with the S7. However, bear in mind that you can upgrade the storage of your iPad mini, but it’s usually pretty expensive to do this.
Expandable – Not only does the base model of this tablet have more space, but it’s also very easy to expand your storage with a Galaxy too. This is one of the downsides to the iPad mini, and if you want a ton of storage space, Android is usually better.


All in all, both the Galaxy Tab S7 and the iPad mini are not going to be bad choices for the majority of people out there. If you don’t have a whole host of Apple devices, then the Android tablet is likely the better value for money, even though it’s more expensive than the iPad mini.

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